The best tablet to buy for your kid

Technology has changed a lot since you were small. Your kids have probably mastered the features on your iPhone better than you have due to constantly asking to play with it. You can admit it:

The Best Gadgets to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer Break

If the weather wasn’t enough to clue you in, you can’t ignore that it’s definitely summer now that the schools are closed and the kids are suddenly free from the clutches of teachers and homework.

Amazon Fire HD 6 Review: Finally, A $100 Tablet Worth Buying

Recently, Amazon made some quiet updates to the Kindle line, including two tiny HD tablets. There's no need to whisper about the Amazon Fire HD 6, though. This colorful little marvel is damned impressive. And at just $100, it's confusingly cheap. Yell it from a mountaintop! Read more...

Amazon's Surprisingly Decent Fire HD 7 Tablet is Only $79 Today

Today only for Prime Day , Amazon’s knocking a whopping $60 off the price of the surprisingly-great Kindle Fire HD 7, bringing it down to just $79 (or $99 for the 16GB version) for Prime members. That’s a match for the tablet’s all-time low price,

Cupcake Digital Buys Zuuka Forming One Of Biggest Indie Kids’ App Development Firms

Cupcake Digital, the New York-based developer with a large portfolio of brand-name children’s mobile applications, has acquired competitor zuuka, best known as the maker of the iStoryTime library app, which offers over 200 children’s e-books.

Nabi Compete Is A New Fitness Tracker Designed For Kids

Fuhu, the company that makes the nabi tablets for kids – the ones with you immediately recognize thanks to their thick, red bumper – is today expanding into the world of wearables with the debut of the nabi Compete.

The TouchPico Projector Turns Any Surface Into A Giant Android Touchscreen

The TouchPico projector is launching today on IndieGogo. Announced at this year’s CES, it’s about as powerful as a mid-range Android phone, and has a camera that sees when you draw on the surface it’s projecting on — it basically turns any surface into a giant tablet-like display.

Microsoft unveils the Wireless Display Adapter, connect your Windows 8.1 or Android tablet to your H

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Builds On The Pro 3, Bolstered By Windows 10

With the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has taken something that worked — the Surface Pro 3 — and made it better. That’s it. Review over. You can go outside now and dance. Still here? I’ve had a Surface Pro 4 over the past week, alongside its now bigger sibling the Surface Book.

Save on the Kindle Fire HD (Plus the Kids Editions) For the Holidays

Amazon is taking $25 off the Kindle Fire HD 7 today for anyone in need of a solid little tablet for the holidays.Read more...

Three Uses For iOS Parental Controls That Don't Involve Kids

Plenty of the features in iOS have secondary uses that you might not have thought about, and that includes the parental controls. You can find them under the Restrictions heading of the General tab in Settings and whether you're a parent or not,

Everything you need to know about CyberGhost VPN

We hesitated when we saw how cute the CyberGhost VPN’s (virtual private network) mascot was — it sometimes feels like companies who put so much time into adorableness are trying to distract you from the truth. But we ended up being pleasantly surprised,

This beginner-friendly VPN is on sale for under £2.50 a month

SAVE 67%: A three-year subscription to TunnelBear is on sale for £2.41 per month as of Sept. 19, saving you 67% on list price.We know that the world of cybersecurity can be intimidating, as there is a lot of heavy information that takes some time to decode.

Unlock American Netflix for under £2 a month with CyberGhost VPN

SAVE 85%: A two-year subscription to CyberGhost VPN is on sale for £1.63 per month as of Sept. 19, and includes an extra two months for free. Sure, VPNs are great tools for improving your online security and data protection, but there's another reason these services are so popular.

This advanced Mac system monitor is on sale for 58% off

TL;DR: The iStat Menus 6 System Monitor is on sale for £3.61 as of Sept. 19, saving you 58% on list price.Anyone who spends all day working on a computer knows there's always a way to make things run more efficiently. But without the proper tools,

This stacked web development bundle is on sale for under £20

TL;DR: The 25-Course Web Development Mega Bundle is on sale for £18.09 as of Sept. 19, saving you 98% on list price.Skilled tech talent, especially in web development, is hard to come by these days, which means there’s an ever-increasing demand for people who can walk the walk and talk the talk.

