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Lastest ITProPortal news

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Could cybercriminals capitalize on renewed interest in the Internet of Behavior (IoB)?

Professor Göte Nyman coined the phrase the ‘Internet of Behaviours’ (IoB) in 2012.

Scaling SaaS: How to emulate Europe’s titans and supercharge your software company’s gr

Here are some insider tips on how to supercharge your software company's international growth.

The need for context-based access in a remote work world

Identity management is critical, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Focusing on the whole malware picture

That image you click on may launch a crippling malware attack.

Employees are returning to the office. Make sure they don’t bring bad security habits with th

While the pandemic created plenty of new opportunities for cybercriminals to steal data, the best way to prevent new attacks is still going back to the basics.

The principles of patching in a hybrid world

A piece on the importance of patching, and key tactics for implementation.

Technological disruption vs digital transformation vs innovation: What does your business really ne

Covid-19 has been the ultimate disruptor. More than that, it’s changed the way we think about how businesses and industries can be disrupted.

Designing a secure remote access plan

Remote access is now a business continuity essential. Here's how to make it secure and productive.

LogMeOnce review

In our LogMeOnce review, we look at the pros and cons of using this feature-packed password management tool.

IT consultancy industry is booming thanks to the pandemic

A record number of new businesses were set up in 2020.

Remote workers had no choice but to break security best practices

Working from home often means using personal devices, such as laptops or mobile phones, to get the job done.

Most executives still don't know how to get the most out of their data

Being data-saturated is not the same as being data-driven.

Many businesses are expecting a change in how they work

They expect the changes to be permanent.

Welcome to the community: Deriving more value from Oracle in the cloud

Make the most of Oracle with the right cloud hosting options.

Improving supply chain performance

The supply chain for any business is not a simple, linear chain of activities; it is a dynamic network of integrated processes, technology, and people.

Why virtual meetings will help us achieve Net Zero

With the global pandemic forcing us into lockdown, companies across the globe have had to migrate their workforces online but with unexpectedly beneficial Net Zero results.

Five steps to blocking ransomware in its tracks

Ransomware has returned to the threat landscape with a vengeance - here's how to beat it!

More and more businesses are embracing AI

The pandemic forced businesses deeper into AI, but the same old problems persist.

Half of businesses feel vulnerable to bot attacks

Bots can do serious damage to an organization's brand, a new report has found.

2020 was a record year for online scams

There were more scams last year than in the previous three combined.

New working patterns set to drive massive IT spend this year

Businesses will be spending more on cloud, security, training and devices.

Can your business exist if you are not in the Cloud?

Business continuity depends upon two fundamental pillars: competitiveness and resilience.

The cloud sets off the next wave of standardization

During the pandemic, many companies have realized that IT decision-making often takes place in silos.

Security challenges within the FinTech sector

As fintech becomes more common, how can organizations ensure they are identifying and managing the associated cybersecurity risks?

Here’s what to expect from the cyber criminal underworld in 2021

From increased exploitation of home routers to money laundering on gaming platforms.

5 things to make you look like a YouTube Influencer

Here's some nifty notes for getting started making your own Youtube videos

Mobile phishing has seen a huge rise in some industries

Despite Mobile Device Management being increasingly deployed, mobile devices are still a huge liability for corporate security.

Users are more concerned about online privacy following pandemic

With more businesses flocking to the digital realm, consumers are worried they're giving away too much information.

US oil pipeline taken down by ransomware attack

Fuel prices expected to rise in result.

Are password managers safe? Here’s how to use them

Are password managers safe? We walk you through eight top steps to ensure your data remains secure.

Have you ever seen a car crash test? That’s Chaos Engineering

You wouldn’t drive a car with untested airbags, so why use systems without Chaos Engineering?

RoboForm review

In our RoboForm review, we try a password management tool with features particularly useful to SMEs.

Observability and day two problems - what issues might you face?

Observability means more than logs, metrics and tracing - it also means looking at future problems.

Google Password Manager: How to use it

Get to know Google Password Manager’s features and functions, so you can effectively manage your passwords on Chrome.

Are open-source password managers safe to use?

In this article, we ask if open-source password managers are safe to use.

Data engineering inefficiencies lead to missed opportunities for two-thirds of companies

Organizations are largely unable to leverage the ever-increasing amount of data they have on hand.

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