Covid-related scams are still on the rise

Lures no longer focus on testing or vaccines, but on traveling and Covid passports.

Could cybercriminals capitalize on renewed interest in the Internet of Behavior (IoB)?

Professor Göte Nyman coined the phrase the ‘Internet of Behaviours’ (IoB) in 2012.

Scaling SaaS: How to emulate Europe’s titans and supercharge your software company’s gr

Here are some insider tips on how to supercharge your software company's international growth.

The need for context-based access in a remote work world

Identity management is critical, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Focusing on the whole malware picture

That image you click on may launch a crippling malware attack.

Employees are returning to the office. Make sure they don’t bring bad security habits with th

While the pandemic created plenty of new opportunities for cybercriminals to steal data, the best way to prevent new attacks is still going back to the basics.

The principles of patching in a hybrid world

A piece on the importance of patching, and key tactics for implementation.

Technological disruption vs digital transformation vs innovation: What does your business really ne

Covid-19 has been the ultimate disruptor. More than that, it’s changed the way we think about how businesses and industries can be disrupted.

Q&A: How is the role of the CISO changing

A Q&A on the diversifying role of the CISO.

How organizations around the globe are continuing to grapple with the impact in-person restrictions

Why all enterprises, regardless of size, need visibility and control in order to optimize productivity in wake of Covid-19.

New home working cyber threats, and how to mitigate against them

In the rush to get remote working up and running quickly at the beginning of the pandemic, there was limited opportunity to ensure that security and data protection procedures were fit for purpose.

推荐15款最好的 Twitter Bootstrap 开发工具 - 梦想天空(山边小溪)

Twitter Bootstrap 自从2011年最初发布到网上后,迅速成为 Web 领域最流行的响应式前端开发框架之一,是网页设计的优秀实践。Twitter Bootstrap 框架包含了众多的预定义风格的组件,插件和加载项。

有游戏有影视还有英超 国行Xbox One预订

就在 7 月 30 日,微软联合百视通在上海电影博物馆共同宣布 Xbox One 正式进入中国。很快,在微软的中国官方商城中,Xbox One 预热及订购页面也隆重上线。  

全世界的去中心化先锋都联合起来:维基百科开始接受比特币捐款,Coinbase 为所有合法 NPO 提供免费相关服务

维基百科是去中心化、依赖众包的典型 “群众杰作”。

Stephen Colbert grants the wishes of more than 800 South Carolina teachers

Stephen Colbert will be funding every existing teacher grant request in the South Carolina public school system made through, the late-night talk show host announced ThursdayColbert partnered with Share Fair Nation and ScanSource to fund nearly 1,

This aging couple will have you fearing the future more than usual

For this young couple, growing old together is as beautiful as they imagined.Just a little weirder.Nerdist parodies the's “100 Years of Beauty: Aging” video by tasking a team of makeup artists to show the 20-something lovebirds what they will look like in later stages of life,

A grilled cheese subscription service is coming to Britain

LONDON — There are few things in this world more satisfying than a cheese toastie, but what about a toastie posted directly through your letterbox?See also: The 'world's first' Cornish pasty drive-through is coming to BritainThis dream is now stomach-rumblingly close to becoming a reality,


优酷播放地址相关产品:「一分钟产品」扔出去就好了,体验最佳的自拍无人机Lily「一分钟产品」Ares说无人机也是有尊严的,请不要再用遥控汽车手柄控制啦关于 SkyProwler 的更多信息,点击这里了解。

微软初代Band降价70美元 现只要129.99美元

据外媒报道,在近日发布Band 2之后,现在,微软决定对一代Band进行大降价--降幅高达70美元,现售价129.99美元(折合人民币约为824.79元)。Band 2目前的零售价则需要249.

WeChat turns 5: Let's look back at its defining moments

WeChat was born five years ago. Here’s our potted history of China’s most essential app.October 2010: In developmentIn a Tencent office in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, away from the company’s Shenzhen HQ, a small team starts working on a mobile chat app.January 21, 2011:



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