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C++11智能指针 - kirito

今晚跟同学谈了一下智能指针,突然想要看一下C++11的智能指针的实现,因此下了这篇博文。以下代码出自于VS2012 1 template 2 class shared_ptr 3 : public _Ptr_base 4 { // class for reference counted resour...

Seeing strangers take off each other's clothes is quite awkward

Here's the official, anted up sequel to First Kiss, called Undress Me, which means "strangers" are taking off each others clothes now in a video to promote the new season of Masters of Sex.

用java写bp神经网络(三) - 五色光


Jury Finds Apple and Samsung Infringed Each Other's Patents

An anonymous reader writes "A U.S. jury concluded Friday that Samsung had infringed on two of Apple's patents and that Apple had infringed on one of Samsung's patents. Prior to the trial, the judge had ruled that Samsung had infringed on one other Apple patent. Samsung will receive $158,



Cortana coming to China and UK followed by other English-speaking countries

As of right now, Cortana is limited to the US, which came as a disappointment for folks around the globe. It's one of the highly anticipated feature of Windows Phone 8.1, and users outside US can simply tweak their region settings to make use of this feature.

Why Don't We All Just Stop Staring At Each Other's Screens?

One of the more annoying things about public transportation is that you can rarely maintain any sense of privacy when using your gadgets. It can be maddening when you have to work or communicate and someone keeps looking at your notebook's screen. Read more...

Report: Amazon to Add Other Online Video Services to Prime Video

Amazon is planning to provide its Prime Instant Video members with access to other online, on-demand TV and movie services, alongside its usual original and licensed content, according to a new report.Read more...

EA's Tetris Blitz for Windows Phone now lets you earn medals, compete against others

Are you a fan of the classic game Tetris? Then you will love Tetris Blitz from Electronic Arts, a free game that lets you match your skills against other players in a head-to-head blitz battle.

Windows 10 on phones: Universal apps, new Office, built-in Skype and other top features

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone -- in its current state -- is struggling to make a substantial impact on the Android and iOS dominated mobile market. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from trying. And that’s a great thing. The company,


如果现实糟透了,你会不会选择另一种人生?你的答案可能是,会。如果那一种人生只是VR虚拟现实呢?来自伦敦的艺术家Mark Farid现在想经历另一种完全不同的人生。

This Week in PC Hardware: What's new from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and others

Every now and then, we report on breaking hardware news from some of the largest players in the industry, but there have been so many interesting and noteworthy developments in the PC hardware space that we feel you should know about more regularly.Starting today,

Lyft Experiment Lets Passengers Rate Each Other And Connect After The Ride Is Over

It reads like the plot of an awful but inevitable romantic comedy: two strangers share a Lyft Line. Sparks fly; love blooms. Just as passenger #2 is working up the guts to ask passenger #1 on a date, passenger #1 arrives at their destination — in a rush,

Houdini 快速点云连线以及避免重采样的技巧 - 嘉豪一点点


如果光劍是由 “建築女爵士 Zaha Hadid” 等名人設計的

如果光劍由地球上最有名的設計師工作室所設計出品的話,會是長什麼樣子呢?設計工作室 Y Studio 試著將一些有名的設計師風格加入光劍中,看看光劍會變成什麼有趣的樣子。閱讀全文

Indian ISP Airtel to introduce new data plan, charging premium rates for Skype and other VoIP servic

Bharti Airtel, India’s biggest telecommunications network has started charging premium data rates for VoIP data usage on all existing Internet data plans and services. First reported by TelecomTalk, as per the new policy, users will have to pay standard data charge of 4 paise per 10KB on 3G,

Is 'The Other Woman' Not Safe for Men?

Every week, Mashable presents “Let’s Talk About …,” a Monday-morning look back at the biggest WTF moment from the weekend’s most talked-about new movie. If you haven’t seen the film, be warned: This doesn’t just contain spoilers — it's all SPOILERS.This week:

OneDrive for Windows Phone now allows you to open files in other apps

Add OneDrive to the huge list of apps that have been updated over the last few hours. The online storage service from Microsoft has added a much demanded feature to its Windows Phone app.

