Forget about flying your drone from below; this one takes you along for the ride

LAS VEGAS — Ehang has a crazy, and maybe brilliant, idea. We just have one question first: Are you ready to fly inside a drone?The Chinese drone maker unveiled a high-flying 500 lbdrone,

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Are Drones A Fad Or Here For Good?

Drones are no longer just seen as a tool of the military or a toy that people use to fly around. They’re becoming accepted as a tool that businesses can deploy, and every day more and more companies are being created to build drone prototypes and software to help them fly,

Making The Case For Drones In Commercial Markets

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015, the CEOs of Sky Futures, Verifly and Airware took the stage with TechCrunch writer Frederic Lardinois in an attempt to explain how drones can be used other than for taking selfies. But, before that can happen, common sense regulation is needed,

Being Pestered By Drones? Buy a Drone-Hunting Drone

schwit1 writes, "Are paparazzi flying drones over your garden to snap you sunbathing? You may need the Rapere, the drone-hunting drone which uses 'tangle-lines' to quickly down its prey." From The Telegraph's article:

7 Drone Ideas Cooler than TGI Friday's Dumb Mistletoe Drone Idea

You might've seen a mistletoe-toting drone (sponsored by TGI Friday's) pop up in your Facebook feed this week. This idea is both dumb and unoriginal. Some maker-types deployed a mistletoe drone in San Francisco last year. That was cute . This is a marketing stunt.Read more...

Drone-Carrying Drone Carries Drone Carries Drone Carries Gum

It's like Inception, but with UAVs: the guys at Flite Test recently sought to redefine 'overkill' by using four remote-controlled aircraft to deliver one stick of gum. Because science. Read more...

Skydio Makes Drones Smart So Pilots Can Be Dumb With $3M From Andreessen

“In five years, the notion of a drone crashing will be a weird, foreign thing” says Adam Bry, co-founder of drone auto-pilot startup Skydio and founding member of Google’s Project Wing drone delivery project.

EHANG, Maker Of Ghost Drone, Raises $10M Series A Led By GGV Capital

Though the market is still in its early stages, drone startups are becoming increasingly popular among venture capital firms. One of the latest companies to benefit is EHANG, maker of Ghost Drone, which users can control by tilting their smartphones.

What The U.S. Can Learn From Europe’s Growing Commercial Drone Industry

Drones are an auspicious future technology that can service a vast number of professional industries. Businesses around the world are discovering the great benefits that drones can provide.

Drone Beat: Swarming Boat Robots, the Other Drone Memo and More

The U.S. government uses them to bomb alleged terrorists in far-away places. Tech companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook are all toying with the idea of using them, and now they're a photographer's secret weapon. Drones are a big part of our lives, whether we see them or not.

Drones + X

Small drones are advancing quickly. They used to be little else but sophisticated remote-controlled toys and people love to complain when we call them ‘drones’ because that implies that they are at least semi-autonomous (and maybe able to bomb a terrorist (and a few innocent bystanders)).

Cut down on clutter with a 6-in-1 charging cable on sale

TL;DR: Keep your devices charged and your desk neat with a CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 universal cable for $24.99, a 16% savings as of Sept. 29. If you find yourself searching constantly for all your various chargers, this six-in-one universal charging cable from CharbyEdge can help you out.

Take a useful course in digital marketing for just $29

TL;DR: Grow your business efficiently with the Essential Growth Hacker Bundle for $29, a 98% savings as of Sept. 29. If you're looking to take a business from zero to hero, the Essential Growth Hacker Bundle is a great educational option.The 10-hour training is split into three sections:

Project management certification can boost your career. Here are the best online courses.

Taking a project management certification course can give you a huge leg up in the workplace. Becoming certified in project management can increase your salary, help you to become better organized, help you to become a more effective team leader, and improve the quality of your work.

