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Perseverance rover officially starts its big search for past life...with lasers

Zap.After the Perseverance rover spent its first three months on Mars getting its bearings and serving as an observation post for the successful Ingenuity helicopter flights, NASA announced the robot has started its primary mission:

Twitter's rumored paid service, 'Twitter Blue,' may cost $2.99 a month

How much are people willing to pay for new Twitter features? Is it $2.99? According to Jane Manchun Wong, a software developer who's gained a reputation for reverse-engineering applications to reveal upcoming services, Twitter is hoping it's exactly $2.99. 

See the colossal James Webb Space Telescope unfurl its giant, golden mirrors

Engineers commanded the James Webb Space Telescope to unfurl its over 21-foot wide golden mirrors this week, and the crucial test succeeded.The test, shown in the image below, was the last check on the sprawling telescope's moving parts under space-like conditions. James Webb, set to launch in Oct.

Tiffany Haddish tearfully reflects on the viral moment when she won her Grammy

When Tiffany Haddish made Grammy history in March, becoming the only the second Black woman to win for Best Comedy Album, after Whoopi Goldberg in 1986, it turned into a whole Moment. That's because Haddish found out while she was filming with a group of kids for her CBS series,

What to do when your soul is too tired to even get off post-pandemic

May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure.We did it, folks.

How to turn off autoplay on Netflix trailers

There are few more horrifying experiences than finishing a show you have spent days, weeks, or even months breathlessly enjoying, only to be fed with a garishly loud preview immediately after the final credits of your beloved show is wrapped. Instead of sitting, thoughtfully,

Apple's new, colorful iMacs are personality tests for your soul

Choosing a color for your new 24-inch iMac is no simple task. It requires a lot of thought and self reflection — these things need to match your home, your iPhone, your outfits, and your soul. 

Apple's 'Spring Loaded' event will be held on April 20

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Tim Cook, if you're listening, we're all waiting on those new AirPods.","image":"

The Cricut Maker is a powerful tool in the wrong hands (mine)

When I told my friends and family I was trying out the Cricut Maker cutting machine, their initial reaction was “why?” This was also the secondary reaction, and the third.

Facebook created a speed video dating app called Sparked

Zoom calls dominated our social lives during the pandemicDating apps began adding video components as early as March of last year, with more and more launching similar features as 2020 dragged on. Now, Facebook is testing its own speed dating app called Sparked, The Verge first reported.Sparked,

Windows Phone app updates: 6snap gets chat support, VEVO app gets a redesign

If you happen to use 6snap or VEVO for Windows Phone 8, there are app updates waiting for you in the Windows Phone Store. The 6snap app has been updated and given chat support, while the VEVO app has been updated with a brand new design.

传配备Retina屏的iMac 最快将在10月发布

iOS 产品早已全线配备了 Retina 级别的显示屏幕,而 Mac 产品线也在去年进入了 Retina 的时代。




Lizard Squad黑客组织宣称对昨天的索尼遭DDOS攻击而导致PSN瘫痪的事件负责。这一黑客组织今年8月底被FBI一锅端掉,怎么又露头了呢?

国际太空站实验出结果 宇宙实际辐射量或被高估


Google’s Project Vault Is A Secure Computing Environment On A Micro SD Card, For Any Platform

Project Vault is a secure computer contained entirely on a micro SD sized device. Google’s ATAP said the micro SD format made sense because there’s already advanced security features on your phone, contained in the SIM card, which protects the things important to carriers.



Nonverbal autistic YouTube talk show host welcomes her first guest, Channing Tatum

Carly Fleischmann's dream of becoming a talk show host is blossoming into a reality.Fleischmann, as detailed in the show's intro, was diagnosed with autism and oral-motor apraxia at age two. Doctors predicted that she would never develop beyond the intellectual abilities of a small child.

GIF图片设想在没有马特·达蒙时 我们将如何在火星生存

未来人类如果想在火星上定居,将不得不解决饮用水、食物、空气等问题。在电影《火星救援》中,马特·达蒙饰演的航天员和植物学家马克·沃特尼上演了一出幽默感十足的火星生存真人秀,利用粪便培育出无污染的有机土豆,并通过储存空气、制造液态水来维持生命。但现实生活中,很少有人拥有像马克一样的能力。 近日How We Get To Next网站提出设想,利用GIF图片向我们解释如何利用人类排泄物等来帮助人类在火星生存。


“超融合”开启轨道交通新时代 上海2016年11月2日电 /美通社/ -- 2016年11月2日,上海富欣智能交通控制有限公司(简称“富欣智控”)与浪潮在济南举行战略合作签约仪式,双方将在产品与解决方案的融合方面深入合作,携手打造超融合一体化大平台,共同拓展城市轨道交通信号和计算领域市场。富欣智控与浪潮“双自主化”企业的合作,对推进国家自主信息产业有着里程碑式的意义。富欣智控总经理吴昊、副总经理马越海、浪潮集团副总裁袁安军、浪潮集团渠道管理部总经理王峰等人员出席了签约仪式。

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