I Let My Keyboard Suggestions Write This Post

I am going to be a little late On Wed Jan the office of the most interesting and I will be there for a while I wrote a good wtfriday about flight 666 to hell that did not have to go to bed at night and day out of the box and the other keeps going to be a little late On Wed Jan the office of the most interesting and I will be there for a while I wrote a good wtfriday about flight 666 to hell that did not have to go to bed at night and day out of the box and the other keeps going to be a little l

This Dude Wants To Wear Oculus for a Month and Live As Someone Else

Virtual reality is used to transport us to other worlds, but usually just for a short burst here and there. One British artist is prepared to do it for much, much longer. Mark Farid wants to live in a gallery wearing a VR headset and noise-canceling headphones for 28 days,

Uber, SnapCar And Others May Not Be Able To Use Geolocation In France

Thomas Thévenoud had an impossible job — he was the French deputy in charge of finding an agreement between urban transportation startups and taxi unions in France. He just announced his report to those companies, and it will become a law in the coming weeks.

Aeries for Windows Phone is here, a Twitter client like no other

There have been plenty of great Twitter clients for Windows Phone. Some have been here for a while like the official app; some have come and gone, like Carbon and Mehdoh; and some have just arrived, like Tweetium. Each client stands out in its own unique way, but today, we bring you a new client,

Kantar: Windows Phone market share eroding in some, expanding in other countries

At this point, it is no real secret anymore: Windows Phone is dead. If there is any movement, it is that of a zombie shuffling; and the latest figures from Kantar confirm this. The real question is at this point, can Windows 10 Mobile succeed where Windows Phone failed?

《STL系列》之vector原理及实现 - 啊汉


Microsoft to allow Amazon, Salesforce, other competitors into its Worldwide Partner Conference

Every year Microsoft hosts a Worldwide Partner Conference for its thousands of partners, pulling back the curtain a bit to show off the latest technologies and get partners pumped up for a new year of sales and partnerships.  Only in the past, it hasn't been quite so worldwide.  

Explained: Why some PCs will get Windows 10 earlier than others

While we're just getting started with Microsoft's ambitious upgrade process and a goal of getting a billion users running Windows 10, some users are already wondering why some of their machines are upgrading, or appear ready to upgrade, and others aren't showing the Windows 10 upgrade icon.

Microsoft, others donate $4.5 million to Detroit nonprofit Focus: Hope

CBS Detroit is reporting that Microsoft is donating $2 million in software and cash to the Detroit based non-profit Focus: HOPE. The donation is part of a $4.5 million pledge that includes Microsoft, Ford,...The post Microsoft, others donate $4.5 million to Detroit nonprofit Focus:

Microsoft adds high-definition 1080p images and other improvements to the Bing homepage

In an official blog post today, Microsoft has announced the addition of high-definition images, image captions, and various other improvements to the Bing.com home page based on feedback. Here is what Microsoft had to say:

Microsoft's 50% off Red Stripe deals include Dragon's Lair, Final Fantasy 3 among others

Here we are, another Thursday under out belts. Aside from being the pre-Friday countdown until the weekend, Thursdays also brings us Red Stripe deals. Red Stripe deals are just a little thank you from Microsoft to users who are active in the Windows (Phone) Stores.

Could graphene double battery life for Samsung, LG, others?

The possible real world applications of the wonder material graphene have been exciting many since it was first measurably produced and isolated in a lab in 2003. The material, theorized for decades but only just recently produced, has pretty incredible properties.

Star Wars Assault Team debuts on Windows 8.1, battle enemies and other players across the galaxy

A new turn-based Star Wars-themed combat game has made its debut in the Windows Store, thanks to a partnership between LucasArts and Disney Mobile. This game lets you embark on epic missions which require you to escape from enemy ships, and battle enemies and other players across the galaxy.

Microsoft, Linux and a host of others come together the 'R' Consortium

With each passing day, Microsoft and the Linux community are finding ever increasing ways to put aside past differences and embrace the future together. While the storied history of the two communities will never be forgotten,

Killer Instinct Season Three to bring BattleToads and other guest characters

Expected by many to eventually happen ever since Microsoft announced its seasonal DLC plans for their Xbox One exclusive fighting game, Killer Instinct Season Three has now been officially confirmed during today’s Gamescom and is set for release in March 2016.

Microsoft rolls out Lumia Denim in China for Lumia 520, 525, 1320, and several other handsets

Cliick Wants App Users To Click Over Clickbait

Meet Cliick: another dating app wannabe, but one that’s taking a bit of a leftfield approach to the perennial problem of matching singles. Instead of proffering profiles for users to swipe through and judge,

6snap and other third party Snapchat apps for Windows Phone vanish from the Store

Looks like 6snap, a popular Snapchat app, has been removed from the Windows Phone Store, along with several other third-party Snapchat apps. No formal explanation has been given from Snapchat at this time, however, Rudy Huyn, the developer behind 6snap,

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