IDShield review

Our IDShield review will help you decide if this is the identity protection and restoration service for you.

Could cybercriminals capitalize on renewed interest in the Internet of Behavior (IoB)?

Professor Göte Nyman coined the phrase the ‘Internet of Behaviours’ (IoB) in 2012.

Scaling SaaS: How to emulate Europe’s titans and supercharge your software company’s gr

Here are some insider tips on how to supercharge your software company's international growth.

The need for context-based access in a remote work world

Identity management is critical, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Focusing on the whole malware picture

That image you click on may launch a crippling malware attack.

Employees are returning to the office. Make sure they don’t bring bad security habits with th

While the pandemic created plenty of new opportunities for cybercriminals to steal data, the best way to prevent new attacks is still going back to the basics.

The principles of patching in a hybrid world

A piece on the importance of patching, and key tactics for implementation.

Technological disruption vs digital transformation vs innovation: What does your business really ne

Covid-19 has been the ultimate disruptor. More than that, it’s changed the way we think about how businesses and industries can be disrupted.

MyFICO review

Our MyFICO review will help you decide if it’s the identity protection software for you.

PC shipments continue to rise after mega 2020

Year-on-year, PC shipments grew by a third in Q1 2021.

Many workers are dreading the return to the office

They are afraid of catching Covid-19 in shared spaces and via computer peripherals.

Google Contacts 网页版也可以加星了

Google Contacts的桌面网页版终于跟Android里的联系人应用一样,都可以加星了。加星后的联系人自然就会被归在Starred分类下,同时也会自动同步到Android手机里的加星联系人分类里,方便快速查找。

传腾讯已入股大众点评 下周宣布


三种路径 破解多屏营销难题






回归设计,iPhone 6是一个好产品吗?

苹果用了 7 年的时间减少了 40 % 接近一半的厚度,相当于平均每年大约以 0.7 mm 的速度递减。

​Thieving Teens Likely Used $17 Gadget To Break Into NYT Columnist's Car

Last week, New York Times tech/style columnist Nick Bilton told the tale of two teens breaking into his Toyota Prius with a mysterious black box . Now we might know what it is, and you can get one for as little as $17.Read more...

任務完結!Apple 即將停止 iPhone 3G 及 3GS 維修支援服務

通常一款產品推出了一段時間後,官方便會陸續停止提供維修支援,例如 2013 年 6 月 Apple 便停止支援第一代 iPhone。



三星之痛 : 三次挖角苹果用户 然并没什么用

此前,三星为苹果用户推出1美元试用三星新旗舰手机计划Ultimate Test Drive,即苹果手机用户只需要支付1美元就可以获得免费试用为期30天三星新旗舰手机的机会。  

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