BlackBerry Is One Of The Hottest Stocks Of 2014, Seriously

Don’t look now, but BlackBerry, you know, the butt of most cell phone jokes, is mounting an impressive comeback. BlackBerry’s stock (NASDAQ:BBRY) is up 50% on the year and one of the best performers in its sector. Read More

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BlackBerry Is One Of The Hottest Stocks Of 2014, Seriously

Don’t look now, but BlackBerry, you know, the butt of most cell phone jokes, is mounting an impressive comeback. BlackBerry’s stock (NASDAQ:BBRY) is up 50% on the year and one of the best performers in its sector. Read More

BlackBerry Is Gonna Get Weird With Smartphone Design At Least Once A Year

BlackBerry could be about to become the most interesting company in the smartphone business: The Canadian telecommunications firm will deliver a minimum of one “unconventional device” per year, according to a new report from Reuters,

BlackBerry misses on revenue in Q3, but still shows signs of turnaround

BlackBerry's revenue for the third quarter came in below analyst estimates, but even so, it continued to show signs of turning around the businessThe phone maker reported revenue of $793 million in the three-month period ending Nov. 29. That's down from about $1.

Silent Circle Wants To Be The Modern Day Blackberry

Blackberry was once the big dawg in mobile phones. It was in the hands of practically every knowledge worker on the planet, but its days of dominance began a precipitous drop after Apple brought the iPhone to market in 2007 and Android followed in 2008,

A Few Thoughts On The BlackBerry-Good Technology Deal

So much for that IPO, I suppose.Good Technology, a long-time IPO candidate with reams of public financial data, was snapped up by BlackBerry this morning for $425 million. You might think that the number isn’t too bad. It is: The company raised $291 million from investors.

BlackBerry Names New COO, Marty Beard, ex-CEO Of Enterprise Cloud Startup LiveOps

On the heels of news that Apple would be significantly ramping up its mobile enterprise push in a partnership with IBM, BlackBerry is also looking to step up its game. Today, the company announced that it is appointing a new COO, Marty Beard. This is a poach from the ranks of enterprise startups,

Our First Good Look at the Blackberry Android Franken-Phone

Blackberry is betting on you missing those glorious tactile keys that were the company’s signature—which is why it’s getting together with Android to hack together a smartphone called the Blackberry Venice. And today, we got our first good look.Read more...

BlackBerry Priv Review: Nope, Not For Me—Not Even For My Worst Enemy

I really wanted to like the BlackBerry Priv. C’mon! Android on a Blackberry phone! Sadly, the company’s latest, and possibly last, shot at appealing to users who’ve long since moved on falls incredibly short.Read more...

BlackBerry Classic Review: Good at Being a BlackBerry, and Not Much Else

Let's talk about the word "classic." Classic can mean "timeless," as in an ageless beauty that never fades or a joke with a punchline that always hits. It can also mean "old," like the candy red '57 Chevy you'll probably never see on a modern highway. Which one describes the BlackBerry Classic?

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Windows Phone 8.1

Of all the mobile platforms out there, Windows Phone 8.1 was literally the absolute last option I ever thought I would land upon. I had a burning hatred for Windows on the mobile side.Read more:

Solana, a blockchain platform followed by top crypto investors, says it’s a lot faster than Ethereum

Solana isn’t known yet outside of the crypto community. But insiders think the blockchain platform is interesting for a wide variety of reasons, beginning with its amiable founder, Anatoly Yakovenko,

Extra Crunch roundup: Selling SaaS to developers, cracking YC after 13 tries, all about Expensify

In an exclusive TechCrunch exposé, a founder shares the key lessons he learned while steering his startup through YC’s stringent selection process.

Daily Crunch: Stripe buys Y Combinator alum Bouncer for undisclosed sum

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Google’s ‘DVD Screensaver’ Easter egg makes the logo bounce around your screen accordingly

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good Easter egg out of Google. Not too long ago it felt like someone would discover a new hidden gag in Google’s products every few weeks. The company cranked them out like it was their job. While we haven’t seen as many new ones pop up lately, […]

New Relic’s business remodel will leave new CEO with work to do

We decided to dig into the company's financials to see just what challenges Bill Staples might face as he moves into the corner office.

