Microsoft punishes bad Xbox One players with reputation warnings

Act like a jerk on Xbox Live, and your console might start giving you an earful about your behaviour. Continue, and you'll likely be stuck playing with other jerks thanks to reputation warnings.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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Mark Hurd: Get ready for the new dawn of AI

The future is automated, says Oracle CEO as he unveils his predictions for 2025.

Box launches new UK zone ahead of Brexit

Box's eight zone for local data governance comes in preparation for Brexit.

Amazon launches AWS Backup

AWS now allows developers to back up data from different services and on-premise apps.

Google raises G Suite prices across the world

Introduction of AI, as well as new apps and tools, requires a tweak in pricing, Google says.

Huge cache of email addresses and user data leaked online

Millions of email addresses and many dehashed passwords could also be found in 87GB collection.

Using cloud to improve endpoint security

Should you decide that DaaS is the best solution for your organisation, remember that moving data to the cloud does not negate the need to take proper data security precautions.

US charges Huawei with theft of state secrets

Department of Justice says it is pursuing the case in growing chasm in East-West relations.

New Mozilla CEO accused of homophobic beliefs

Mozilla's new CEO this week expressed "sorrow" for having caused pain by making a donation in support of California's Prop. 8, which sought to ban gay marriage.Read more:

The impact of mobile: Is your network ready for the wireless working revolution?

The fact that we can carry on working or playing, whether we are wired or not, has been a huge liberation for both business and entertainment. But are networks the weak link holding us back?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Amazon sends exclusive invites for 2 April video streaming launch

Amazon has sent out exclusive invites for a 2 April event that could include the launch of its long-awaited streaming device for the living room.Read more:





[分享]恼人的设计模式 - fengyv



现在机器人早就已经不是什么新鲜科技了,不过技术宅 Andrew Sink 对机器人的用法还是会让人大呼“没想到”:让它帮自己找女朋友。  

Windows Phone需要什么?一款真正的旗舰

即便收购了诺基亚移动,微软的Windows Phone也乏人问津,尤其是在iPhone6/iPhone6 Plus及Android旗舰手机热销的情况下。



'Bridge of Spies' trailer: Spielberg's Cold War thriller puts Tom Hanks in a pickle

LOS ANGELES — "Everyone deserves a defense. Every person matters."That may be a popular notion today, but at the outset of the Cold War, when the United States and the Soviet Union were pointing nukes at each another, maybe not so much.Therein lies the central conflict of Bridge of Spies,



没了手机就恐惧是种病 叫“nomophobia”



虎嗅注:本文来自wired,由虎嗅编译。钟表界一年一度最大的盛会——巴塞尔钟表展已与今年3月17日瑞士巴塞尔正式开幕,展会将持续到本月24日。巴塞尔表展被称作是腕表趋势的风向标,传统腕表商使出浑身解数吸引世界的目光,而近两年避不开的大势就是智能手表了,自去年Apple Watch 发售以来,众多传统腕表商们也纷纷在这一领域的技术上发力,那么今年,他们又有哪些革新性的作品呢?连线从近10万的展品中,挑选了10款:每年3月,成百上千的钟表厂商都会选择在巴塞尔展示它们的产品。现如今,除了偶尔对时,我们似乎不再那么依靠手表看时间了。

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