The result of Apple's new privacy policy? More money for Apple.

Apple wants to be the privacy Big Tech company. But it won't say no to some extra cash as a result.Earlier in 2021, Apple instituted a new App Store policy that limited apps' ability to track user behavior without getting express permission first, which has made targeted advertising more difficult.

Neil Young told Spotify to choose between him and Joe Rogan. Spotify chose Joe Rogan.

This may be your last chance to listen to "Heart of Gold" on Spotify, Neil Young fans.According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Spotify is obliging the legendary artist's request to be removed from the streaming service due to its distribution of the popular podcast,

YouTube bans Dan Bongino permanently

Conservative radio host and personality Dan Bongino has been kicked off YouTube for good.“We terminated Dan Bongino’s channels for circumventing our Terms of Service by posting a video while there was an active strike and suspension associated with the account,

Mike Schur shares a hilarious 'Office' moment inspired by his life

Mose Schrute is in the house! Or rather, he's on the podcast.On the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast, former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey took a break from recapping episodes to interview comedic genius Mike Schur. For those who don't know,

Anti-work subreddit goes private after rough Fox News interview

The anti-work subreddit went private today following a lousy Fox News interview between anchor (and notorious tool) Jesse Watters and one of the subreddit's moderators, Doreen Ford. Watters and other Fox News hosts have argued that the subreddit is helping to fuel the Great Resignation,

Tiffany Haddish and 'The Afterparty' cast hilariously remix the show's plot — Mash Libs

The ensemble cast of The Afterparty cooked up an alternative plot for their Apple TV+ show.

Wise life advice from a 5-year-old is going viral on Twitter

Gwenyth T. was driving her 5-year-old son, Clark, to school when she got one heck of a motivational speech. Clark is now in school for the first time due to the pandemic, and it's been a bit of a rough transition. "He’s a sweet, sensitive kid. An only child who is just very verbal, very chatty.

Wordle memes are everywhere

It didn't take long for Wordle, the internet's latest obsession, to turn into a meme. "Not Wordle" is the latest Twitter trend that pokes fun at our collective compulsion to post our Wordle results on the timeline. Wordle is a daily word game that involves guessing a five-letter word.

'Y: The Last Man' won't get a Season 2 from FX. The search for a new home has already begun.

In a devastating turn of events, Y: The Last Man showrunner Eliza Clark confirmed on Sunday that FX decided against moving ahead with a Season 2.It's a surprising move for a series that is still three episodes away from finishing its first season,

Selena Gomez privately put Facebook execs on blast in 2020 for all the hateful content

In internal documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, a whole host of people have been pushing back against Facebook for hate speech for some time now — and that list includes pop star and Only Murders in the Building comedy breakout Selena Gomez.

Daniel Craig crashes Rami Malek and Kenan Thompson's audition to play Prince on 'SNL'

From Get Out to Us, Jordan Peele has taken on directing his share of horror films about racism. Up next? A biopic about Prince that turns into a horror film about racism.That is, if you're watching Saturday Night Live. During a sketch on the latest SNL, Kenan Thompson, Rami Malek,

Facebook Rolls Out 'Business Manager' Tool For Marketers

Facebook on Monday officially launched Business Manager, a tool that lets marketers and agencies manage multiple campaigns via one interface.The tool, which Facebook has been rolling out over the last month, lets you assign roles to people working on various campaigns.




评论区 @Felix Fu答得比我上道,我引用一下,请去评论区点赞~~~酒店能耗是成本费用组成中最关键的一项,并且这一项是人为可控制的。 早期酒店设计中,作为集散式光源,顶灯是最节能的照明方式,使用普遍。

更大屏幕更大内存,掌阅电纸书会比 Kindle 更好吗?

掌阅新款电子书定名为 iReader Plus,屏幕和前代产品保持一致,于是有同事评价说,“我想他们可能觉得……内存大了……也叫大了……”

《Pokemon GO》新情報及畫面公開!收集小精靈蛋再孵化即可進化

自從任天堂宣佈進軍手機遊戲市場後,相信大家最期待的作品應該是暫定今年內推出的《Pokemon GO》。雖然之前公開過的影片顯示戰鬥過程有點沉悶,但留意遊戲可以玩的元素並不止於此。至於今日負責開發遊戲的 Niantic 就再進一步公開了更多新消息及遊戲畫面,當中包括有進化及道館等細節。以下有更多資料:The post 《Pokemon GO》新情報及畫面公開!收集小精靈蛋再孵化即可進化 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


现场讲座、工作坊和活动为展会增添气氛 香港2016年8月31日电 /美通社/ -- 由亚太区皮革展有限公司举办的时尚汇集和国际羊绒交易会将于9月22至24日同期举行。作为优质的采购平台,两个展会不但为买家提供寻找品牌作代理,以及为自家设计和产品寻找制造商的机会,还举办一系列的现场活动,包括资讯讲座、皮革工作坊及各种交流活动。这些活动结合商业贸易展览会,确保买家和参展商可于同一场合解决采购问题,并获取决策未来业务所需的资讯。

MySQL 使用 SSL 连接(附 Docker 例子) - xys1228

查看是否支持 SSL 首先在 MySQL 上执行如下命令, 查询是否 MySQL 支持 SSL: 当 为 时, 表示此时 MySQL 服务已经支持 SSL 了. 如果是 , 则需要在启动 MySQL 服务时, 使能 SSL 功能. 使用 OpenSSL 创建 SSL 证书和私钥 首先我们需要使用 o

Australian journalist behind scathing Trump takedown is sticking to his guns

You can call it a takedown or a "mic drop" — but whatever the media called it, it seems no one could ignore Australian political journalist Chris Uhlmann's searing and uncompromising critique of Donald Trump, which went viral on the weekend.SEE ALSO:


上海2017年7月13日电 /美通社/ -- 2017年7月12日,“2017中国学习与发展供应商价值大奖”颁奖典礼在上海隆重举行, SGS管理学院凭借专业的服务、优质的品牌口碑和影响力荣膺“2017中国专业能力发展培训机构5强”,彰显了SGS管理学院在学习与发展服务领域的领先地位。 SGS管理学院荣膺“2017中国专业能力发展培训机构5强” “中国学习与发展供应商价值大奖”评选由中国领先的人力资源会员组织 -- 智享会(HREC)主办,以“汇聚优秀供应商,推广最佳服务,引领人力资源行业发展”为目标,被称为中国人力资源业界内的“奥斯卡奖”,广受行业瞩目。

Windows 10’s “Continue on PC” app arrives on iOS

Microsoft has released its "Continue on PC" app to the iOS App Store.

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