Apple won’t reveal new MacBook Air with Retina Display this Thursday

It’s the big iPad launch event this week, but one of the side dishes won’t be a new laptop – you’ll just have to make do with an iMac…Read more:

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Apple won’t reveal new MacBook Air with Retina Display this Thursday

It’s the big iPad launch event this week, but one of the side dishes won’t be a new laptop – you’ll just have to make do with an iMac…Read more:

How to watch the iPad launch event live next week

Next Thursday is the day on which Cupertino will reveal a new iPad Air and iPad mini, alongside a fresh iMac, and you’ll be able to watch it all live online.Read more:

What To Expect From Apple’s iPad And Mac Event

Apple has a second big event planned for this fall, and it’s happening this Thursday, Oct. 16 at its own Town Hall theater in Cupertino. The event promises to deliver a few different new product announcements, likely including new iPads, and new Macs,

Apple confirms 16 October press event, new iPads expected

We should see a new iPad Air and iPad mini, along with an iMac with retina display, if the rumour mill has got things right.Read more:

How to get OS X Yosemite on your Apple computer

So you want Yosemite on your Mac? The good news is it’s a free upgrade, and here’s how you can bag your copy of OS X 10.10.Read more:

New iPad images leaked confirming Touch ID sensor, and also showing A8X chip

We’ve only got a couple of days to wait now before Apple unveils its fresh tablets, but that’s plenty of time for another leak or three…Read more:

iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 details spilled by Apple itself ahead of big launch

Official images leaked via iTunes show the name of both tablets, and confirm that the Touch ID sensor will be on board both, amongst other things.Read more:

Apple will reveal new iPads next week, on 16 October

Get ready for the new iPad Air and mini next week, with new iMacs also apparently due to be shown off alongside OS X Yosemite.Read more:

Apple gives strongest hint yet that large iPhones are on the way

The XCode 6 development platform that was released last week has a new iOS simulator that allows apps to be displayed at various resolutions including much higher than usual.Read more:

Apple Pay Is Coming October 20

Apple Pay is set to launch on October 20. So if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and you're in the U.S.,you'll be able to start paying for your Walgreens haul on your phone next Monday.Read more...

Could cybercriminals capitalize on renewed interest in the Internet of Behavior (IoB)?

Professor Göte Nyman coined the phrase the ‘Internet of Behaviours’ (IoB) in 2012.

Scaling SaaS: How to emulate Europe’s titans and supercharge your software company’s gr

Here are some insider tips on how to supercharge your software company's international growth.

The need for context-based access in a remote work world

Identity management is critical, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Focusing on the whole malware picture

That image you click on may launch a crippling malware attack.

Employees are returning to the office. Make sure they don’t bring bad security habits with th

While the pandemic created plenty of new opportunities for cybercriminals to steal data, the best way to prevent new attacks is still going back to the basics.

The principles of patching in a hybrid world

A piece on the importance of patching, and key tactics for implementation.

Technological disruption vs digital transformation vs innovation: What does your business really ne

Covid-19 has been the ultimate disruptor. More than that, it’s changed the way we think about how businesses and industries can be disrupted.

A quarter of businesses have failed a data security audit in the last three years

Ovum has conducted a survey of 450 senior IT decision makers with some illuminating results in terms of data management strategies.Read more:

Why Europe is uniquely placed to lead the world of cyber security

Nortbert Pohlman gave a fascinating opening keynote at ISSE 2014 on the importance of replaceability in IT security, and how Europe is uniquely placed to play a leading role in world cyber security. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Empowering your cloud with the Ethernet WAN

The growth of the cloud has had a knock-on effect on IT requirements in other areas, like the bandwidth and latency of a company premises' connection to other company locations and the wider Internet.Read more:

70% of U.S. Government Spending Is Writing Checks To Individuals

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from Investor's Business Daily:"Buried deep in a section of President Obama's budget, released this week, is an eye-opening fact: This year, 70% of all the money the federal government spends will be in the form of direct payments to individuals,

Syrian Rebels Evacuate the 'Capital of the Revolution,' Now a City in Ruins

Hundreds of rebel fighters have started evacuating the city of Homs, Syria, which is known as the "capital of the revolution," on Wednesday. The evacuation comes after the rebels and the government of President Bashar al-Assad reached a truce in Homs, brokered by the United Nations, last week.

地上最强的跑步机械人就是这部 OutRunner?

分类: 精彩杂录 说到遥控玩具,2014 年的焦点可说是很大程度上落在四旋翼的无人机,不过上面这款脚踏实地的 OutRunner 陆上跑步机械人(或机械轮?)也绝对值得大家留意一下啊。


今日上午,《福布斯》发布了最新的“全球100位最有权势的女性”榜单。科技领域,Facebook COO桑德伯格、雅虎CEO梅耶尔等人入选,其中包括HTC董事长王雪红和华为董事长孙亚芳。

Google To Build Quantum Information Processors

An anonymous reader writes The Google Quantum AI Team has announced that they're bringing in a team from the University of California at Santa Barbara to build quantum information processors within the company.

[图]全球WP 8.1设备占比超过WP 8.0

根据AdDuplex公布的最新数据显示全球范围内WP 8.1设备(46.7%)占比已经超过WP 8.0设备(36.8%)。在报告中表示首款WP 8.1设备诺基亚Lumia 630/635在全球WP设备间的比重不断增加,在全球范围内设备占比达到了6.

Meet Your New Boss, Mr. Algorithm

Meet Algo, your new boss. It’s flexible, willing to change work schedules so you can work when you want, and not when you don’t. It’s reasonable, providing you honest feedback without the politics of your last human boss. And Algo will find new projects for you to complete,


增哥导读:战败者对于战局最有发言权,因为他不掺杂水分。作者孙志刚为红包易创始人(原百米出租车品牌部总监)以身说 […]



The Worst Brand Tweets About the Pluto Flyby

When will be the next time that humanity will be able to snap some images of a never-before-photographed maybe-planet while sailing past it at eight miles per second? Probably never. So brands jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on this historic achievement.

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