Surface Duo for business expands to education and commercial customers in new European markets,

The focus today might be on the Surface Laptop 4 and the new lineup of Modern accessories, but Microsoft also announced some news around the Surface Duo, too. It came as a footnote in today’s main Surface Laptop blog post, ... Read more

Microsoft sneaks in a Friday Windows 10 Insider build with HDR improvements for creative apps

This was quite unexpected, but Microsoft has just released a new Windows 10 preview build for Insiders in the Dev Channel. The main change in the build 21382 is the new HDR support for creative apps that use International Color ... Read more

Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S consoles are launching in China in June

Microsoft is getting ready to launch its next-gen Xbox Series X|S consoles in China next month. The company announced yesterday that both consoles will start shipping in the country on June 10, with pre-orders to open on May 19. The ... Read more

Microsoft starts testing Dolby Vision Gaming on Xbox Series X|S consoles

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S will soon be the first video game consoles to support Dolby Vision for Gaming. Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring will get early access to this new feature in an upcoming build to be released later ... Read more

Microsoft Teams to add a Restart option for Live Events

Microsoft is planning to add support for restarting Live Events in Teams. The feature was recently added to Microsoft 365 roadmap and will be available for both desktop and web clients. Currently, producers can't stop and restart the Live Event ... Read more

OnPodcast returns again this Sunday- We're talking about the latest Bug Bash, Build 2021 sessions &

While it's been a relativity slow week of news in the Microsoft world, we're still here to chat about it all! That's why OnPodcast will be back again at 9 AM PT Sunday on YouTube Premiere for yet another new ... Read more

New Surface Studio 2 firmware updates are available with security and stability improvements

Microsoft is releasing a new set of firmware updates for its Surface Studio 2 devices (via Neowin). The latest batch brings improvements to overall system stability as well as security updates for the all-in-one PCs. You can check out the full ... Read more

Deal Alert: Get a Surface Duo at almost half off original price from BuyDig

Microsoft launched the Android Powered "Surface Phone," the Surface Duo, for an original base price of $1399 (or $1499 for the 256GB model). Since then, it's been officially discounted to $999/1099, but third party sellers have it for less than ... Read more

How to turn on vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge to browse faster

Microsoft now has vertical tabs, which can help you browse faster in Microsoft Edge. This tabs feature first appeared back in October 2020 on Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary channels, but it’s now generally available. If you use a large ... Read more

Microsoft launches new “Modern” accessories certified for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has introduced several new accessories this morning alongside its new Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Headphones 2+ for Business. Indeed, the company is launching a new line of “Modern” accessories that includes a webcam, two headsets, and a USB-C ... Read more

Approvals in Microsoft Teams is getting eSignature support, Approval Templates this month

Microsoft has announced a bunch of new features and capabilities that aim to streamline approval requests in Teams. Most of these updates are already available, while the rest are slated for release later this month. The first new feature that ... Read more



Facebook says government is after more personal data than ever, promises to fight hard

In the first half of 2014, Facebook saw a total of 35,000 requests for data globally, almost half of which originated in the US.Read more:


在大多数 80 后的心里,红白游戏机可以说是童年的代名词,它意味着和小伙伴一起闯关的乐趣,以及和爸妈的斗智斗勇。

蓝汛携手优美图Topitme 打造唯美流畅体验

北京2015年6月30日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,中国领先的内容传送网络服务整体解决方案提供商,蓝汛 ChinaCache 成功签约北京优美风尚网络技术有限公司(Topitme),这是蓝汛 ChinaCache 继签约 Nice 和 in 之后,再次与国内新兴的图片社交软件携手,通过应用最新研发的 MPlus 加速服务器技术,为拥有海量图片的移动社交客户端 Topitme 打造流畅的唯美浏览体验,满足其对 CDN 服务的需求升级。


新加坡2015年9月7日电 /美通社/ -- RCI 作为度假交换业全球领军企业及温德姆集团旗下品牌(纽交所代码:WYN),于2015年第二季度喜迎26家新成员加盟,2015上半年新增加盟度假村数量至58家。现已涵盖全球100多个国家地区,将近4,

TSA to stop describing trans travelers' body parts as anomalies

New protocols for Transportation Security Administration screenings of transgender travelers will include discontinuing the use of the term "anomaly" to describe their anatomies.



Petition to Release the Cast of CSI: Cyber So They Can Reboot ER 

The late ‘90s were the undisputed golden years for three things: Crushed velvet outfits, Beanie Baby hobbyists, and TV crossovers. Cosmo Kramer popped up on Mad About You, characters flitted from Ally McBeal to The Practice, Detective Munch leapt from Homicide:

iPhone 5SE:这才是4英寸新iPhone的真名?

威锋网 1 月 20 日消息 苹果再次推出 4 英寸 iPhone 的传闻不绝于耳,不久前网络上也曾曝光过这款新 iPhone 将是 iPhone 5s 的升级版,但名字上现在有了新的说法。  据知情人士透露,4 英寸版的新 iPhone 最终将被命名为“iPhone 5SE”,而不是网传的“iPhone 5e”,这一消息得到了曝光“iPhone 5e”的富士康员工的证实,并解释称之前他将字母“S”看错成了数字“5”。  据了解,iPhone 5SE 中均为大写的“SE”将作为型号后缀,和目前的“s”一样被放在方框中。


说到增强现实 AR,我们只会想到微软的“黑科技”HoloLens,然而其竞争对手也在悄悄发力 —— 增强现实眼镜 Meta 2 日前预订开启,性能更强,价格更便宜。  光从颜值上看,Meta 2 较之 HoloLens 要更酷炫些,拥有一个科幻意味更浓厚的线条。它通过眼镜上方那个“帽檐”完成投影,然后再通过独特的追踪算法来决定虚拟影像在现实世界中的位置。  不知道 Meta 2 会对 HoloLens 形成多少压力,因为它 949 美元的售价仅仅是后者的三分之一,而且分辨率据说能达到 2560×1440,可视角度达到夸张的 95°。  

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