Amid Super Bowl cash controversy, some S.F. nonprofits score big

By now, you’ve probably heard that many San Franciscans are less than excited about the Super Bowl’s very expensive presence.Neighboring Santa Clara, where the contest is actually held, brokered a deal with the NFL for the reimbursement of fees associated with hosting the game.

Brooklyn pizzeria offering 'comforting words' as delivery menu item

One pizzeria in Brooklyn is taking comfort food to an entirely new level. For just one buck, a Vinnie's delivery person will offer comforting words (you know, in these uncertain times) to go along with whatever else you order. The pizzeria,

What our staff bought in September

If you follow Mashable Shopping's coverage, you know that we live to bring you the best product recommendations we can find based on countless hours of online research. But, what about the stuff that we buy for ourselves? The stuff that made it into our shopping carts? Well,

The Apple Watch Series 6 is on sale for the first time ever ahead of Prime Day

SAVE $14: As of Sept. 30, select variants of the Apple Watch Series 6 are on sale at Amazon and Walmart starting at $384.99.Since Apple never runs its own sales, Amazon Prime Day is always one of the biggest savings events of the year for discounts on iEverything (second only to Black Friday,

LARQ's reusable water bottles are self-cleaning and on sale

Save up to $44: LARQ's insulated self-cleaning and stainless steel water bottles are on sale on Amazon for as low as $62.40 as of Sept. 30. Clean water is a necessity that's unfortunately not always available. Instead of searching for a solution where there might not be one,

Save $150 on an Alexa-compatible Marshall speaker

SAVE $150: The Marshall Stanmore II wireless speaker, which is compatible with Bluetooth as well as Amazon Alexa, is on sale for $249.99 at both Best Buy and Amazon as of Sept. 30 — 37.5% off its list price of $399.99.

Dell's discounts on 4K monitors make it really hard *not* to grab one

4K monitors on sale at Dell as of Sept. 30:OUR TOP PICK: Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 4K USB-C Monitor (U3219Q) — save $210BUDGET PICK: Dell 27-inch 4K UHD Monitor (S2721QS) — save $110BEST FOR GAMING: Alienware 55 OLED Gaming Monitor (AW5520QF) — save $1,

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a game-changer — get one for $10 off

SAVE $10: The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is $10 off at Amazon, bringing its total price down to $169.73.To be totally fair, the base controller that comes with the Xbox One X and One S is already pretty darn good — in short,

Uber's weird new logo resembles these other things

If Uber's goal was to get people talking about its new logo, it has certainly succeeded.Predictably, the Internet lost it.Many on Twitter suggested the new design looks like a bank logo, which is actually fitting for a startup that has gone from scrappy to a $62.

Facebook's 'motherhood challenge' leaves out a lot of people

LONDON — From 100 Happy Days to the ALS ice bucket challenge, Facebook viral initiatives have a track record of harnessing social media engagement to raise awareness of worthy causes. Facebook's latest viral trend — the 'motherhood challenge' — is not one of these initiatives.

Snake stuck in beer can gets nursed back to health and released

Lucky for this snake, its last breaths will not be taken anywhere near a Bud Light.Five months ago, Redditor chandalowe discovered a California Whipsnake stuck inside of a beer can. Noticing that the snake was unable to remove itself and had been cut by the can's edges,







无需智能手机:Burg 12智能手表发售 可通话可收发短信售199美元

荷兰设计师Hermen van den Burg推出其智能手表产品Burg 12,这是款无需与智能手机相连,就可以让用户直接进行通话,收发短信的智能手表。该手表采用自制的操作系统,拥有电话,短信,播放器,电台收听等功能。

智能手机联姻移动支付 iPhone进入时机成熟?

随着 iPhone6 手机的发布,苹果支付得到证实,与此同时,苹果已同部分主要信用卡机构达成了合作协议,万事达卡也表示,万事达卡持卡人可以通过 iPhone6 、iPhone 6 Plus 以及 Apple Watch 等设备进行消费和交易。


编者按 : 阿隆·斯考纳德(Aaron Skonnard)是 Pluralsight 的联合创始人兼首席执行官。Pluralsight 是一家针对企业程序员提供继续教育的服务平台。 过去几个世纪,在找工作时,大学文凭是通用的黄金标准。

.NET 4.6.2预览版带来安全和WPF特性

英文原文:.NET 4.6.2 Preview Brings Security and WPF Features  虽然大多数人的注意力都集中在 .NET Core 上,但与原来的 .NET Framework 相关的工作还在继续。.NET Framework 4.6.2 预览版已于近日发布, ... ...


深圳2016年4月18日电 /美通社/ -- 2016全球总裁创新峰会暨中国创新好项目与资本对接会4月16日在深圳会展中心五楼簕杜鹃厅隆重举行。本届峰会以“融合世界,连接未来”为主题,由国家外国专家局、深圳市人民政府主办,总裁网和中国企业商学院院长联合会承办,总裁汇、中锂财富、前海联合资本、辽宁南北金融投资研究院、超级天使团、U咖会、广东省制造业协会联合承办,深圳前海总裁汇互联网金融服务有限公司执行承办,来自全球知名企业家、金融投资家、500强企业商学院、财经媒体、专家学者逾1000人汇集深圳,群英论剑、智慧碰撞,共同探讨新经济背景下企业可持续发展的机遇与挑战!

16 of the most useless emoji and how to make them useful

While some emoji are extremely popular (like the Oxford Dictionary 'word' of the year — Face With Tears of Joy), others seem completely worthless.Until now.We're giving you the run-down on how to contextualize (and sexualize) what some might believe are the most pointless emoji available.See also:

身价只剩下450亿 前首富李河君宣布进军太阳能汽车

【媒体报导】7月3日消息,李河君控制的汉能控股近日发布了四款不同定位的全太阳能动力汽车,正式宣布以太阳能动力汽车方式进军新能源汽车产业。李河君此次汉能发布的Solar系列全太阳能动力汽车分别为:Hanergy So ... ...

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