Cryptography experts trash NFTs on first day of RSA Conference

The experts have weighed in: Non-fungible tokens are dumb as hell. The annual RSA Conference brings together some of the brightest minds in cryptography to discuss advances in the field, the year's biggest hacks, and where the cybersecurity industry is heading. This year,

Save 93% on lifetime access to over 90 cybersecurity courses

TL;DR: Get lifetime access to a Infosec4TC Platinum Membership for £50.18 as of July 27, saving you 93% on list price.When it comes to a career in cybersecurity, there are lots of possibilities. You just need the right training.Speaking of the right training,

Want to learn an instrument? Try this discounted online course bundle.

TL;DR: The Complete 2021 Piano for Beginners Bundle is on sale for £14.54 as of July 27, saving you 98% on list price.Want to learn piano but don't have time to commit to weekly lessons? Consider opting for a virtual course bundle, so you can learn from the experts on your own time.

Elon Musk explains how non-Tesla cars will use Superchargers

At what may have been Tesla CEO Elon Musk's final quarterly check-in, the electric vehicle evangelist delved into the details about eventually sharing Tesla's Supercharger network.Last week Musk tweeted about opening up the exclusive Supercharger network to other electric vehicles.

Self-thrusting dildos are here, and I tried them

Have you ever been scared and horny at the same time? That's how I felt looking at The Thruster, a handheld thrusting dildo.Yes, as the name implies, this dildo does the thrusting for you. The Thruster is a less expensive, more petite take on "fucking machines" like the Cowgirl Machine,

Nokia revives the legendary 6310 phone with a larger, curvy display

There was a point in history, at least in my mind, when Nokia 6310 was the best phone you could get. More advanced than the 3xxx series and yet not as bulky as the Communicator, the Nokia 6310 was the phone to get in the early aughts if money was no object, and getting things done was the priority.

The Galaxy Note is dead (for now) but it lives on in Samsung's new foldables

Galaxy Unpacked may be just a few weeks away, but Samsung isn't leaving much to the imagination. On Monday, the company's president and head of mobile communications business, Tae Moon Roh, confirmed in a recent blog post that two foldable phones are on the way. Oh, and that the Galaxy Note is dead.

Olympic gymnasts tired of being objectified swap leotards for bodysuits

The German gymnastics team is attracting attention for more than its gravity-defying moves at this year's Olympic games in Tokyo.In an effort to prevent the sexualization of their bodies and the sport (and just feel comfortable while competing),

Compare prices, find coupon codes, and more with Capital One Shopping

You know that pressure cooker you bought on Amazon a few days ago? You may have overpaid. And that Bluetooth speaker you snagged last month? Your friend just got the same one for half the price. You could’ve kept more money in your pocket had you added Capital One Shopping to your browser first. 

Audiophiles rejoice: Apple Music to offer lossless and spatial audio

Apple Music just scored a major victory over Spotify and Tidal. In a company blog post on Monday, Apple announced that its Apple Music streaming service would give all users access to lossless and spatial audio in June. The kicker?

Google's Pixel Buds are on sale for $20 off ahead of its I/O event

SAVE $20: Google's second-gen Pixel Buds are on sale at Walmart for $159.99 as of May 17 — that's 11% off their usual retail price of $179.99.The dust is settling after Samsung and Apple's late-April product announcements, which means Google is next up to bat.


【20亿美元以上级别】2014年1月 联想以23亿美元收购IBM低端服务器业务,包括IBM的System x、Blade、Flex System等服务器资产以及Blade Network Technology等系统网络资产。

CBS Unveils Comic-Con 2014 Panel Plans (Good News, 'Reign' Fans!)

Brainy misfits, good-looking royals and some Dome escapees are going to anchor CBS Television Studios' line-up at Comic-Con 2014 in San DiegoMashable has learned that summer hit Under the Dome, new drama Scorpion and fan favorite Reign will take over Ballroom 20 on July 24, starting at 11:15 a.m.

Rob Ford Was a 'Bully' at Rehab, Fought Other Residents: Report

TORONTO — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford fought with fellow rehab residents during his two-month stay at GreeneStone Clinic, and was removed from his group therapy program for being verbally abusive, according to a report."Ford broke things, got into fights with other residents,

为上网玩网游 17岁少年抢劫10元钱获刑一年


OnePlus 2 正式發表,搭載 Snapdragon 810 的 329 美金機種

OnePlus 稍早正式發表品牌第二款機種 OnePlus 2 ,這款機種採用高通 Snapdrgaon 810 應用處理器,喊出內鍵 16GB 版本 329 美金、 64GB 版本 389 美金的價格。新聞來源: OnePlus閱讀全文

Wine Intelligence:调查显示年轻消费者引领中国进口酒市场


大卫-贝克汉姆参与英国经典男装品牌KENT & CURWEN的未来业务发展

利邦公布独家全球业务合作计划 香港2015年9月16日电 /美通社/ -- 利邦控股有限公司(“利邦”或“集团”;香港联交所股份代号:891),一家具领导地位兼拥有高级男士服装品牌、服务于大中华区及欧洲市场的零售集团,今日宣布旗下 Kent & Curwen 品牌与大卫-贝克汉姆(David Beckham)已签订五年的独家合作协议,大卫-贝克汉姆将从多方面推动该品牌的全球业务发展。

小米居然推出台幣不到 1,500 元 CP 值超高的 20 吋硬殼行李箱!

中國小米科技日前在小米官方商城悄悄的把 20 吋硬殼行李箱上架販售,並維持小米一貫特色 20 吋硬殼行李箱只賣 299 人民幣換算成台幣將近 1500 元左右,以硬殼行李箱的來說這價位還在可接受的範圍畢竟台灣知名品牌的 20 吋硬殼行李箱也要兩三千不等!

比拼Surface Pro 4 苹果iPad Pro能战几回?

上个月,苹果发布了第一款巨屏平板电脑 iPad Pro,当时有很多关于它针对 Surface Pro 3 的对比。

Java中定义Map常量,List常量 - rencm

一般的方式的使用静态代码块。比如:12345publicfinalstaticMap map =newHashMap();static{map.put("key1","value1");map.put("key2","value2");}下面为一种简单定义Map常量的方式12345678910111...

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