Black Lives Matter reveals a six-point plan to combat systemic racism

Dozens of organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement released a uniform six-point policy platform on Monday articulating many goals they believe will combat systemic racism in America.The six demands each have lists of sub-goals that the organizations want to accomplish.SEE ALSO:

Twitter already warning users about early election result claims

Twitter hopes you're all prepared to wait. And then wait some more. As we approach a U.S. presidential election marked by the coronavirus and a corresponding increase in mail-in ballots,

These wireless earbuds come with their own charging pad

TL;DR: Get high-quality sound and wireless charging with the Freedom+ True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case and Pad, on sale for $64.99 as of Oct. 26. Despite what the tech world wants you to believe, there's not just one place for high-quality earphones. You do have options.

Olivia Munn tells a spooky ghost story

Olivia Munn tells us a true ghost story that she experienced in her own home. Read more...More about Halloween, Mashable Video, Scary, Ghost, and Olivia Munn

Gift your beloved cat a cozy, ball-shaped cave on sale

TL;DR: Keep your cat cozy with a Dragon Ball Cat Cave for $32.99, a 23% savings as of Oct. 26. Cats like to sleep. They like to sleep a lot. And if your feline friend is like most cats, then you've probably noticed that they tend to sleep in weird places.

Save up to $30 on these all-new Amazon Echo devices when you buy two

Two-packs of select Amazon Echo devices are on sale for up to $30 off ahead of Black Friday:OUR TOP PICK: Amazon Echo (2-pack) — $169.98 with code ECHO2PK (normally $199.98)BEST BUDGET PICK: Amazon Echo Dot (2-pack) — $79.98 with code DOT2PACK (normally $99.98)BEST FOR SMALL SPACES:

Turn subject lines into sales with an email marketing bootcamp

TL;DR: Market your business with the Complete Email Marketing Bootcamp for $29.99, a 97% savings as of Oct. 26. To market your business yourself, it's essential to understand a few basic things — like copywriting, how to produce an email, and the fundamentals of email marketing systems.

This neon exhibition explores the vibrant evolution of video games from the 1960s to today

‘Game On’ is the largest international exhibition exploring the history of video games. Developed by Smart & Green design, the Madrid-based exhibition is filled with LED lights to replicate the feel of the 1980s and has 150 playable original games, including Space Invaders,

The first 'Suicide Squad' reviews are in, and they are savage

LOS ANGELES — Oof.Suicide Squad was supposed to pull the DC cinematic universe out of its creative funk — critics destroyed Batman v Superman — but if the early reviews are any indication, this squad's goals were left unmet.There were a few who enjoyed it (hey, even I sorta liked BvS),

Meet Task Force X: The villains with a penchant for good

Paid Content by Suicide SquadGather your squad and see it in theaters August 5. Advance tickets on sale now .Amanda Waller has assembled a task force to take on the most dangerous missions the U.S. Government has to offer. The team's goal is pretty simple:

Hey America: It's August. Let's all take a nice long Trumpcation.

Forget vacation. Forget staycation. The new American summer getaway is a Tr*mpcation.On Monday August 1, I committed myself to this challenge on Twitter: Take a much-needed break from the exhausting showboat of a GOP presidential candidate until September.

IT巨头海量电子垃圾殃及印度 仅海尔诺基亚有举措

据英国《每日邮报》6月27日消息,印度行业咨询机构TToxics Link发起的一项调查显示,50家领先的电子企业中(包括31家跨国企业和19家印度本土企业),16家在处理电子垃圾方面是不合格。




要在虚拟现实的世界里自如地扮演另外一个角色,总不能依赖鼠标、键盘。 比如说,如何在虚拟现实世界里移动?澳大利亚的硬件创业团队 Cyberith,制造了好似跑步机一般的设备 Virtualizer 来解决这个问题。


尽管每个人都渴望高性能,但并不是每个人都能承受高价格。高通今天发布了面向低端设备的骁龙210系列处理器,旨在为 […]


壹 · 评选抽完半包烟,喝完两泡茶,面对着空白的word文档,此时距离“Wow!2015新媒体最佳案例评选启动文”约定交稿时间,仅有两小时……刚开始李岷要我写,我是拒绝的。


编者按:本文作者为Mark Leslie,目前担任VERITAS软件公司的常任董事长兼CEO,同时,他也是一名企业顾问与投资人。2011年6月16日,IBM成立100周年。


地区和单国促销通票带来更多探索欧洲的时间 荷兰乌得勒支2015年3月13日电 /美通社/ --  Eurail(欧洲铁路)正在为所有“早鸟”规划者提供一个额外的铁路旅行日。




5月10日,由人人都是产品经理和腾讯大讲堂共同举办的2015中国产品经理大会全国巡回-广州站在华南理工大学举行 […]

A Brilliant Physicist Explains Gravitational Waves to Colbert

We all understand that the discovery of gravitational waves was a really big deal , but do you really understand what they are, why they’re important, or how LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory, found them?

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