You can get David Bowie's only video game for free until Jan. 22

David Bowie was perfectly cast in dual roles as an all-digital techno-revolutionary and a space-age rock star in Quantic Dream's 1999 game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Now, publisher Square Enix is celebrating the late, great musician's life and work by handing out free copies of the game.

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You can get David Bowie's only video game for free until Jan. 22

David Bowie was perfectly cast in dual roles as an all-digital techno-revolutionary and a space-age rock star in Quantic Dream's 1999 game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Now, publisher Square Enix is celebrating the late, great musician's life and work by handing out free copies of the game.

David Bowie's only video game is as perfectly weird as he was

"I saw in Omikron a place I could understand, come to terms with...a whole civilization's worth of music to evolve."David Bowie dipped into video game development exactly one time, for Quantic Dream's Omikron: The Nomad Soul. It's a bizarre,

How Oculus And 8 Fake Ears Could Morph Concerts Into Video Games

I’m standing on a circular stage with neo-folk musician Beck. Surrounded by cheering fans, I blush, then turn and wave to thank them. They don’t see me though, because I’m actually sitting in a dark, empty back room at Sundance Film Festival, wearing an Oculus Rift. Read More

M. Ward Covers Are Great, and Now We're Getting a Whole Album of Them

In August She & Him, comprised of the inescapably whimsical Zooey Deschanel and music guru M. Ward, announced Classics, a cover album featuring 13 "carefully-selected, timeless standards." We now know this cover collaboration will finally drop Dec. 2. Read more...

How to Stalk the Gizmodo Staff on Twitter

Recently, we here at Gizmodo have had the pleasure of welcoming a ton of new staff members on board. And even though you may have already liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter (hint hint), now's as good a time as any to reacquaint yourself with all of our beaming, blog-addled faces.

The Ellen Show officially ends with a digital whimper

The Ellen Show, a cultural daytime television phenom that aired 19 seasons, more than 3,000 episodes, and led to countless viral moments before that was even a known phrase, officially came to an end on May 26. Unlike what you'd expect from an arbiter of early 2000's television culture, however,

The 'Top Gun: Maverick' cast shows us why jeans are essential in beach sports

Jon Hamm, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis and the cast of "Top Gun: Maverick" have strong opinions about jeans as viable beachwear. The new film, directed by Joe Kosinski, has it's own beach sports scene that is destined to be as iconic as the original. "Top Gun: Maverick" releases in theaters Friday,

'Sex Bomb' celebrates the joy of embracing sexuality and love as a British-Indian Muslim woman

"It's so easy to put women in boxes," writes comedian Sadia Azmat in her memoir Sex Bomb: The Life and Loves of an Asian Babe. "Judging whether we're the right or the wrong sort of girl, trying to make our identities and facets work for your head and understanding of the world,

How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)

Privacy Please is an ongoing series exploring the ways privacy is violated in the modern world, and what can be done about it. Google Street View offers up a window to the world in all its bizarre, intimate, and often raw glory. That window just so happens to peek into your home, as well.

Yes, we can reverse gray hair. No, we don't know why it works. Just chill.

There are so many news stories this year that seem likely to give us gray hairs, you'd be forgiven for missing one that gives us hope that we can restore those gray hairs back to their regular color — no dye required.In the first published study to find evidence of "natural re-pigmentation,

'Harry's House' finds a home on TikTok

The world is on fire. So much so that TikTok can sometimes feel like an alternate reality. The trends keep trending. The algorithm never stops churning out content onto our feeds. This week, we are all in Harry's House. Harry Styles's latest album is all my FYP can talk about.

Learn to sketch cityscapes and buildings with this bundle

TL;DR: As of May 27, The 2022 Urban Sketching Course Bundle is on sale for just $39.99. That's 87% off its regular price of $319.Imagine if you had something to do every time you went to the park this summer besides pop a bottle of rosé.

Derek Zoolander lands his first Vogue cover

Derek Zoolander is so hot right now.The ridiculously good-looking model made his much-anticipated return to the fashion world after a 15-year hiatus last March, when he and fellow model Hansel made a surprise appearance at Valentino's Paris Fashion Week show. Almost a year later,

Amazon wins again as Walmart cuts 10,000 jobs and 269 stores all over the world

NEW YORK — Walmart is closing 269 stores, more than half of them in the U.S. and another big chunk in its challenging Brazilian market.The stores being shuttered account for a fraction of the company's 11,000 stores worldwide and less than 1% of its global revenue.The closures will affect 16,

Why this brand wants to reclaim the word 'flattering'

"You look fat in that." "Don't you think that's a little tight?" "Please don't wear that."If you've ever been told you shouldn't wear something because of your body's shape or size, you're not aloneBody positive clothing brand SmartGlamour aims to fight against that mindset with its latest campaign.


摘要 : 一提到邮件营销,大部分人包括我在内,都觉得好烦啊,这不就是垃圾邮件的制造者吗?但是,当我跟一个邮件营销的深喉深聊之后,才发觉,这个多半在幕后操作的行业,其实有不少内幕可挖。   



Panasonic 要用搭载 1 吋感光元件与 Android 系统的 DMC-CM1,告诉世人什么叫「智慧相机」

虽然我们已经知道 Panasonic...

The pplkpr App Wants To Tell You Which Friends Are Better To Hang With

Don’t know how you feel about someone in your life? By pairing a heart rate monitor with the pplkpr iOS app, you could soon find out. Read More

Building a Good Engineering Team In a Competitive Market

Nerval's Lobster writes It's a pretty good market out there for tech professionals, at least on a statistical level. That can make it difficult for companies (both large ones and startups) to find good talent for their developer and engineering ranks. According to Ron Pragides,



彪悍的造型无须解释 真正由蒸汽驱动的摩托

在 200 多年前的蒸汽时代,蒸汽机为大机器生产提供了强大动力。不过在当今时代,我们已经很少见到蒸汽机了,如果骑着一辆蒸汽驱动的摩托车在大街上晃,会不会很炫酷?  


深圳2015年7月6日电 /美通社/ -- 无人机突然成了市场“香饽饽” 跟随汪峰一起上头条,无人机去年着实火了一把。

美国官网开售 iPad Pro:中国官网尚未更新

威锋网讯,今天除了是双十一购物节之外,还是苹果新品 iPad Pro 发售的日子。就在刚刚,iPad Pro 已经正式在苹果美国官网上架,中国官网的 iPad Pro 页面尚未更新。

8 点 1 氪:华为发布Mate 8;百度进入互联网保险领域;传陆金所明年赴港IPO

大公司 华为发布Mate 826日下午,华为Mate 8在国内正式发布,分为标准和高配双版本(全网通),标准版3GB RAM+32GB ROM,运营商定制版2999元,全网通版售价3199元,高配版则配备4GB RAM+64GB ROM和4GB RAM+128GB ROM,售价分别是3699元和4399元,尊绝版 (套装:含智能手表及外壳等配件)高达6888元。

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