Access the internet privately with a subscription to Private Internet Access

SAVE 72%: A two-year subscription to Private Internet Access is on sale for £2.19 per month as of Sept. 19, and includes an extra two months for free.There is a long list of VPNs out there, which is a blessing and a curse. It's great to have a lot of choice,

Tesla scraps its referral programs for everything but solar roof

Earning 1,000 miles of free Supercharging is no longer possible, according to the Tesla website.For several years, when someone bought a Tesla electric vehicle through a referral, both the referred customer and referrer were rewarded with 1,

Save $100 on a 2020 MacBook Air, plus more cheap laptop deals this weekend

OUR TOP PICK: Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 — save $249.01BEST APPLE DEAL: 2020 Apple MacBook Air — save $100BEST LENOVO DEAL: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 — save $1,324.50BEST GAMING DEAL: Razer Blade 15 — save $600BEST 2-IN-1 DEAL: Asus Chromebook Flip C434 — save $140.

So you want to be a blogger: How to start a blog, buy a domain name, and gain a following in 10 step

So you want to start a blog and carve out a little corner of the internet to call your own — that’s a pretty brilliant and popular impulse. We as humans are literally creating a whole cyber-dimension,

This massive 49-inch Samsung gaming monitor just hit a new all-time-low price on Amazon

SAVE $300: Normally $1,199.99, Samsung's 49-inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor is on sale on Amazon for just $899.99 as of July 23 — a 25% savings.There are huge gaming monitors, and then there's the Samsung CRG9. Billed as the "world's first high-resolution super ultrawide gaming monitor with 32:


据国外媒体报道,上周六被Facebook以160亿美元高价收购的Whatsapp在几天以后,遭遇了前所未有的4小时宕机事件。今天,创始人Jan Koum为宕机事件道歉。





10 Dubbed GIFs That Shut You Up With Laughter

If these GIFs could talk, they'd sound nothing like thisGIFs are a silent medium, which can have its drawbacks. These dubbed GIFs cross your favorite movie scene with a new script that makes no sense at allSee also:

China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts

New submitter DemonOnIce writes: According to The Verge and original report the site that monitor's China's Great Firewall activity, China is conducting a large-scale attack on iCloud and Microsoft accounts using its government firewall software.

電郵洩密 Sony 獲任天堂授權開拍《超級孖寶兄弟》動畫版

Sony Pictures 被黑客入侵導致大量機密文件外洩,令 Sony 頭痛不已。不過對於電玩迷和電影迷來說,則帶來了一個值得欣喜的消息,因為 Sony 已經和任天堂達成協議,取得授權開拍《Super Mario Bros.》電影。

Fitbit Surge 运动手表也来到中国,价格 1,998 元

Fitbit 去年十月发布的三款新品中,「体格」最大的运动手表 Surge,如今终于也跟随 Charge、Charge HR 两位「小弟」,要在中国市场正式发售了。

LG发布手写新机G Stylo:配5.7英寸屏幕+5.0MP前置摄像头

随着手写笔在移动设备上的复兴,市场上终于不再是三星Galaxy Note孤军奋战。在推出乏善可陈的LG G3 Stylus之后,这家总部同在韩国的智能手机制造商,仍然鼓起勇气发布了又一款带手写笔的设备,它就是LG G Stylo。

Mac用户注意 输错网址也会被恶意软件攻击?

威锋网讯,打字太快也有错?打字太快其实没有错,但是输错网址就可能会让 Mac 受到恶意软件攻击。近日有安全研究员发现了一种网络蟑螂形式在蔓延,这种形式名为误植域名(Typosquatting),输错网址的用户很可能会受到此类型的攻击。  安全公司 Endgame 近日发现了 300 个热门网站的.com域名名字在阿曼被注册,这些网站包括了 Netflix、戴尔和 Citibank,在阿曼注册的顶级域名为.om,这与.com仅一“c”之差。这些网站并不会在阿曼提供真正的服务,相反它们会设下陷阱,以便用户中招,尤其是 Mac 用户,点击这些.

Bottom 308s

大家久等了,这一次,我们赶在了盐Club的刷屏之前,带来的是Bottom 308s。细心的朋友可能发现:Bottom Gear 到现在写的车虽然不多,但居然有3期是法系车!这也令我们感到意外,所以,后续我们应该会暂时告别 PSA 的产品了。你要是喜欢我们的扯淡,我们那是很高兴的。本文最后有小小彩蛋。为什么308s关注308s,是由于它的对标狗夫,号称要做「神车终结者」,这想想都让我们感到摩拳擦掌。车辆上市后,15年和16年我们组织进行了试驾。

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