Frontpoint review

Our Frontpoint review will help you decide if the security system’s features, prices, and customer support are the right fit for your business.

Sequoia Backs Simplisafe In A Play For The Home Security Market

Sequoia Capital has made a minority investment in the do-it-yourself home security company Simplisafe in a play on the home security and automation market, TechCrunch has learned. The investment from Sequoia came on the heels of Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest Labs,

Best small business website builders in 2021

We evaluate the best small business website builders, helping you choose the right option for your company's new site.

Ring for Business review

Ring for Business supports a variety of sensors and cameras, with useful features like user management and individual staff codes.

Hybrid working is creating fresh headaches for security leaders

Many leaders struggle to balance employee experience and security

Workers unwilling to shoulder responsibility for cybersecurity

Employees that don't work in IT think cybersecurity is someone else's responsibility

Many businesses are taking too long to respond to attacks

The average company takes more than two full days to respond

Digital transformation progress made clear by the Digital Maturity Matrix

How companies can gauge their own digital transformation development

How teams can embrace Agile collaboration in the hybrid work era

How remote and hybrid teams can collaborate consistently and effectively

Is chat really self-sufficient?

Does chat actually allow our users to self-solve? Or have we got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to the self-sufficiency ability of chat?

Approaching digital transformation with a more holistic mindset

Three key criteria for evaluating initiatives.

Many workers ignore security risks to maximize productivity

Businesses need to stamp out ‘risky activity’ before it’s too late.

Putin Government Moves To Take Control of Russia's largest space company Energia

schwit1 writes Vitaly Lopota, the president of Russia's largest space company Energia, was suspended Friday by the company's board of directors. From the article: "The move appears to be part of an effort by Russia's government to obtain majority control over Energia,

Deals: Cheap Otterboxes, Kitchen Gear, 802.11ac Router, App Discounts

Clumsy and/or neurotic iPhone owners should take a look at these OtterBox Preserver cases for iPhone 5 and 5s. Amazon usually lists them for $80 or more, but today only, you can get one for $30. [Otterbox Preserver Series Case iPhone 5/5S, $30]Read more...



The Most Interesting Man in the World is Now on Oculus Rift

He doesn't often do virtual reality, but when he does, it's pretty awesome.Dos Equis ad icon The Most Interesting Man in the World (a.k.a. actor Jonathan Goldsmith) is starring in a new Oculus Rift "experience" that the brewer will share with bar and festival attendees in the Southwest this week.

标普给予Twitter“垃圾”评级 股价大跌5.88%

11 月 14 日,Twitter 最近获得了业界分析机构给予的一个全新评级如今被标准普尔评为垃圾(Junk)级。不过,投资者不必感到惊慌失措。首先,这是一个自愿性质信贷评级,标准普尔与 Twitter 并无评级合作协议;其次 ... ...


读:相信大部分投资者都会对为什么社交广泛的人比交际单一的人更具创新性?相关知识很感兴趣,金斧子网将会针对在为什 […]

苹果新发明: 换iPhone和MacBook电池更快

威锋网讯,据报道,苹果已经为其服务团队发明了一个新的装置,这个装置可以让服务技术人员更轻易地对 iPhone 和 MacBook 的电池进行快速和安全的更换工作。



How baby hedgehogs sound when they sneeze

The Wildlife Aid Foundation, an animal sanctuary in Surrey in the UK, took in a trio of baby hedgehogs who were abandoned by their mother shortly after birth. The hoglets were discovered after being on their own for 24 hoursLuckily, after they were taken in by WAF,

The Texas laws that led to the arrest of Sandra Bland, who died in jail

When a white Texas police officer named Brian Encinia arrested a black woman named Sandra Bland in Prairie View, Texas on July 10, he was acting within the law — but he should probably have shown better judgement, according to several police officers interviewed.

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