Microsoft holding Oct. 6 event: Is the Surface Pro 4 on tap?

Get ready for some more Microsoft Windows 10 hardware — and, perhaps, a look at the toughest competitor to the upcoming Apple iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and Pencil.On Monday morning, Microsoft sent out invites to a special event in New York City on Oct. 6.

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Microsoft's Phil Spencer to talk about Windows 10 gaming at the company's January event

Weekend Recap: Visual Studio 2015, Connect developer event, Lumia Cyan on Verizon, and more

January 21st event rumor roundup: Hardware, Office news coming, Windows Phone bits not so much?

In just over 24 hours, Microsoft will begin a new chapter in consumer computing, announcing its latest plans in a press-only Consumer Preview event. The event will be live webcast, and be sure to follow along at WinBeta as we dissect all the latest news coming out of Redmond. 

Microsoft teases us with Windows 10 virtual desktops before January 21 event

Microsoft’s January 21 event is fast approaching, and we are extremely excited to see what Microsoft has planned for the future of both Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phones. In a recent tweet,

Microsoft Sends Invites to Sept. 30 'Enterprise' Windows Event

Microsoft has sent out invitations to an event for Sept. 30 — the date when, according to rumors, the company will publicly reveal Windows 9, the next major upgrade to Windows.The invitation simply reads: "join us for what's next for Windows and the enterprise.

What to expect at Microsoft's big Windows 10 event

Windows' biggest transformation in years is happening right before our eyes. More than 1 million people downloaded the Windows 10 Preview, and the company reports that nearly half a million are actively using it. By most measures,

Microsoft kills TechEd and announces 'unified technology event' for May 4th 2015

Microsoft announces 'unified technology event' for May 4th 2015, joins TechEd

Microsoft has announced a unified technology event set to take place in May of next year. The event covers all of Microsoft's products, including Windows and Office. Microsoft seems to have combined the Microsoft Management Summit, SharePoint Conference, Lync Conference, Exchange Conference,

Microsoft is holding a Windows 10 event in three days, here's what to expect

Back in September, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 to the business-orientated world. In just three days (January 21), the company will be unveiling Windows 10 again, but this time for a different audience. Consumers are about to get a taste of what's to come with Windows 10, and let me tell you,

Windows 10 event: Microsoft shows off Office running on Windows Phone and Windows 10

Microsoft is currently holding their Windows 10 consumer event in Redmond, and they have just demoed Office on Windows Phone. Windows Phone users have been waiting for years for an acceptable version of Office. When more full featured versions came to iPhone and Android first,

British rapper Dave calls UK prime minister racist in powerful BRIT Awards performance

Anyone who's ever read the words to Dave's raps will know how ridiculously talented a lyricist the guy is.But during his performance at the BRIT Awards on Tuesday night, he kept one message very plain and simple."It is racist, whether or not it feels racist / The truth is,

The 5 relationship stages of online snooping, and how to know if you've gone too far

In our Love App-tually series, Mashable shines a light into the foggy world of online dating. It is cuffing season after all.Thanks to the internet, a quick Google search on literally anyone can help you paint a picture of them before you ever meet in person.

At $17 for a 5-pack, these lids are a genius way to cut back on waste

TL;DR: Throw your plastic and foil wraps away and get a five-pack of silicone Food Guard lids for $16.99, a 15% savings. Chances are that you aren't regularly producing food, water, and clean energy in the desert,

Can bans: Your city could be next

Manatees, fittingly called “sea cows,” drift languidly through the shallow ocean at 5 mph, munching on plants and fattening up to 1,300 pounds. For much of 2019, the sluggish creatures swam faster than New York City’s 14th Street bus, the M14A.

'If you have a crush on me, tell me now' tweets never get old

Few online trends delight me as much today as they did the first time I saw them, but my love for tweets that encourage people to disclose their secret crushes remains as strong as ever.If you follow any single, comical people looking for love on Twitter,

How to create engaging social media videos with zero experience (or talent)

TL;DR: Elevate your marketing skills with the Design Wizard: Stock Video Bundle for $49, a 95% savings. In this algorithm-driven age, video is king. Not only does this type of content have the most visibility on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, but users find it really engaging.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is very vulnerable to dust, teardown shows

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip isn't officially dust-proof, but Samsung took some measures to make it harder for dust to penetrate into the device, including placing little dust-repelling brushes into the hinge. But the brushes don't do a particularly good job of stopping dust from entering the device,

