17-inch Lenovo Y70 Touch gaming laptop running Windows 8.1 hands-on review

I've always enjoyed using a desktop PC, complete with a set of widescreen monitors to compliment my entertainment experience. Smartphones and tablets are ideal for on-the-go entertainment, along with notebooks. But what about gaming laptops for those who enjoy games or multimedia on the go?

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Turbo Golf Racing releases its first major update, with new content

LinkedIn lays off entire events marketing team

Here are the new releases coming to Xbox next week, August 15-19

What to play on Game Pass for old school gamers

Here's how Microsoft is containing cybersecurity attacks in schools

Free to play sensation MultiVersus Season 1 to launch on August 15

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Windows 10 news recap: Spartan build leaked, developer SDK and more

Another Windows 10 news week done and dusted. First up, Windows 10 build 10014 (yes, not 10041) leaked onto the internet earlier this week with an early version of the highly-anticipated Spartan browser. Other than Spartan, the leaked build doesn't include anything too interesting.

These are the top ten free apps in the Windows Phone Store as of March 29, 2015

At the beginning of this month, we revealed that Microsoft had reached the 200,000 app milestone in the Windows Store, with 300,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, accounting for a total of 500,000 apps on the Windows platform. With so many apps now on the Windows Phone platform,

Microsoft and WWE team up to support Microsoft Band

Now that the Microsoft Band is back in stock and available to buy at major retail stores, Microsoft is now focusing on marketing the Microsoft Band. In preparation of WrestleMania XXXI, Microsoft employed the services of two WWE powerhouses, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler, 

Welcome to Swift (苹果官方Swift文档初译与注解二十七)---189~198页(第四章-- 流程控制) - 老蔡居士

Switch 一个switch语句里包含一个值,并且用这个值与其他几个可能的匹配模式进行比较,然后根据成功匹配上的模式,执行相应的代码块.switch语句提供了比if语句更多的选项来相应多种潜 在的情况. 最简单的一个例子:

第四章:产品设计(2.2)PRD写作 – 梳理需求(产品结构图)

2.2、梳理需求(产品结构图) 当我们对产品的信息结构了解后,我们就需要规整脑海中的产品需求,让想法更加结构化 […]

Lorde and Diplo got into a Twitter feud over Taylor Swift's butt

There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned celebrity Twitter feud to perk up a ThursdaySee also: The 10 Most Epic Celebrity Twitter FightsTo fully understand the emotional turmoil of this situation, there are a few things you must first understand about Taylor Swift:

买买买! iPad Air 2的预计发货时间终于正常

威锋网 11 月 21 日消息,昨天苹果在线商店中 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 的预计发货时间终于有所调整,我们知道这是苹果在迎接即将到来的黑色星期五以及疯狂的西方假期购物季。

Witness The Moon, Venus, Jupiter And Earth From The ISS

Astronaut Scott Kelly has been providing us some spectacular images during his time in orbit, but this shot might be one of the coolest ones thus far: Venus, Earth, Jupiter and the Moon, all in the frame. Read more...


编者按:毛玻璃效果还能怎么玩?除了昨天的发红包看图,今天给同学们支一招新鲜的,用毛玻璃效果做一张高格调的创意海报,不仅操作简单,而且效果好看到爆,来看...优设哥向您推荐: AI教程!

: [攝影小教室] 棚燈不接線也會閃?而且沒有自動測光?兩個問題一次搞懂,棚燈一點都不難!

棚燈為什麼不用插線也會閃?棚燈為什麼要手動調整?這兩個問題對於用慣棚燈的人來說就跟 1+1 一樣簡單,但對於剛要買棚燈的人來說卻是很難想透的問題。在我最開始要買棚燈的時候,我也是到處查、到處問,才搞清楚棚燈的運作機制到底是怎麼一回事。最近我拍了兩支關於棚燈操作的小短片,跟大家分享棚燈在攝影時到底是如何運作的,一次解決上述的兩個問題。閱讀全文

3到6年的.NETer应该掌握哪些知识 - Lukexywang

我们组的开发人力一直比较紧张,今年春节后,高层终于给了几个headcount,我们可以开始招人了。从三月初我们就开始找简历,渠道有拉钩,内推,我司自己的招聘网站和智联等。简历筛了很多,也打了很多电话,叫过来面试了很多人,可是到目前为止,已经三个月了,我们只招到了两个人,这两个人都是内推来的。 我负责


关于今年 iPhone 7 系列的销量,一些机构称(著名的摩根大通),他们通过对苹果亚太地区的供应链进行走访调查后得知,苹果计划在 2016 年结束之前生产大约 7500 万部 iPhone 7/7 Plus ,而一些分析机构也提到,今年 iPhone 7 的销量将会比 iPhone 6s 好,但是比 iPhone 6 要逊色一些。  装备了双摄像头,性能更优越的 iPhone 7 Plus 人气可谓相当的高,而三星 galaxy Note 7 其实也间接的实力助攻了 iPhone 7 Plus 一下。不过也有分析机构认为,在一项重要指标上 ,iPhone 7 其实已经显示出疲态。  

Microsoft’s HoloLens just got a new video game in Holo Space Invaders

Holo Space Invaders, a new game that recently appeared on the Windows Store is an homage to the original Space Invaders game with a twist of mixed reality.

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