'Dazed and Confused' at Sundance: 12 things we learned from Richard Linklater

PARK CITY, Utah — Some two decades after its release, Dazed and Confused, the sophomore feature by Richard Linklater,

Apple Watch Ultra teardown reveals the true size of its battery

The Apple Watch Ultra has hit the market and we've already seen it smashed with a hammer. But for a far gentler approach to this gadget's innards, we suggest checking out the first teardown of the Ultra at the hands of repair specialists iFixit. Be warned, however:

'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for September 27

Here's a little aphorism my grandmother taught me: If it's Tuesday and Quordle isn't getting easier, that means the whole week isn't getting easier. OK I actually made it up myself, but there's wisdom in it if you ask me.If it's a little too challenging, you've come to the right place for hints.

Why Netflix's 'Dahmer' series has sparked a backlash online

Netflix released its new true crime drama DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story earlier this month. The 10-part series stars Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer, pedophile, necrophiliac, and cannibal who murdered and dismembered 17 people over 13 years.

Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for September 27

It's Tuesday once again, and we hope you're well into the swing of things, including Wordle! But if you've hit a wall on today's puzzle, never fear — we're here to help every day.If you just want the answer, you can jump straight to the end of this article for September 27's Wordle solution.

Boom! NASA just slammed into an asteroid and filmed the crash

While most folks were sitting down for supper, NASA tried to move a space mountain. Beyond sight for backyard stargazers, a spacecraft the size of a vending machine self-destructed by ramming into a harmless asteroid shortly after 7 p.m. ET Monday. The high-speed crash was part of the U.S.

Make fire safety your next home improvement project

Moving into a new home or starting a new renovation project is exciting. But while you may devote hours to selecting paint colors or how best to set up a comfy home office, you could be skipping an important piece of home maintenance: fire safety. 

Terra founder Do Kwon officially an internationally wanted man as Interpol issues 'Red Notice' for h

The search for Do Kwon has just been taken to the next level.Interpol has just officially issued a "Red Notice" for the co-founder of the failed stablecoin Terra and Luna cryptocurrency. This means that Do Kwon is now an international fugitive, being sought out by law enforcement across the globe.

Explore an undersea Irish fairy tale world in 'Song of the Deep'

Insomniac Games knows a thing or two about fabricating fantasy. The Skylanders series owes its world, its characters, its very existence to the studio's second game, Spyro the Dragon. The outer space adventures of Ratchet & Clank have enough heart to make a Pixar devotee tear up. For Insomniac,

Singaporean artist quit his job, then went off to sketch the world

When James Tan turned 40, he quit his job, enlisted his wife and went off to sketch the world.The couple bought a one-way ticket to Taiwan and went on a three-month adventure around the world in 2013. Tan compiled his sketches from the trip — which included stops in Japan, South Korea, Turkey,

Microsoft and the NFL's $400 million marketing fumble

Most sports fans try to ignore the ancillary marketing surrounding the games we love. It's unavoidable, certainly — no one is claiming not to see and hear those taglines and messages. But it's all just part of the landscape,




腾讯科技 金铎 7月3日报道 为了进一步提升用户体验,微信公众平台日前再次进行改版。

苹果前员工暗示iPhone 6将配备蓝宝石玻璃

威锋网 7 月 4 日消息,今天苹果公司前员工 Sonny Dickson 在推特上更新了一条消息表示:新的蓝宝石玻璃屏幕在 iPhone 6 上看起棒呆了,准备好被惊艳到吧。  

Rumor has it: Gossip can actually be good for you

Let’s face it: gossips get a bad rap.Smugly looking down from a moral high ground — and secure in the knowledge that we don’t share their character flaw — we often dismiss those who are obsessed with the doings of others as shallow.Indeed, in its rawest form,

Instagram to roll out anti-harassment tools

Online harassment is a big problem, with 40 percent of all people on the internet having reported experiencing some form of harassment online, according to Pew Research Center. In order to combat harassment on Instagram,

荣耀8挺进欧洲 还是国内荣耀8售价”良心“

继上周登陆美国之后,现在高颜值双摄旗舰荣耀8又马不停蹄的挺进欧洲。日前在巴黎举行的发布会上,荣耀8的欧洲售价也得以公布,32GB版售价为399欧元,约合人民币2991元;64GB版售价为449欧元,约合人民币3366元,这里 ... ...


文 /王聪佶  周末这两天,一则蚂蚁金服入股百盛中国的消息,让马云再次刷了屏。原因是马云曾亲口谈到过去曾去 KFC 面试,但 25 个面试者只有他被拒绝的故事。  蚂蚁金服以区区5000 万美金投资获得 KFC 母公 ... ...

民航局禁止Note7后 美国批准召回100万部三星Note7

负责全美消费品质量安全和召回事务的消费产品安全委员会(CPSC)于当地时间9月15日宣布,在美召回100万部三星Galaxy Note7手机。这份召回公告中指出,迄今这款手机在美国境内一共接到92起电池过热报告,包括25起烧 ... ...

iOS审核这些坑,腾讯游戏也踩过 - 腾讯WeTest

为了提高IEG苹果审核通过率,腾讯专门成立了苹果审核测试团队,打造出iOS预审工具这款产品。经过1年半的内部运营,腾讯内部应用的iOS审核通过率从平均35%提升到90%+。 现将腾讯内部产品的过审经验,以线上工具的形式共享给各位。在WeTest腾讯质量开放平台上可以在线使用。


作者  彭倩编辑 方婷中国成了迪士尼的桥头堡。为了在上海迪士尼乐园里举办《加勒比海盗5》全球首映礼,迪士尼专门搭建了一座杜比快闪影院。5月11日的首映礼过后,这座影院将被拆掉,一切只是为了让这场首映礼显得尽可能隆重。这是迪士尼典型的“盛事电影”,从1990年代的《狮子王》、《美女与野兽》就延续至今——用顶级营销资源为电影造势,把电影的影响力扩大到最大。只是以前,这样盛大的活动通常放在纽约或者洛杉矶举行,但现在,约翰尼·德普等明星主演需要飞上十几个小时到中国,接受粉丝的欢呼。在他身后不远处,以加勒比海盗为元素的游乐设施“宝藏湾的杰克船长”,是上海迪士尼乐园里最受欢迎的游乐设施。

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