The Windows 11 2022 Update is here!

Windows 11 Insider builds 22621.741 and 22623.741 released to the beta channel

Microsoft has released a pair of new Beta Channel builds for Windows 11 today, 22621.741 and 22623.741. The builds contain mainly fixes, but if you were on build 22622 you will automatically get moved to build 22623 via an enablement package: The enablement package artificially ... Read More

Welcome to another servicing pipeline update for the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel

Microsoft announced another servicing pipeline update for Windows 11 Insider build 25217 for the Dev Channel. The new build “does not include anything new and is designed to test our servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev Channel.” As a reminder, build 25217, which was ... Read More

Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework executive order works in Microsoft’s favor

The European Commision and the U.S. government announced its new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework earlier this year, and Microsoft was quick to champion the move given its legal history with international data privacy concerns,

The best browsers for privacy on Windows PC

Your browser is what takes you places around the internet. Go to any random PC in some home or office, and you’ll find a wide variety of browsers. From Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Edge, Opera, and so on, people use all kinds of ... Read More

Xbox Game Pass made $2.9 billion last year, according to Brazil Activision filings

Microsoft has given us some idea of how much Game Pass makes.  According to a report seen by Tweaktown Microsoft makes about $2.9 billion a year on gaming subscription services (Game Pass).  This report was composed by Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) which ... Read More

Here’s the latest feature in Microsoft Edge’s Sidebar

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the Sidebar in the Edge browser with the aim of providing users with a better web navigation experience. The tool has since involved receiving a tone of updates as well as features all geared towards enhancing its usability. And now, ... Read More

Outlook’s crashing issue upon launching is patched, says Microsoft

In August, we reported on an issue that was facing Outlook users. The application would close almost immediately after being launched. Microsoft investigated the matter and identified that the issue occurred when the EmailAddress string data value under the Office identity is blank.

How to get Windows 11 2022 (22H2) now

Nvidia announces two $1,000+ GPUS - the RTX 4080 and 4090

More Xbox games can now be played without connecting to the net






安卓字体大师2.0.1更新 增加字体搜索及分类功能


MIT Has a Free Photojournalism Course You Should Do

Lots of schools now offer free, online courses, but here's a doozy from MIT: an introductory course about documentary photography and photojournalism that won't cost you a cent to work through.Read more...



OMG,我们还能从 BuzzFeed 看到什么?

昨天的消息:新闻网站 BuzzFeed 获得了来自 Andreessen Horowitz 的 5000 万美元风投,它的估值已经上升到 8.5 亿美元。 为什么 BuzzFeed 值这么多钱? 看看数据:BuzzFeed 创立于 2006 年。目前,BuzzFeed 的每月访客达到 1.

Gartner: CIOs must prepare for Windows 7 end-of-life now

The organisation’s research VP has laid out three options for companies to consider over the next decade in order to avoid being caught out by the expected end of life in 2020.Read more:



AT&T Lumia 830 confirmed to ship with Qi wireless charging capability

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