California Gov. Newsom proposes $3.2B in EV investment as part of economic recovery package

California Governor Gavin Newsom, a vocal proponent of electric vehicles, on Friday debuted a new proposal that would earmark $3.2 billion to boost EV infrastructure and adoption in the state. “This is a big deal,” Newsom said at a press conference Friday.

As M&A accelerates, deal-makers are leveraging AI and ML to keep pace

Using AI and ML to cut out the labor-intensive parts of M&A both speeds the process and reduces the time-consuming tasks that lead to burnout in the industry.

Apple Patents A Way To Make All-Glass iPhones, iPads, Monitors And TVs

Apple has patented a method for building devices with all-glass outer casings (via AppleInsider), by fusing pieces together for a completely seamless final look. The all-glass device casings could be used to hold the internals of an iOS device, or to house a TV or monitor, too.

Mota Tries Its Hand At Making A Cheaper 3D Printer That Doesn’t Churn Out Junk

3D printers are getting cheaper. The space has seen a fair few attempts to drive down the price-tag of owning an additive manufacturing machine in recent years, including the likes of the MakiBox, Pirate 3D Buccaneer and The Micro.

Music Vault Partners With YouTube To Bring 13K Rare Live Music Videos Online

This isn’t quite the launch of YouTube’s music service, but it’s still good news for music lovers: Music Vault is bringing 13,000 videos of live performances to the site. This includes concerts by the likes of The Who, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, James Brown and Bruce Springsteen,

In the world of cloud, it's time for CIOs to separate strategy from tactics

It's hard to imagine a conversation that happens between C-Level enterprise executives without 'the cloud' coming up, but everyone seems to be sharing a different opinion on IT's changing landscape.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

好莱坞裸照风波让 iCloud 摊上大事,意外还是阴谋?

一宗爆炸性新闻,让苹果陷进了进退两难的境地——从周一起,互联网陆续曝出好莱坞女星的私密裸照或短片,目前基本确认,此乃一个严重的 iCloud 漏洞所致。

Giant Human Cephalopod Attacks in Clip From Bryan Fuller's 'High Moon'

From the network that brought you shark tornadoes comes a new movie from Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller that, as you might guess, is completely weird — and very fun.Originally made as a 90-minute TV pilot,

Sony postpones earnings call due to Sony Pictures hack

Sony has postponed its quarterly earnings report by a month and a half due to the cyberattack on Sony Pictures in November 2014, the company announced FridayIn an application filed with the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA),



好戏即将上演 多家瑞士手表厂商推出奢侈智能腕表

Apple Watch 将于今年4月发售,而苹果昨天发出邀请函,定于3月9日举行媒体发布会。相信苹果会在发布会上透露 Apple Watch 更多细节。

文章: 深入浅出React(四):虚拟DOM Diff算法解析


曝“无限流量卡”卡商卷40万跑路 华强北经销商报警维权

今日一名华强北经销商在朋友圈爆料,称“无限流量卡”上级卡商卷款跑路,其支付的 12 万 4 千 6 百元定金被卷走,另一名经销商定了 4000 张卡,支付的 30 万先款也同样被卷走。其目前已向警方报警。


印度人力资源发展部部长 Smriti Irani 宣布,中等教育中心委员会(CBSE)制定的所有教科书和学习材料将在网上免费公开。在这之前,印度已经宣布国家教育和培训委员会(NCERT)的所有教科书以电子书和移动应用的 ... ...

苹果iPhone 7据传防水并且采用新的天线隐藏技术

根据最新一项传言表示,苹果明年下半年将要发布的iPhone 7将采用新的复合材料,既可以防水,又可以隐藏天线。根据湾工商时报周二报道,Catcher公司有望为iPhone 7提供30%到35%的机身外壳,这将让其成为苹果最大的机身外壳供应商。

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