Explore an undersea Irish fairy tale world in 'Song of the Deep'

Insomniac Games knows a thing or two about fabricating fantasy. The Skylanders series owes its world, its characters, its very existence to the studio's second game, Spyro the Dragon. The outer space adventures of Ratchet & Clank have enough heart to make a Pixar devotee tear up. For Insomniac,

iPhone's Dynamic Island can be turned off temporarily. Here's how.

Are you annoyed by your new iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max's Dynamic Island, and want to turn it off? It cannot permanently be done, but there's a workaround you may have missed. First things first: The Dynamic Island is not just a feature showing you notifications about app behavior,

All the best smartwatches for every wrist and interest

Your phone might feel like an essential tool in your daily life, but how irritating does it become to take it out of your pocket every time you need to do something quickly? In a world where the smartphone quickly overtook the need for a watch on your wrist, things are turning back the other way.

Get 4 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited ahead of the fall Prime event

SAVE $35.96: Prime members who haven't subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited before can score a free 4-month trial through Oct. 12. Nonmembers can get three months for free.Something tells us you're going to be listening to a lot more Rihanna than usual from now until February. Perfect timing:

Listen to music for up to 7 hours on a charge with this $30 Bluetooth speaker

TL;DR: As of Sept. 27, you can get the Soundfreaq Compact Bluetooth Speaker for just $29.99 instead of $79.99 — that's a 62% discount.Where would we be without the convenience of Bluetooth-compatible speakers?

Get a refurbished iPad Mini 2 for just $200

TL;DR: Through Sept. 30, you can get the Refurbished iPad Mini 2 for just $199.99 instead of $300 — that's a 33% discount.You love your laptop, but you might be thinking that it would be easier to have a device that's more portable and lightweight so you can Tweet, read,

These wireless earbuds can make workouts better for under $40

TL;DR: Through Sept. 30, you can get a pair of Refurbished Altec Lansing Nanobuds Sport Nanopods for just $36.99 instead of $39.99 — that's a 7% discount.Wireless earbuds certainly offer convenience, but high-maintenance models aren't always ideal for strenuous activity.

Score this ultra-portable refurbished Acer laptop for only $250

TL;DR: Through Sept. 30, you can get the Refurbished Acer Travelmate P446 for just $249.99 instead of $427 — that's a 41% discount.All laptops are technically developed to be portable computers, but a good number of them are still bulky to a fault. If ultra-portability is your priority,

Singaporean artist quit his job, then went off to sketch the world

When James Tan turned 40, he quit his job, enlisted his wife and went off to sketch the world.The couple bought a one-way ticket to Taiwan and went on a three-month adventure around the world in 2013. Tan compiled his sketches from the trip — which included stops in Japan, South Korea, Turkey,

Microsoft and the NFL's $400 million marketing fumble

Most sports fans try to ignore the ancillary marketing surrounding the games we love. It's unavoidable, certainly — no one is claiming not to see and hear those taglines and messages. But it's all just part of the landscape,

Photoshop battle rightfully takes this snooty little goat down a peg

You think you're better than us, goat?Everyone loves a cute little goat on the Internet, but we can't just stand by while one goat lords it over us with it's cute tiny hooves and it's tiny horns and it's tiny upturned nose stuck in the air like it's got something better to do than entertain us.


当平台垄断电子商务,生活中随机产生的消费行为将逐渐代替主动的消费。如何利用社交网络影响消费行为。口袋通微商城 CEO 白鸦同我们分享了他的经验。

Were you one of the first to adopt OneDrive? Microsoft has not reduced your 25GB storage

Early Microsoft OneDrive adopters who received 25GB of free storage will continue to enjoy their free 25GB of storage. However, it will be split into two tiers within the account.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/18/microsoft-onedrive-cloud-storage-25gb/


东京--(美国商业资讯)--东芝公司(Toshiba Corporatioo) (TOKYO: 6502)今天宣布,该公司将在闪存峰会(Flash Memory Summit)上展示其最新的NAND闪存和存储产品。

节约成本 欧洲正流行拥抱开源


TUSH 掀起内衣领域新潮流

时尚功能性内衣品牌创建网络营销,揭开国内在线内衣零售市场 上海2014年9月29日电 /美通社/ -- TUSH 内衣,作为追求开拓的新品牌,通过其引人入胜的网上平台(www.tushskivvies.

Elephone P3000S智能手机发布 采用3GB内存和64位处理器

国内智能手机厂商Elephone宣布推出Elephone P3000后续产品- Elephone P3000S。


大象小时候被细绳栓在木桩上,拼命用力都无法挣脱,渐渐的,就认命了,即使长大了,依旧被那根细绳所束缚,这就是习得 ...

It was love at first sight for David Bowie and Iman

David Bowie and Iman had a storybook romance.The rocker, who died Sunday at age 69, met the towering supermodel at a party in Los Angeles in 1990 and was immediately interested"I was naming children the night we met," he said, according to the 2014 biography BowieSee also: David Bowie,

iPhone SE卖得太好了 苹果将提升订单量

自从iPhone SE上市以来,大家对其销量情况褒贬不一。但日前,据外媒报道,来自供应链厂商的消息称,由于iPhone SE的市场需求远超预期,苹果公司已经提高了其订单量。据称,苹果已经将第二季度的iPhone SE订单量从350 ... ...

电视涨价、手机亏损、易到欠款 乐视生态受考验

近日,有三个消息都跟乐视有关,一是关于易到专车拖欠供应商款项的事情; 一是乐视电视要涨价; 一是酷派手机预计2016年亏损规模约30亿港元。而如果考虑到此前乐视汽车资金链的问题,如今的乐视控股(不是上市公司乐视网)似乎正在经历“四面楚歌”的局面。

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