Connected Cycle’s Smart Pedal Prevents Theft, Provides Analytics About Your Ride

Once installed, the Connected Cycle smart pedal will alert bike owners when their bike has been moved via mobile app. Since it has a GPS connection and connects to a cloud platform, Connected Cycle’s pedals let users keep track of where the bike goes if someone’s using it that shouldn’t be.

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The marketing industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to save time and execute smarter, more personalized campaigns. 61% of marketers say AI software is the most important aspect of their data strategy.  If you’re late to the AI party, don’t worry.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of questions floating around about how affiliate marketing works, what to do and what not to do when it comes to setting up a business. With so much uncertainty surrounding both personal and business aspects of affiliate marketing. In this post,

What is Blockchain: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

If you want to pay online, you need to register an account and provide credit card information. If you don't have a credit card, you can pay with bank transfer. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, these methods may become obsolete.

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly: Which Grammar Checker is Better in (2022) ?

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly:  When it comes to English grammar, there are two Big Players that everyone knows of: the Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

Sellfy Review 2022: How Good Is This Ecommerce Platform?

Are you searching for an ecomerce platform to help you build an online store and sell products?In this Sellfy review, we'll talk about how this eCommerce platform can let you sell digital products while keeping full control of your marketing.And the best part?

Ahrefs vs SEMrush: Which SEO Tool Should You Use?

SEMrush and Ahrefs are among the most popular tools in the SEO industry. Both companies have been in business for years and have thousands of customers per month. If you're a professional SEO or trying to do digital marketing on your own,

Top 10 Best PLR(Private Label Rights) Websites | Which One You Should Join in 2022?

Content creation is one of the biggest struggles for many marketers and business owners. It often requires both time and financial resources, especially if you plan to hire a writer.Today, we have a fantastic opportunity to use other people's products by purchasing Private Label Rights.

The OBox Is A Console’s Take On Android Gaming

At CES this year, Snail, a Chinese gaming company, demoed a new console it is working to release early this year called the OBox. The device is essentially a modular — their word — computer that runs Android games.

The Robot That Can Destroy You At Beer Pong

Robots. They can wipe the floor with us at Flappy Bird, Ping Pong, and chess. At least we’ve still got the last great bastion of human sportsmanship that is beer pong, right? Wrong.

Tales Of CES: Everybody Tells Me CES Is A Mess

Next week will be my first CES. Over the past couple of months, when I talked with CES veterans, they all told me that CES is a horrible experience. And yet, I am still incredibly excited. I plan to take advantage of my fresh perspective on the show to share my experience over the next few days.


武汉成人素描——艺凡美术培训。QQ:1374816112 电话:18672774677 13006188815

Vine Launches A Six-Second YouTube

When Vine first launched on the web, all you could do was view your stream and check out profiles for individual users. The desktop version came with TV Mode, too, which was admittedly addictive with its constant stream of full-screen content. But today Vine is going big on the web,

90 后就业人口导致中国机器人市场爆发了?


Google停止为Android 4.4之前版本提供WebView补丁

Android操作系统的WebView发现了新的漏洞,但这一次Google将不会为Android 4.4之前版本提供补丁。在Android生态系统中,Android 4.3及之前版本占据了六成,被近10亿用户使用。Google称,如果受影响版本是在 4.

芝奇推出DDR4 SO-DIMM内存套装 容量高达64GB




Vivaldi 1.0发布

Opera联合创始人谭咏文(Jon von Tetzchner)发起的新浏览器项目Vivaldi正式释出了第一个稳定版本。谭咏文的官方博客标题是“不是为所有人,只是为你”。他表示,Vivaldi是为了适应用户,而不是让用户适应浏览器。它的主要特性包括:更快的导航,更智能的浏览,强大的标签管理,键盘快捷键,自适应界面配色,等等。Vivaldi支持Windows、Mac和Linux,其中64位Windows版本还处于实验阶段。

Queen wins Tesco gift card, looks happier than we've seen her in years

LONDON — We're not sure if it's the Tesco vouchers, winning on the horses or some combination of the two that's made the Queen so deliriously excited, but one thing's for sure: she's having a really, really good day.SEE ALSO:


福州2016年6月24日电 /美通社/ -- 热情五月,一年一度的平安人寿客服节如期而至。近日,福州本部红宝石晋安区柜员接待了一客户刘女士,柜员在为其办理了相应保全业务后,又向刘女士介绍了好玩的、礼品丰厚的客服节线上活动,并就当下获得的活动奖品 -- 一年期免费家庭医生服务,做了耐心的介绍和讲解。刘女士真真切切的感受到平安实力的强大以及平安对客户的回馈与关怀。客服节活动专区的“和谐欢乐”、“亲子陪伴”、“少儿安全”、“身体健康”、“权益介绍”、“节日祝福”等一系列主题的线上活动更是直击客户需求点,让刘女士一改对保险公司的传统认识,爱上这一“掌上金管家”。


在刚刚开始的新品发布会上,魅族总裁白永祥开门见山,首先公布了MX6的外观。魅族表示,PRO 6是有史以来最为精致漂亮的魅族手机,上市之后好评如潮。MX6使用了媲美旗舰的设计,跟PRO6一样,薄至7.25mm,是魅族史上最 ... ...

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