USA to release 'Mr. Robot' pilot early in English and Spanish

Pilot sneak peeks are nothing new these days, but for the upcoming early release of new drama Mr. Robot,

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Customer goes on racist rant after hearing woman speak Spanish in a restaurant

A customer at a Southern California IHOP went on a racist rant after she heard a woman speaking Spanish in the restaurant"We speak English in America," the woman, who has not been identified, said to Norma VasquezWhen Vasquez's son, Carlos,

¿Qué Es? Sentisis’ NLP SaaS Platform For Spanish Pulls In $1.3M

Three-year-old Sentisis is a natural language processing (NLP) startup whose founder spotted an opportunity to do technology-powered sentiment analysis of Spanish language conversations on social media,

USA to release 'Mr. Robot' pilot early in English and Spanish

Pilot sneak peeks are nothing new these days, but for the upcoming early release of new drama Mr. Robot,

Long Lost Parrot Returns to Its Owner Speaking a Different Language

Nigel the English-speaking African grey parrot vanished from his owner's home four years ago, making his return fairly unlikely.So when Darren Chick received a knock on his door in Torrance, California, last week, a reunion with his long lost parrot was the last thing he expected.

Thierry Henry To Speak On Sport, Tech And Investing At Disrupt London

We are excited to announce one of the most important speakers who’ll be appearing at TechCrunch Disrupt London conference on December 7-8, 2015. He’ll be joining global startups, influential speakers, VIP guests and more. And who is he, you ask?

Skype Translator Hands-On: Close But No Babel Fish

When Skype announced its real-time translation program back in May, most of us seized on the sci-fi-ness off it all —Star Trek's universal translator, Babel fish, etc. But the technology is very real, and has been for years, just it separate pieces.

#MakeItHappen: Microsoft Lumia helps British accountant learn Spanish for his wedding speech

MakeItHappen is the campaign launched by Microsoft Lumia earlier this month, December 2014, with rather a lofty goal in mind. Aware that New Year's resolutions are often somewhat forgotten by the year's end, it set about bringing 31 such dreams to fruition during the final days of 2014.

Spanish After-Market Ticket Exchange Ticketbis Scores Another €5.2M In Funding After Targeting Asia

Spanish startup Ticketbis, which operates an exchange for buying and selling after-market tickets to events in Europe, Latin America, and most recently Asia, has raised an additional €5.2 million in funding led by European VC Active Venture Partners,

Spanish-language variety show 'Sabado Gigante' is ending after 53 years on the air

Univision's long-running Spanish-language variety show Sábado Gigante is signing off after 53 years on the airThe program — which translates to "Gigantic Saturday" — is set to take its bow in SeptemberIn its time on the air,

A Campaign to Bring Back Accent Marks is Sweeping the Internet

Internet shorthand is ubiquitous, but in our desire to get words out quickly, meaning can be muddled or lost. Case in point: Accent marks, one of the foremost linguistic casualties of the digital age. Now, defenders of the Spanish language are trying to bring the neglected markings back.Read more...

See the colossal James Webb Space Telescope unfurl its giant, golden mirrors

Engineers commanded the James Webb Space Telescope to unfurl its over 21-foot wide golden mirrors this week, and the crucial test succeeded.The test, shown in the image below, was the last check on the sprawling telescope's moving parts under space-like conditions. James Webb, set to launch in Oct.

Tiffany Haddish tearfully reflects on the viral moment when she won her Grammy

When Tiffany Haddish made Grammy history in March, becoming the only the second Black woman to win for Best Comedy Album, after Whoopi Goldberg in 1986, it turned into a whole Moment. That's because Haddish found out while she was filming with a group of kids for her CBS series,

What to do when your soul is too tired to even get off post-pandemic

May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure.We did it, folks.

How to turn off autoplay on Netflix trailers

There are few more horrifying experiences than finishing a show you have spent days, weeks, or even months breathlessly enjoying, only to be fed with a garishly loud preview immediately after the final credits of your beloved show is wrapped. Instead of sitting, thoughtfully,

Apple's new, colorful iMacs are personality tests for your soul

Choosing a color for your new 24-inch iMac is no simple task. It requires a lot of thought and self reflection — these things need to match your home, your iPhone, your outfits, and your soul. 

