FAA chief talks about how many U.S. drone users have registered

Just weeks after the announcing the formation of new rules governing the ownership of drones in the U.S.,

'Aggretsuko' season 3 trailer introduces its death metal-singing heroine to idol pop

Netflix has dropped the trailer for Aggretsuko's third season, and it seems Retsuko's life is only getting more stressful. Despite Retsuko's resolve to keep grounded and be a "model employee,

The celebrity COVID calendar meme is here and it's bleak as hell

A whole new slew of horrors comes with each month of 2020, and those horrors inspire some hilariously sad memes.There's been depressing and relatable memes about Zoom fatigue and losing all concept of time, and now, thanks to Reese Witherspoon, a new 2020 mood meme is making the rounds on Twitter.

Replace your business tools with lifetime access to this app suite

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Zuitte Tools for Entrepreneurs is on sale for £151.11 as of August 7, saving you 97% on list price.If you run an online business, you'll know how annoying it is to work with lots of apps,

6 of the best TVs for under £300

A TV is one of the most important and expensive bits of technology you will purchase for your home, so it's vital that you get it right. You could spend hours trawling through online reviews and technical details to make sure you pick the best model,

Want to know how SEO actually works? Check out these online classes.

TL;DR: The Pro Google SEO and SERP Certification bundle is on sale for £22.02 as of August 7, saving you 98% on list price.Whether you work for the man or you're building a personal brand,

Trump issues sweeping executive order against TikTok's parent company ByteDance

In another escalation of the White House's vendetta against popular video sharing app TikTok, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order against its parent company ByteDance. This means that, starting 45 days from today, everyone in the U.S.

'Judas and the Black Messiah' trailer is intense and incredibly relevant

The official trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah is here, and it looks like an intense, gripping story made all the more upsetting by the fact that it's true.Produced by Ryan Coogler and directed by Shaka King,

Place your bids now for a bottle of the #DrummondPuddleWatch water

You watched the puddle. Now you can own the puddle.The #DrummondPuddleWatch on Periscope captured the hearts and minds of nearly 20,000 people on Wednesday. While the live stream has ended and lives are returning to normal,

Facebook plans to let developers build bots for Messenger, report says

2016 may turn out to be the year of the bots.Facebook is reportedly working on a plan that would allow developers to build chatbots to run inside of Messenger. The news comes weeks after a report that Google may also be working on a new bot-based messaging service.See also:

Forget about flying your drone from below; this one takes you along for the ride

LAS VEGAS — Ehang has a crazy, and maybe brilliant, idea. We just have one question first: Are you ready to fly inside a drone?The Chinese drone maker unveiled a high-flying 500 lbdrone,



Google generously allows the freedom to use pseudonyms on Google+, a social network designed to find

Google generously allows the freedom to use pseudonyms on Google+, a social network designed to find out what you do when you're online . Read more...

Public cloud: "Not somewhere to leave your crown jewels"

Many more people now realise that public, and in some cases even private clouds don't afford all the sort of security measures that you may think would be applied automatically. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/07/public-cloud-security-not-somewhere-to-leave-your-crown-jewels/



射击类MOBA新游《巨兽战争》开展Beta测试 Xbox One/PC同时进行

《巨兽战争(Gigantic)》是一款由美国游戏工作室Motiga开发的免费多人在线射击类MOBA游戏。开发商宣布在成功进行Alpha测试阶段之后,封闭Beta测试也将在8月28日开放,相较Alpha内测,Beta测试将在PC和Xbox One平台同步开放。

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Amid Super Bowl cash controversy, some S.F. nonprofits score big

By now, you’ve probably heard that many San Franciscans are less than excited about the Super Bowl’s very expensive presence.Neighboring Santa Clara, where the contest is actually held, brokered a deal with the NFL for the reimbursement of fees associated with hosting the game.


作者洪亮,技术出生,创业 2 次均失败,目前和汽车之家创始人李想开启新的创业项目:车和家。本文是洪亮的创业反思,由丁香园技术 VP robbin 等发起的公号技术空间删节和修饰后发布,雷锋网发布于此,希望能够为 ... ...

【操作系统】设备管理(五) - leesf

一、前言 学习了存储器管理后,继续学习设备管理,设备管理的主要功能有缓冲区管理、设备分配、设备处理、虚拟设备及实现设备独立性等,由于I/O设备不仅种类繁多,而且他们的特性和操作方式往往相差甚大,使得设备管理称为操作系统中最繁杂且与硬件最紧密的部分,下面开始正式的学习。 二、I/O系统 2.1 I/O

Google Capital 第一笔上市公司投资花落家政公司 Care,4635 万美金成为 Care 第一大股东

据国外媒体报道,家政上市公司Care.com 宣布获得来自 Google Capital 投资的 4635 万美金融资。消息一经发布,Care 的股价上涨了 18%,据了解 Care 股价一度升至 10 美元每股,最终以 8.7 美元每股的价格收盘。据了解,Google Capital 创立于 2013年,曾经投资过多家私有公司,然而此次融资是 Google Capital 首次对上市公司的投资,投资后,Google 正式成为 Care.com 第一大股东,并且该基金的合伙人 Laela Sturdy 将会正式加入 Care 的董事会。

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