Single mom builds a house from the ground up using YouTube tutorials

Your dream home is apparently only a year's worth of physical labor, cost of supplies, and a work crew of children away— if you want it badly enough.In 2008, single mother of four Cara Brookins felt trapped:

Netflix's 'Earthquake Bird' is a slow-burn thriller with unclear motives

The following contains spoilers for Netflix's Earthquake Bird. Earthquake Bird seems like a great movie. It’s beautifully shot, hauntingly scored, and wonderfully acted. Alicia Vikander leads superbly, and Riley Keough and Naoki Kobayashi offer dynamic supporting performances.

Weird, this 10-year-old's Christmas list is exactly the same as mine

You're probably not going to get everything on your Christmas list, you might as well shoot for the stars. Not sure where to start? Take notes from this 10-year-old, whose Christmas list is the most luxurious list of items ever compiled.The girl's dad,

A private equity firm now runs .org, the domain for nonprofits

A private equity firm will soon run the internet’s top domain name extension for nonprofits after purchasing the nonprofit organization that runs it.Public Interest Registry (PIR), which runs the .org domain registry, has been sold to private equity firm Ethos Capital,

Lawmakers are trying to stop Google from gobbling up your health data

Google's hand has been caught in the cookie jar of your personal health data. And now, congress is trying to slam that lid shut. This week, multiple reports came to light showing that Google is very much in the business of acquiring data about our health — from government bodies,

This brain stimulator may help you get the sleep you need — Future Blink

A smart headband, NeoRhythm claims to help you de-stress, get a better rest, and boost your energy. Read more...More about Tech, Health, Mashable Video, Future Blink, and Neorhythm

Watch out for this Facebook ad scam

The scam uses "crowdfunded products" to attract new users to spend money. The users will then get ghosted or sent a fake product after paying. Read more...More about Tech, Facebook, Mashable Video, Ad Scams, and Shopping Scams

Your laziness can finally blossom with no-wash odor-resistant pants — Future Blink

LABFRESH pants are made from manipulated cotton fibers, the pants are shielded from liquids and bacteria, preventing stains and odors. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Pants, Future Blink, and Labfresh

SpaceX's Saturday rocket launch is a big freaking deal

It's make or break time for SpaceX.The Elon Musk-founded spaceflight company is planning to launch a clutch of communications satellites to orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday.

Could these new rideable rings replace your skates?

These futuristic new hollow rings may change the way we skate. 'OrbitWheels' have raised the bar for recreational transportation. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, Transportation, and Riding

Experience the first ever skydive captured on Google Street View

Google Street View decided to jump out of a plane over a coastal New Zealand national park. And lucky for us, we get to experience the skydiving trip without having to sign any waivers.In late December,

iPhone 6 金属后壳曝光 似采用镂空设计

iPhone 6 银色版后壳曝光,为金属材质,外观相比 5s 更为圆润,与 Touch 设计相似,其中苹果 logo 或做镂空处理。

Nokia Care升级 新版本更名Lumia Help+Tips

去年,诺基亚曾为 Lumia 系列 WP 智能手机的《Nokia Care》应用程序推出过更新,升级版本对应用整体进行了重新设计,同时还新增了许多内容和功能。


通过下面的一张图表,Mozilla回顾了自己的2013。2013年,Mozilla与中兴LG和阿尔卡特合作生产了三款Firefox OS手机,与四家移动运营商合作在14个市场推出这些手机;JavaScrip性能一年内提升88%;开发高性能JavaScrip子集asm.

微软正研发Windows OneCore:欲打造跨平台统一UI框架

自Windows 8系统开始微软一直不断努力尝试打造一个能驾驭智能手机、平板、电脑和Xbox在内的所有硬件设备的操作系统,根据微软公司最近公布的招募清单中显示该系统框架很可能就是Windows OneCore。

创意LED秋千 圆你儿时在月亮上数星星的梦想


Nadella underlines diversity changes to be made at Microsoft in memo

After the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing interview gaffe last week, Nadella is still busy repairing the damage.Read more:



Drone used to capture whale's blow off the coast of Australia

SYDNEY — An Australian researcher is using inexpensive drones to discover why the health of whales, off the coast of Australia, is deterioratingGriffith University researcher Dr Jan-Olaf Meynecke told Mashable collecting bacteria, and at a later stage, DNA from viruses,

Windows 10 adds Xbox social network and game streaming

Microsoft will attempt to bridge the gap between gamers on Windows PC and Xbox One by adding an Xbox app to all copies of Windows 10 on its release.The Xbox app on Windows 10 will allow gamers to play online with other users across different devices,


北京马拉松全棉时代亲子跑同日开跑别样精彩 深圳2015年7月14日电 /美通社/ -- 自1981年创立以来,北京马拉松已经迎来了自己35岁的生日,是国内历史最悠久、跑马爱好者最神往的马拉松赛事。

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