Apple Park将设“海市蜃楼”艺术品:400多根玻璃圆柱组成

委托设计工作室和一名艺术家,苹果将在 Apple Park 园区的游客中心设置了一个永久性的公共雕塑,其中包含来自世界各地沙漠的沙子。据悉该雕塑名为“海市蜃楼”(Mirage),由 Zeller & Moye 和艺术家 Katie Paterson 创作。它由 400 多根玻璃圆柱体组成,这些圆柱体是由全球各地沙漠中的沙子融化而成,呈波浪状排列。 阅读全文

Hear Startup Alley companies pitch expert VC judges on the next episode of Extra Crunch Live

We know how much you love a good startup pitch-off. Who doesn’t? It combines the thrill of live, high-stakes entertainment with learning about the hottest new thing. Plus, you get to hear feedback from some of the smartest folks in the industry,


经过数月的私测之后,Facebook 的云游戏正式上线。在 iPhone 上用户可以通过网页应用进行访问,从而在某些应用中启动。这可能会违反苹果 App Store 的相关政策。Facebook 用户可以通过访问一个特定的URL并将其添加到他们的主屏幕来访问 Facebook 的云游戏平台。 阅读全文

Escape reality with the 10 best animated movies on Netflix

In animation, the only limitation is the filmmaker's imagination. Unbound by the physical world, this medium can illustrate stories about talking animals, enchanted realms, menacing monsters, sci-fi odysseys, or the surreal adventures of a severed limb.


斯巴鲁(Subaru)现在终于公布了 2022 年款 BRZ 的官方定价,它将有两个级别。其中入门级车型被称之为 Premium,起售价格为 28995 美元;高端车型为 Limited,起售价格为 31455 美元。这两个车型的起售价均包含 960 美元的车辆运输费。 阅读全文

Now Google will display why it's showing you its search results

The man behind the Google Search curtain is coming out to explain a few things.On Thursday, Google expanded the information that it attaches to search results to show users why they're getting the website recommendations they receive.

More than 50,000 Chevy Bolt EVs recalled because of fires — again

Back in November, Chevy Bolt EVs from 2017 through 2019 were recalled due to battery fire risk. Now, months later, the same 50,932 electric sedans are being recalled again — even after a software update went out — because of more sudden fires.

10 best classic movies on Netflix for a trip down memory lane

Every week Netflix is updating their streaming service with new releases from around the world. However, if you’re hankering for classic American cinema that’s over 30 years old, you’ll have to do some digging. Fret not. Whether you’re in the mood for twisted thrillers, charming musicals,

QAnon believers don't know how to handle Michael Flynn's ties to spyware firm behind Pegasus

Edward Snowden is calling it the "story of the year."On Sunday, the first in a series of investigations were published involving NSO Group, an Israeli firm. The report focused on how the firm's spyware software, Pegasus, has been used by governments to target world leaders, political dissidents,

Save $200 on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and more during Best Buy's "Black Friday in July" sale

What's that? You thought Black Friday was still a few months away? Honestly, so did we, but Best Buy apparently had a different view of the situation.

The struggle to secure funding is real for pro-sex worker apps like Lips

When Annie Brown, founder of Lips, a social app for free sexual expression, applied to the Newchip Accelerator program in late April, she repeatedly asked if the investors were inclusive — with good reason. Lips picks up where Facebook and Instagram ban images and messaging.

Apple Music brings its spatial audio and lossless streaming to Android

It takes a really specific consumer to buy an Android phone, yet use Apple Music. But the small overlap in that venn diagram may be getting bigger. Last month at WWDC,

FF登陆纳斯达克是否又一场戏 贾跃亭:造车是认真的回国是必须的

如今的造车赛道上没有最疯狂,只有更疯狂。7月22日,由贾跃亭一手创立的电动车企法拉第未来Faraday Future(以下简称FF),成功挂牌纳斯达克,股票代码为“FFIE”。截至当日收盘,最终收13.98美元,仅上涨1.45%,FF市值为45亿美元,约合人民币290亿元。而持有FF股份20%的恒大汽车也一扫连日颓势,22日大涨20.3%。 阅读全文

SOSV partners explain how deep tech startups can fundraise successfully

'In deep tech, it's essential to think about founder-investor fit. And what we mean by this is understanding why an investor is even in VC in the first place.'

Microsoft kicks off Ultimate Game Sale with up to 80% discounts on hundreds of Xbox games

Microsoft has kicked off its Ultimate Game Sale today with up to 80% savings on over 700 Xbox digital games. Discounted games include Call of Duty: Blacks Ops Cold War, FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, or MLB ... Read more


整理 | 张红月出品 | CSDN(ID:CSDNnews)据 CNBC 报道,苹果联合创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯 (Steve Jobs) 在 1973 年的手写求职申请再次拍卖。这份求职申请...作者:csdnnews 发表于 2021/07/23 18:01:07 原文链接 https://blog.csdn.

[原]FTP 时代已逝:Firefox、Chrome 等多个浏览器均已弃用!

整理 | 郑丽媛出品 | CSDN(ID:CSDNnews)在历史的车轮滚滚向前时,落后之物必将淘汰。曾经的 IE 浏览器是,如今的 FTP 也是。继 2019 年谷歌宣布 Chrome浏...作者:csdnnews 发表于 2021/07/23 18:01:07 原文链接 https://blog.csdn.

