Want to compete with Salesforce? Buy Marketo

There are several enterprise players that want a share of Salesforce’s business, but just aren’t making headway by knuckling up against the company’s dominant, entrenched SaaS CRM offerings. Rather than competing head on, a smarter approach for these businesses is to “front door” Salesforce,

Solana, a blockchain platform followed by top crypto investors, says it’s a lot faster than Ethereum

Solana isn’t known yet outside of the crypto community. But insiders think the blockchain platform is interesting for a wide variety of reasons, beginning with its amiable founder, Anatoly Yakovenko,

Extra Crunch roundup: Selling SaaS to developers, cracking YC after 13 tries, all about Expensify

In an exclusive TechCrunch exposé, a founder shares the key lessons he learned while steering his startup through YC’s stringent selection process.

Daily Crunch: Stripe buys Y Combinator alum Bouncer for undisclosed sum

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Google’s ‘DVD Screensaver’ Easter egg makes the logo bounce around your screen accordingly

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good Easter egg out of Google. Not too long ago it felt like someone would discover a new hidden gag in Google’s products every few weeks. The company cranked them out like it was their job. While we haven’t seen as many new ones pop up lately, […]

New Relic’s business remodel will leave new CEO with work to do

We decided to dig into the company's financials to see just what challenges Bill Staples might face as he moves into the corner office.

California Gov. Newsom proposes $3.2B in EV investment as part of economic recovery package

California Governor Gavin Newsom, a vocal proponent of electric vehicles, on Friday debuted a new proposal that would earmark $3.2 billion to boost EV infrastructure and adoption in the state. “This is a big deal,” Newsom said at a press conference Friday.

As M&A accelerates, deal-makers are leveraging AI and ML to keep pace

Using AI and ML to cut out the labor-intensive parts of M&A both speeds the process and reduces the time-consuming tasks that lead to burnout in the industry.

PayPal makes money every time you use Uber, Airbnb

PayPal has been going through some big changes since separating from eBay last year. The company recently introduced a redesigned app and is now monetizing its popular peer-to-peer payments app, Venmo. Already with 18 million users, PayPal is expanding its One Touch checkout to 120 new countries.

How to politely ask people to get the f*ck off their phones

You’re with a small group of friends at a nice restaurant. Everyone is enjoying the food and conversation when someone decides to take out his phone — not for an urgent call, but to check email, Instagram and Facebook. Maybe you’ve witnessed this behavior and found it unsettling. What do you do?

SpaceX successfully launches SES-9 into GEO but crash lands rocket on drone ship

Today at 6:35pm EST, SpaceX successfully launched the SES-9 communications satellite into Geostationary orbit (GEO).Launching the SES-9 payload was the primary goal of today’s mission,

WAF指纹识别和XSS过滤器绕过技巧 - R00tGrok



TGideas与所有互联网从业人员一样正在更深层次的拥抱移动互联网,针对移动端的互动网页尝试正在各个产品的营销 […] 您可能也喜欢: 手机网页支付宝停用:小众没人权 优秀网页布局对比(1) 与广告“互动”—情景互动式创意广告

Bestselling Author Joshua Ferris Takes on Social Media in Latest Novel

Our next selection for the MashableReads social book club is To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by award-winning author Joshua Ferris.We all cultivate our online identity. But what if our online persona was created by someone else and simply given to us, without our consent?


一直以来,诺基亚 Lumia 系列代表着 Windows Phone 手机,而 Nokia X 系列则与 Android 设备画上等号,这两个品牌系列向来并不存在任何关联。然而今天刚刚曝出的最新消息指出,微软似乎将于不久之后改变这一品牌格局。  

Mobile app of the day: Stopcast

Today’s highlighted app is for a rather focused community – regular users of London buses. If you fall into that group, Stopcast is definitely one to try.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/03/mobile-app-of-the-day-stopcast/


日本奈良教育大学:研究显示听喜欢的歌会增加人慷慨程度 您可能也喜欢的文章: 佛罗里达州立大学:研究发现吃甜食能增加自控能力 日本庆应大学:研究显示耳大者长寿 日本金泽大学:研究显示常喝绿茶或可预防老年痴呆症

Sony 更新 Handycam 系列,4K 规格也跑到 Sony Action Cam 运动相机之中

Sony 也在 CES 2015 上更新了自家 Handycam 的摄影机产品系列,最终也让 Action Cam 运动相机追上了 4K 的超高录影规格(GoPro 表示:)。

Xbox One向下兼容是如何实现的?

此前我们报道过Xbox One将兼容Xbox360平台上的游戏,并且两个游戏主机可以的进行同款游戏的跨平台对战 […]


摘要 : 近日,苹果股价暴跌成为业内关注的焦点。例如根据彭博社计算的数据,自苹果成为道指成分股至今,苹果股价下跌造成了道指下跌67点。

视觉交互总结 - 桃子121

为期12天的视觉交互在2015.9月15日结束了。一直拖拉到今天才写博客记录分享学习感受。 学习视觉交互主要分为对PS和Axure这俩种工具的学习。接下来主要谈谈Axure的学习收获和感受。

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