When business continuity plans go wrong…

Covid-19 has been a great test of company’s business continuity plans.

CEO Satya Nadella outlines plan to promote diversity and inclusion at Microsoft in internal memo

I'm sorry Windows XP users, but Microsoft shouldn't have patched your OS (editorial)

Investing In Games: Broad Or Deep?

Suppose two studios approach you. Studio A has a strategy centered around making a big play on one game. It plans to take your investment and use it to make that game as best it can and find success. Studio B has a different idea. It plans to make many small games,

Google Acquires Cloud Monitoring Service Stackdriver

Google today announced that it has acquired cloud monitoring service Stackdriver. The company plans to roll many of the service’s features into its Cloud Platform in the coming months. The financial details of the acquisition weren’t disclosed,

How To Plan For Your Startup’s Gruesome Demise

Having children is one of the happiest moments most people will ever enjoy, but it’s also when you need to first think the most seriously about death.

Investor Pavel Curda Dumped By Euro Accelerators After Sleazy Emails

Pavel Curda, the European Angel investor and ‘mentor’ who became the centre of a media maelstrom after admitting to emailing point-blank requests for sex to tech business woman at a conference, has been shunned by the tech accelerators he continues to list as working with him.

You Can't Build a City Like a Startup: What the Downtown Project Missed

At the CityLab summit in LA yesterday—right about the time that Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project was supposedly laying off a third of its staff—I was having a conversation with a young,

Should You Build Or Acquire?

“You could regret this decision for the rest of your life… from the beach of your own private island.” That was the advice my lawyer gave me when I was staring at a nine-figure acquisition offer as the sole shareholder of my five-year-old startup. The valuation was good, the terms were clean,

Accel Puts $8M Into Semmle To Grow Its Software Dev Analytics Platform

Semmle, a b2b startup with a business analytics platform that aims to optimize other companies’ IT projects by analyzing the quality of code their developers are writing and also by looking at factors such as how much money the business is spending on particular software development projects,

42Floors Lays Off Half Of Staff As It Cuts Brokerage Team, Refocuses On Search

42Floors, the startup that’s built a platform for finding and leasing commercial office space, has laid off around half of its staff as part of a plan to refocus on its core search business, TechCrunch has learned.

How to find the messaging platform that’ll take your company to the next level

Messaging’s casual tone and solicitation of real-time responses has its strengths and weaknesses.

IT gathering dust

Businesses are selling off unused tech without correctly purging data.

Today’s world needs cloud native more than ever

Cloud native can be a winning strategy with planning. Simply being in the cloud is not enough.

What 10 things SaaS vendors must demand from their BI platform

Quick deployment, security and true inclusivity must all be on a vendors' wish-list.

Cybersecurity must take centre stage in the gig economy

In the UK, the gig economy now accounts for more than 4.7 million workers – and employs 1 in 10 working-age adults.

Cloud computing for small businesses: Five reasons why it works

If you don't take advantage of this technology, your business is likely to be left behind. All you need to do is to find the right cloud solution for your business.

How SD-WAN is helping CIOs keep their business connected

SD-WAN technology will rise at 30.8 per cent compound annual growth rate between 2018 and 2023.

How to use the Microsoft Office Ribbon

Everything you need to get you up and working with Microsoft's latest office suite.

Micro conversions: Why marketers are taking small steps to get big website results

The digital world has created a multitude of touch points, signals and clues for marketers to unlock.

The future of banking

Transformative business model evolution within financial services.


@飞屋睿UIdesign :随着扁平化风靡而来,越来越多的地方开始流行使用多边形背景。就让我们也来学习一下如何制作出这类抽象多边形风格的背景图吧。 制...



The most ridiculous fails of 2014 captured in one video

If ever you start feeling like 2014 was a complete fail, remind yourself that you did not attempt to take a selfie in front of a moving train — and that is something to be proud ofNot everyone could be so lucky (and blessed with common sense),

Test your knowledge of the game with Sports Jeopardy for Windows and Windows Phone

For all those sports fans out in the wild, a new Jeopardy game has made its way to the Windows and Windows Phone Store dubbed as Sports Jeopardy. As a player, you can test your sports knowledge and see how much you know about your favorite sports, or compete with your friends in a multiplayer mode.





Parents share struggles of waking up kids with Boyz II Men parody

"I forgot my lunchbox!"The YouTubing Holderness Family parodies Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" with their own version, focused more on the never-ending struggle of saying "wakeup" to your kids on weekdays.

一玩 VR 头显就感觉晕,这事得赖谁?


王健林节目谈王思聪:意见不统一就互相洗脑新浪娱乐讯 上周五晚,《鲁豫有约大咖一日行》的第一集在万达广场总部专访国民公公王健林。王健林在真人秀摄像机的镜头下,向所有观众展示了他除了亚洲首富这个标签以外的 ... ...

图解直方图均衡化及其Python实现 - haoguo


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