The best tablet to buy for your kid

Technology has changed a lot since you were small. Your kids have probably mastered the features on your iPhone better than you have due to constantly asking to play with it. You can admit it:

uni-app&H5&Android混合开发三 || uni-app调用Android原生方法的三种方式 - 追逐时光者

前言: 关于H5的调用Android原生方法的方式有很多,在该片文章中我主要简单介绍三种与Android原生方法交互的方式。 一、H5+方法调用android原生方法 H5+ Android开发规范官方文档: https://www.html5plus.org/doc/zh_cn/android.h

焕然一新 玩家用虚幻4自制《最终幻想10》展示

玩家Toby Saunders分享了一段用虚幻4引擎制作的《最终幻想10》游戏演示,采用了光追特效的重制版看起来异常惊艳。《最终幻想10》已经是比较老旧的一款游戏,但使用新引擎后起了很大的变化,不知道SE是否会对游戏进行重制。虚幻4《最终幻想10》演示: 阅读全文


苹果预计将在今年晚些时候推出新款iPhone,瑞士信贷的分析师已经确定了他们认为将从这款智能手机的推陈出新中获得提振的股票。瑞士信贷预计,到2023年,以iPhone为首的苹果硬件市场总额将达到3000亿美元。 阅读全文

域名收集姿势及一些补充 - 朝朝_暮暮

#子域名收集工具 1.Teemo 下载地址:https://github.com/bit4woo/teemo 提莫(teemo)是个侦察兵,域名的收集如同渗透和漏洞挖掘的侦察,故命名为提莫(Teemo)! Teemo具有相关域名搜集能力,即会收集当前域名所在组织的其他域名。 特色:具有相关域名搜集能

Raspberry pi 3b+ 安装dotnet5 VSCode Remote-SSH 远程开发 - 摇光Summer

前言 VSCode 安装Remote-SSH 配置好树莓派 VSCode 自带SSH控制台 终端输入命令 下载&安装 net5 下载wget https://dotnetcli.azureedge.net/dotnet/Sdk/5.0.205/dotnet-sdk-5.0.205-linux-arm

Lucid Motors’ SPAC merger approved after executives issue plea to shareholders to vote

Shareholders approved Friday EV startup Lucid Motors’ merger with special purpose acquisition company Churchill Capital IV, after the companies extended the deadline by one day because not enough retail investors showed up to cast their vote.

Android系统编程入门系列之界面Activity响应丝滑的传统动画 - 白少木丿


国产 Android 厂商大力宣传的「内存融合」,到底是不是智商税?

有用,但好像也没用。#欢迎关注爱范儿官方微信公众号:爱范儿(微信号:ifanr),更多精彩内容第一时间为您奉上。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

DreamHost review 2021

Our DreamHost review looks at the performance, features, support, and pricing of the popular web hosting service.

Get new plants for your besties from Plants.com's Friendship Day sale

BOGO 50% OFF: Celebrate International Friendship Day at Plants.com — buy one plant and get the second for half off.International Friendship Day sounds like a holiday made up by Leslie Knope as an excuse to shower her friends with gifts. But alas, it's real and it's on July 30.

Don't miss OnPodcast this Sunday! We're talking about Windows 11, Edge 92, & more!

Greetings OnMSFT readers and OnPodcast viewers and listeners. We hope you've had a good week so far. We're once here to remind you to tune in to our latest podcast episode on Sunday. We'll be talking about all things Windows ... Read more

Microsoft Teams' Presenter mode to add new Reporter and Side-by-Side layouts next month

Microsoft Teams is getting ready to launch two new Presenter Modes for meetings. Indeed, Reporter and Side-by-Side views will start rolling out to desktop users in mid-August, according to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. The Microsoft Teams’ Presenter Mode currently ... Read more


本文来自微信公众号:溯元育新(ID:EnvolveGroup),作者:溯元育新团队,题图来自视觉中国上一篇我们通过四个具体案例,讲了风投世界里的长线游戏。的确,对于基金而言,短期跑得快(回报前10名,IRR 50%+),不如长期跑得稳(稳定年化15%+现金回报),跑得远(连续这么做10年20年),跑得有风格。这一篇我们会详细讲一讲:1. 作为GP,如何识别出能玩好长线游戏的创始人。2. 作为LP,如何识别出能投出这样创始人的GP。无论怎么做,不变的底层逻辑是,都需要持续的好眼光。这样的游戏对于社会而言,也是节能甚至必要的,因为它能保留火种,繁荣生态。

fork、父进程和子进程 - 东垂小夫

进程 什么是进程?进程是一个运行中的程序实体,拥有独立的堆栈、内存空间和逻辑控制流。 这是标准的进程概念。让我们通过操作系统的fork函数看看这个抽象的概念是怎么在进程的实现中体现出来的。 构成要素 创建一个进程,需要进程体、进程表和数据空间。 进程体在C代码中对应一个函数,编译成二进制代码后就是一



Susan Su on how to approach growth as your startup raises each round

'At each layer of your growth model, you don't want to just be relying on ads or just be relying on SEO or just be relying on email marketing … you really want to have your eggs in multiple baskets.'

Google's Olympic Doodle is a full-on anime sports game

Google has a new Doodle to celebrate the start of the Olympic Games in Japan, and it's one of the company's most elaborate Doodles yet. The Doodle is a complete sports game, with a neat animation intro and several disciplines to choose from. Now, Google has released game Doodles before,

传特斯拉新款Model S暂停交付交付 可能与安全问题有关

据报道,有新款特斯拉Model S的客户表示,在等待了几个月之后,特斯拉已经告知他们将“暂停”新车交付。据悉,Model S的客户被特斯拉用不同的借口表示新车将“暂缓”交付。有买家被告知延迟是由于“新的检验标准”。对此有买家猜测,这可能指的是上个月特斯拉 Model S Plaid起火事故。 阅读全文

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