FAA chief talks about how many U.S. drone users have registered

Just weeks after the announcing the formation of new rules governing the ownership of drones in the U.S.,

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FAA chief talks about how many U.S. drone users have registered

Just weeks after the announcing the formation of new rules governing the ownership of drones in the U.S.,

Why the FAA Isn't Worried About Drones Invading Your Privacy

Drones have a privacy problem. As more and more domestic drones take flight in the United States, more and more people are worried that these airborne cameras will be peeking in their windows and watching them drive around town—and rightfully so .

Sandboxing And Smart Regulation In An Age of A/B Testing

Editor’s Note: Nick Sinai is a Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, a Venture Partner at Insight Venture Partners, and a former U.S. Deputy CTO at the White House.

Drone Search and Rescue Operation Wins Fight Against FAA

An anonymous reader writes: Back in February, officials at the Federal Aviation Administration told a Texas search-and-rescue team they couldn't use drones help locate missing persons. The team, which is called EquuSearch, challenged the FAA in court. On Friday,

For the First Time Ever, the FAA Is Trying To Fine a Drone Hobbyist

Jason Koebler writes: "For the first time ever, the Federal Aviation Administration is trying to fine a hobby drone operator, a development that threatens to throw the whole hobby into disarray if the agency successfully levies the fine.

FAA Approves First Commercial Drone Flights Over Land

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration today announced that it has given approval for the first commercial drone flights over land.

Guy Who Crashed Drone Into White House Lawn Was a Drunk Govt Employee

Remember how the White House was in lockdown yesterday morning after a rogue DJI Phantom drone crashed into the lawn? According to The New York Times, the perpetrator was National Geospatial Intelligence Agency employee who'd been drinking and droning at a nearby apartment. Which, hey, it happens.

The Regulatory Fault Line For Startups Moves To Washington

For the past few years, the most visible friction between startups and regulatory agencies has been on the local level. Venture capital “unicorns” like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb have been battling municipal regulators and officials as they transform travel,

FAA Grants Amazon Permission To Test Drone Deliveries

The FAA just released a statement indicated that Amazon now has limited permission to test and develop drones in the United States. It’s not a blank check, though. The FAA gave Amazon strict rules and regulations. Read More

FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones

An anonymous reader sends this report from Ars Technica: The Federal Aviation Administration has said that online shopping powerhouse Amazon may not employ drones to deliver packages, at least not anytime soon.

20 of the best Tinder pickup lines we could find on Reddit

It’s difficult to say whether e-dating has weakened or boosted the pickup line game. It probably depends on who you ask.To get to the bottom of it, we ventured on over to Reddit to check out the general state of cheesy one-liners to be deployed in an online dating setting. And the results are,

Dwayne Johnson drops delightful first trailer for NBC's 'Young Rock'

Fans of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are in for a treat this February.On Saturday, the beloved wrestler-turned-actor gave his Twitter and Instagram followers a sneak peek at Young Rock, NBC's upcoming sitcom based on Johnson's life. Debuting a delightful teaser trailer for the series,

Tiny chihuahua looks more like a porcupine after a run-in with static electricity

What a week, huh? It doesn't particularly matter which week you're watching this, even — I'm sure it was a week. Thankfully, we have hilarious pet videos to distract from everything else going on in the world. Like this one, featuring a tiny pup with a big electric charge.

Facebook bars events close to the Biden inauguration, state capitols

Facebook is taking steps to avoid a repeat of what happened on Jan. 6.When Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. for a mass gathering that eventually ended in the sacking of the U.S. Capitol,

FAA approves first fully-automated commercial drone flights (with a catch)

You can officially claim autonomous commercial drones for your 2021 bingo card. On Friday,

Warning: Telegram is not end-to-end encrypted by default

After tech behemoths like Twitter moved to ban Trump and thousands of other far-right accounts, millions moved to apps like Signal and Telegram for their encrypted messaging services. There's one rub, though: Telegram, unlike Signal, doesn't have end-to-end encryption by default. 

HBO Max will now release 'Godzilla vs. Kong' two months early

Hollywood's wild ride through the global pandemic continues.First it was the Warner Bros. decision in late-2020 to shift all of its 2021 theatrical releases over to the HBO Max streaming service. Now, one of the studio's big blockbusters for the year, Godzilla vs. Kong,

Place your bids now for a bottle of the #DrummondPuddleWatch water

You watched the puddle. Now you can own the puddle.The #DrummondPuddleWatch on Periscope captured the hearts and minds of nearly 20,000 people on Wednesday. While the live stream has ended and lives are returning to normal,

Facebook plans to let developers build bots for Messenger, report says

2016 may turn out to be the year of the bots.Facebook is reportedly working on a plan that would allow developers to build chatbots to run inside of Messenger. The news comes weeks after a report that Google may also be working on a new bot-based messaging service.See also:

Forget about flying your drone from below; this one takes you along for the ride

LAS VEGAS — Ehang has a crazy, and maybe brilliant, idea. We just have one question first: Are you ready to fly inside a drone?The Chinese drone maker unveiled a high-flying 500 lbdrone,


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.LUXURY 域名5月19日起开放公众注册

有史以来首个专门针对奢侈品的网络平台目前开放注册纽约2014年5月20日电 /美通社/ -- 首个专门面向奢侈品行业的互联网顶级域名 .LUXURY 于5月19日起开放公众注册。

iPhone 6拆解:无革命性变化 维修更容易

美国科技博客TechRepublic总编、拆解大师比尔·德特威勒(Bill Detwiler)日前对iPhone 6进行了拆解,发现iPhone 6的拆解难度远低于前几代产品。大屏、圆角,iPhone 6在外观上与之前的iPhone 4大相径庭。

我对软件测试行业的个人理解 5 - 关于核心竞争力的思考 - 又是你







引言:国行Xbox One已经上市,国行版PS4也即将推出,那么国行游戏机对于目前的水货游戏市场会有什么影响? […]

IDDD 实现领域驱动设计-一个简单业务用例的回顾和理解 - 田园里的蟋蟀

上一篇:《[IDDD 实现领域驱动设计-由贫血导致的失忆症](http://www.cnblogs.com/xishuai/p/iddd-anemia-model-ubiquitous-language.html)》这篇博文是对《实现领域驱动设计》第一章后半部分内容的理解。---## 领域专家什么是...

ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 has a sharp screen, slim body and plenty of RAM

Just as we heard last week, ASUS is now launching a new family of stylish Android tablets dubbed ZenPads, which will replace the MeMO Pad series. These will come in 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch flavors with cellular variants; but it's the light yet p...



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