Transform your living room into a karaoke bar with this clever app

TL;DR: Get a lifetime VIP subscription to Karaoke On Demand for $149.99, a 74% savings as of Sept. 29. Since you likely won't be gathering in groups at the bar for karaoke night any time soon, why not transform your own living room into a karaoke bar?

Non-members can still save in Amazon Prime Day 2020

SAVE 97%: Non-Prime members can get three-months of Amazon Music Unlimited for £0.99, saving 97% on list price.Prime Day will play host to absolutely loads of impressive deals on everything from 4K TVs to wireless speakers. It's going to be 48 hours of non-stop deals,

Amazon One lets you pay at stores with the palm of your hand

The palm is the new fingerprint. Amazon One, a new service from Amazon, is a novel way of contactless payment that scans your palm for authentication. Besides payments, it could be used for anything that requires authentication, like entering a stadium or presenting a loyalty card. For starters,

Seth Meyers dismantles Trump's claim that paying no tax makes him 'smart'

"So now we know why Trump's so desperate to stay in the White House," joked Seth Meyers on Monday night. "He needs the free housing. He needs a place to crash.

Meet the makers behind 5 incredible smart home gadgets at CES

Promoted by FordDuring and leading up to CES, the tech space is abuzz with the latest on all that is new and shiny. Innovative, sleeker-than-ever devices will be unveiled to a hungry crowd, and the hype will be amplified via an explosion of coverage.

High school basketball coach absolutely loses it, head-butts ref

Neshaminy High School basketball coach Jerry Devine apparently wasn't too happy with a call during their game against Pennsbury High School on Jan. 5. Videos from the event show Devine apparently head-butting the referee, knocking him to the floor. Devine, who also teaches algebra and history,

Black Lives Matter activist Johnetta Elzie shines on new 'Essence' cover

Essence magazine gave us a big dose of #BlackGirlMagic on Wednesday with its reveal of the February 2016 issue.Featuring social activist Johnetta Elzie on one of three covers, which also include actresses Teyonah Parris and Yara Shahidi,

Ghostly Facades With No Buildings Behind Them

What lies behind facades? Nothing, at least in French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy's world. His ongoing series, Facades, depicts made-up towns where lone facades hide nothing, teetering on the edge of physics. Read more...    

金卫医疗以过亿美元作价出售Fortress 27.9%股权

香港2014年3月25日电 /美通社/ -- 中国领先综合性医疗事业集团 -- 金卫医疗集团有限公司(“金卫医疗”或连同其附属公司,统称为本“集团”,801. HK / 910801.TW)宣布以现金101,264,437美元(相等于约789,862,




上海2014年7月30日电 /美通社/ -- 即日起,农行信用卡持卡人使用“银联在线支付”进行网购并成功交易,可参与立减抽奖“好惠”成双。

Apple Patent Hints Remote Unlocking And Trunk Operation Possible For Future CarPlay

Apple has secured a new patent that suggests it may add more features and capabilities to its automotive software in the future. The patent, published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider),

算法导论学习-prim算法 - 流白

一. 关于最小生成树对于无向连通图G=(V,E),其中V表示图的顶点,E表示图的边,对于每条边都有一个权值,可以理解为边a->b的权值C为从a走到b要走的路程为C。

Windows 10 build 10051:斯巴达浏览器内建IE打开页面功能

上周末Windows 10一个新版本泄露,包含多个升级之后的应用程序,其中斯巴达浏览器已经获得了一些新功能,比如内建使用Internet Explorer浏览器打开链接的功能。

Facebook's new floating video feature lets you scroll while you watch

If Facebook's ever-flowing News Feed does not satiate your thirst for videos of babies and weddings, you'll like the platform's new feature. The site now lets you detach a video from the News Feed and move it anywhere within the browser window, so you can scroll Facebook while watching.



Die Bedeutung der Weitergabe Ihrer innovativen Ideen

Ihre Ideen sind evtl. nicht so wertvoll, wie Sie glauben.Sie können natürlich sehr wirkungsvoll sein, aber nicht in der Phase ihrer anfänglichen Entstehung.

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