High-speed chase ends with police beating suspect on live TV

A high-speed chase that began in Holden, Massachusetts, ended nearly 45 miles to the northeast in Nashua, New Hampshire, with authorities beating the surrendering suspect on live television.SEE ALSO: Woman leads police on a high-speed chase in real-life Mystery MachineThe suspect,

Is that fancy smart gadget a privacy nightmare? A new guide has answers.

These days, even your teddy bear might be out to get you. As the inevitable creep of "smart" features and products continues to turn everything from your refrigerator to your thermostat into a connected device,

Facebook held back on Trump and Russia so Republicans wouldn't get angry

Community first, eh?A New York Times report published Wednesday is full of bombshells about how Facebook has handled (and mishandled) its last two years of turmoil. Amidst allegations of pettiness and tales of public relations coups,

Throw some cheese on your dog because the internet said so

Most internet challenges are bad, but Dog Cheese is good.Dog Cheese, since you asked, is a fun game where you throw a piece onto your dog and see what happens. There are very few rules: the cheese must land on the dog, certainly, but we understand that what occurs next is outside your control.

Mark Zuckerberg ordered staff to use Android phones after Apple CEO criticized company, report claim

Tech CEOs, beware: If you piss off Mark Zuckerberg, he might order his employees to stop using your company's products.The Facebook founder was reportedly so enraged by criticism from Apple CEO Tim Cook that he personally instructed executives to stop using iPhones in favor of Android devices.

Ford self-driving cars shift from pizza delivery to Walmart order pickup

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Robot cars bring your Walmart groceries to your door.","image":"https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/PH8M5amFSjXF_ucBIuVVGHTG3So=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2018%2F11%2F1b0fac24-26ef-6379%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg","mediaid":"DLnVqK5X0k","preload":false,"title":

Save $20 when you spend $100 on select toys on Amazon (and it's not even Black Friday!)

It was a sad day in the world when Toys 'R' Us officially closed it's doors in the U.S. For all we know it could come back in one form or another someday, but it probably won't be the same and neither will Geoffrey. (Poor Geoffrey.)But if you're looking for a new one-stop toy shop,

Shop online, change the world: Shop For Good Sunday helps you find gifts that give back

Trivia time: Which is bigger?1. The amount of money the U.S. government spent on K-12 education in 2017or....2. The amount of money Americans spent on holiday shopping in 2017Prepare to let out a big, fat "yikes." In 2017, the U.S. budget for education was $69.4 billion. Meanwhile,

MVP life: Steph Curry's house is for sale, so let's take a tour

Riley stole the show again Tuesday when her father Steph Curry accepted his second consecutive NBA MVP awardBut that's not all America's first family is up to these days (sorry, Obamas). The Currys also moved recentlySEE ALSO:

Scenes of devastation in Fort McMurray, Canada following massive wildfire

The massive fire that claimed 2,400 buildings in Fort McMurray, Canada continues to burn, but fortunately away from city limits. Local officials estimate that 85% to 90% of Fort McMurray was spared by the more than weeklong blaze.The heart of Alberta's oil industry remained shut down on Wednesday,

MVP life: Steph Curry's house is for sale, so let's take a tour

Riley stole the show again Tuesday when her father Steph Curry accepted his second consecutive NBA MVP awardBut that's not all America's first family is up to these days (sorry, Obamas). The Currys also moved recentlySEE ALSO:

This Is the End of After Midnight

Thanks for reading, everybody, but After Midnight is being retired. We'll still serve up the weirdest things we find on the Web for your enjoyment, just no longer at midnight. Now stop fucking around on the Internet and go do some psychedelics.Read more...


去年年底高通发布了旗下的第一款 64 位处理器——高通骁龙 410 处理器型号为 MSM8916,但发布之后一直没有这款处理器的信息。而日前我们终于在安兔兔的跑分数据库上看到了关于这款处理器的一些信息。  

10. IDENTITY属性使用小结 - 张骞

一. 创建IDENTITY列; 二. 获取IDENTITY列值; 三. 修改IDENTITY列值/属性; 四. IDENTITY函数;

Vaio moves on from Sony sale with two new laptops

Sony agreed to sell Vaio earlier this year, but the latter has wasted no time in getting back into the laptop market, as it releases models in its successful Pro and Fit ranges.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/01/vaio-moves-on-from-sony-sale-with-two-new-laptops/

Lumia 930 正式在国内上市:仅支持 3G、售价 3,599 元

距离发布过去差不多五个月之后,被许多用户誉为「迄今为止最美 Windows Phone」的 Lumia 930 终于是来到了中国市场。规格方面国行版本并没有做什么变动,依然采用了 5 吋 1080p 屏幕、Snapdragon...




自从新浪微博对网页端进行了版本为V6的更新后,微博中,不断有对新版本的谩骂声,认为这是一次失败的升级。当然,笔 […]


泻药~~你第一个问题我有点没读懂所以我就不回答了。。。。(我理解你第一个问题是说你想从二手车评估开始进入到二手车行当还是什么的巴拉巴拉。。。。) 第二个问题如何让车主信任?

Aussie surfer rides 60-foot wave, breaks leg and has no regrets

A surfer has survived to tell the story, after riding what can only be described as an epic wave off the coast of Western Australia on FridayPro surfer Justin Holland, who lives in Kingscliff, New South Wales,

Can You Help Decode The Unknown Language On This 750-Year-Old Sword?

In 1825, a three-foot-long sword was uncovered from a river on the eastern cost of England. “If struck with sufficient force, it could easily have sliced a man’s head in two,” writes the British Library’s Julian Harrison. Though its potential uses might be obvious,

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