DARPA develops a way for humans to produce their own lifesaving vaccines

ST. LOUIS — The next factory for lifesaving drugs could be the human body itself.Scientists are developing a new vaccine-making method that co-opts the human body's ability to quickly create antibodies, its main weaponry for fighting disease,

NASA's 4K-resolution space channel is the closest thing to being in space

4K TVs are here and they're finally affordable enough to own, except there's next to no actual 4K content to watch on them.NASA's going to help change that. The space agency is teaming up with Harmonic, Inc.,a company that specializes in video delivery infrastructures,

The Church of Bacon exists, and it wants to help all couples get married

Bacon lovers — we are truly blessed.The latest billboards for the United Church of Bacon in Las Vegas are advertising the organization's commitment to offering free, legal wedding ceremonies to all couplesSee also:

高通大中華區營運長: Snapdragon 210 讓全世界的人都可更輕易的擁有良好的 4G 體驗

高通產品管理高級副總裁暨大中華區首席營運長 Jeff Lorbeck 在昨日高通 3G/LTE Summit 接受媒體採訪, Mr.

It Looks Like Roku's Getting Mirroring Powers Soon

Roku has released support notes that strongly suggest the streaming player is about to get a mirroring function. This would let you mirror what's on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop screen to a Roku-attached TV. Awesome.Read more...


505 天对一个初创公司来讲可以发生什么?人员更替、产品迭代甚至股东易主都是常见之事,以互联网企业的发展速度,505 天很可能是一个 A 轮到 B 轮的跨度。

专访 Coursera CEO Rick Levin:未来10年,在线课程将成为必需品

据官方透露, Coursera 在中国的注册学习者近期已突破 100 万;上个月,Coursera 还和美国伊利诺伊大学香槟分校合作,开设了首个线上 MBA 项目,36氪就其近期的动态邮件采访了 Coursera CEO、耶鲁大学前校长 Rick Levin ,听听 Coursera 在中国的发展计划,他对 iMBA 项目的看法,和对中国在线教育市场的预期。

银行系电商生存状况大起底 工行苹果手机销量已超京东




混合语言编程:启用CLR(公共语言运行时编译)让C#调用C++ - 张行之

前言 关于混合C 和C++的编程方式,本人之前写过一篇博客(参见 "混合语言编程:C 使用原生的Directx和OpenGL" ),在之前的博客中,介绍了在C 的Winform和WPF下使用原生的Direct和OpenGL进行绘图,主要使用的方式是声明一个函数为导出函数,然后就可以在C 中使用这个函

闪迪256GB闪存芯片曝光 或将应用于iPhone 7

先前就有传言说,苹果将推256GB存储空间的iPhone 7 Plus,今天意大利网站HDblog又分享了闪迪256GB NAND闪存芯片的图片,这款芯片就有可能应用到下一代iPhone身上。实际上先前苹果就有在iPhone手机中使用闪迪闪存芯片的先例,包括iPhone 5、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus。其他各代iPhone则主要采用来自三星、SK海力士和东芝的闪存芯片。


近日,在北京国际电影节的文娱金融众创高峰论坛上,出席嘉宾就 “全球本地化的文娱金融共荣生态” 这一话题做了探讨,下面是现场论坛干货(36 氪略作精简):金融对于文化产业既是天使也是魔鬼金诚集团文化控股总经理马振国:金融资本最核心的价值在于它的流动性。金融本身不是价值的生产者和挖掘者,它只是价值的推动者和孵化者。金融资本有很敏锐的嗅觉,会抓住时下最热门和最值得沟通的领域进行推动。所以,金融的流动性体现在未来可以以更多方式进入整个文化领域投资过程当中,这就是所谓的产业链的概念。而这一产业链涉及到两个方面,一个是金融生态链,一个是产业生态链。

简单升级or创新?Surface Pro 5会是啥样

Surface Pro 4 在发布会上的光芒虽然被更新颖的 Surface Book 遮蔽,但它毫无疑问是一款优秀的产品 —— 强劲的性能,恰到好处的屏幕尺寸和实用的配件,如果不谈价格这毫无疑问是非常诱人的平板电脑。  尽管并没有 iPad 初次亮相时那样的轰动,Surface Pro 确实已经深深地影响了业界。许多厂商都推出了强调生产力,拥有相关配件的平板电脑产品。Surface 这个概念 2012 年第一次出现时我们还真想不到会有这一天。  考虑到 Surface Book 的存在,我们有理由相信微软会在新一代 Surface Pro 身上做出更多的创新,让两个产品之间的差异更加明显。

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