PC shipments continue to rise after mega 2020

Year-on-year, PC shipments grew by a third in Q1 2021.

Could cybercriminals capitalize on renewed interest in the Internet of Behavior (IoB)?

Professor Göte Nyman coined the phrase the ‘Internet of Behaviours’ (IoB) in 2012.

Scaling SaaS: How to emulate Europe’s titans and supercharge your software company’s gr

Here are some insider tips on how to supercharge your software company's international growth.

The need for context-based access in a remote work world

Identity management is critical, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Focusing on the whole malware picture

That image you click on may launch a crippling malware attack.

Employees are returning to the office. Make sure they don’t bring bad security habits with th

While the pandemic created plenty of new opportunities for cybercriminals to steal data, the best way to prevent new attacks is still going back to the basics.

The principles of patching in a hybrid world

A piece on the importance of patching, and key tactics for implementation.

Technological disruption vs digital transformation vs innovation: What does your business really ne

Covid-19 has been the ultimate disruptor. More than that, it’s changed the way we think about how businesses and industries can be disrupted.

Many workers are dreading the return to the office

They are afraid of catching Covid-19 in shared spaces and via computer peripherals.

Businesses are facing cyber threats from all directions

Malware, ransomware, fake apps and Powershell threats are all increasingly common.

Covid-related scams are still on the rise

Lures no longer focus on testing or vaccines, but on traveling and Covid passports.



Allied World将收购皇家太阳联合保险香港和新加坡分支机构,大幅扩张其国际保险平台

瑞士楚格--(美国商业资讯)--Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, AG今日宣布,Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd已就收购皇家太阳联合保险(Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc)(简称“RSA”)香港和新加坡分支机构一事达成最终协议,收购价格约为2.


Twitter公司的全球收益总裁Adam Bain告诉华尔街日报称,该公司即将在六月内于印度尼西亚首都雅加达开设地区办公室。

库克:苹果将在华疯狂投资 不担忧增速放缓


The “Momento Pearl” Smart Jewelry Offers A Digital Upgrade To The Keepsake Locket

“Smart” jewelry today largely includes functional gadgets designed for health tracking functions, or those offering some sort of alerting feature, like rings that vibrate when you receive texts or calls. But now,

Apple Watch 专属的 App Store 开店啰

不管你已经预订,或还在犹豫要不要买 Apple Watch,这消息都与你有关啊。因为在苹果 一番准备之后,终于在 iTunes 上开辟 Apple Watch 应用程序的专区,大家不管是使用或是试玩都不用局限在他们指定的几个应用程序。

美国证券交易委员会:过去12个月微软海外现金储备升至1080亿美元 同比增长17%


学习笔记-AngularJs(三) - 24k-小清新

学习笔记-AngularJs(二)写了个所有程序语言入门时都必须要写的Hello World,那么从现在开始做那个之前说过的互联网大佬介绍的学习例子,当然这里开始会慢慢按照之前说过的目录来搭建这个学习的demo,将控制器、过滤器、指令、服务、基本配置都独立成一个个js文件,直接贴张效果图:(有点简陋.

分体式的颠覆 小米电视主机开箱图赏




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