Love interior design? Spoak’s virtual design studio might be your new favorite hobby

Spoak$7.99/month and upView ProductThe GoodPuts a lot of tools in one place • Color palette and sourcing tools are fun • Floorplan tool is usefulThe BadVizis take a lot of practice to look good • Not a real Photoshop replacementThe Bottom LineSpoak is fun to play around with,

What on earth is an NFT? This beginner’s guide will catch you up.

TL;DR: Finally figure out WTF everyone is talking about with The Beginner's Guide to NFTs, which is on sale for 89% off. As of May 15, get it for only $19.99.The newest thing everyone loves (or loves to hate): NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Every NFT is unique and immutable, created on the blockchain,

Joan Holloway and Peggy Olson's guide to conquering your office

Pour yourself another cup of coffee and meet your new career inspiration.Mad Men's Joan Holloway and Peggy Olson have had their fair shares of set backs in life, love and especially in their career paths. But while working in the ultimate "man's world" at Sterling Cooper & Partners,

3 protesters killed, 45 injured in violent clashes with Burundi police

At least three people were killed in Burundi on Monday in violent clashes with the security forces, said the Red Cross, as street demonstrations persist over the president's third term bid.See also: The activists working to transform Africa's largest slum,

J.K. Rowling apologizes for the fate of Fred Weasley in 'Harry Potter'

If only J.K. Rowling had a time-turner handy.The author of the Harry Potter series seems to be facing a lot of regret lately — she tweeted an apology Saturday for killing off fan-favorite character Fred WeasleySee also:



With 10K Schools On Board, BrightBytes Lands $15M To Help Measure The Real Impact Of Technology In E

Over the last year, BrightBytes has become a personal favorite in the ballooning world of education startups. The reason for this begins with the fact,

【云先锋】石山视频:抓住企业自建视频的“痛点” 做彻底的SaaS


文章: JIRA的列表并不是Scrum的Product Backlog

一个管理良好的Backlog应该包含一系列可管理的Product Backlog Items(PBIs),它对直接产品的客户或用户来说是有价值的。保持这个列表有价值则需要技巧。 By Craig Larman & Tim Born Translated by 李清玉

Google Glass May Be On Shaky Ground, But Sony’s Showing Off Its New Smart Eyeware

Sony’s SmartEyeglass Attach! is something it debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, offering up a smart display module that adds connected intelligence to any kind of existing eyeware, be they optical frames, protective goggles or sunglasses.


Google Cardboard 系列最贵的买 85 美金,约合人民币 527 元,而 Ouclus Rift、HTC Vive 和 Project Morpheus 动辄好几千甚至有可能上万元。在颗粒感相差不太的情况下,消费者为什么放着便宜的不买,而要挑贵的?

【C#公共帮助类】WinRarHelper帮助类,实现文件或文件夹压缩和解压,实战干货 - 杨恒连

关于本文档的说明 关于本文档的说明 本文档使用WinRAR方式来进行简单的压缩和解压动作,纯干货,实际项目这种压缩方式用的少一点,一般我会使用第三方的压缩dll来实现,就如同我上一个压缩类博客,压缩的是zip文件

Loogn.OrmLite映射优化记录 - loogn

大家对ORM效率的争议多半在映射性能方面。自己的ORMLite也是如此,经过前段时间的折腾,已经找不出一个简单的方法再提升一下这部分的方法了。在此把优化涉及的几点记录一下。 注:用于性能测试的CodeTimer为赵劼先生所写。 注:有两个优化方法为hubro先生所提供,下面会指出。 一、反射的优化

Kind humans rescue tired moose that fell through the ice

A few kind humans came to the rescue of a helpless moose that fell through thin ice into chilly waters, proving goodness still exists in the world.At the start of the video, the moose can be seen desperately attempting to escape the water without any luck. Using a hatchet,

Former Google Engineer Blasts Company's HR After Sexual Harassment Revelation

Earlier today, Recode reported that Uber had asked its new SVP of engineering, Amit Singhal to resign after he failed to disclose the circumstances involved in his departure from Google. According to Recode,

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