Microsoft punishes bad Xbox One players with reputation warnings

Act like a jerk on Xbox Live, and your console might start giving you an earful about your behaviour. Continue, and you'll likely be stuck playing with other jerks thanks to reputation warnings.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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Digitisation is only the beginning - true transformation runs deeper

Too many projects begin with the right intentions but the wrong direction.

Fight your space: Multi-tenant big data clusters

Multi-tenant big data clusters are commonplace and essential to businesses, here is how to manage them.

Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text on its servers

The original announcement said it 'only' stored a few hundred thousand passwords.

Bossing the bots: managing your RPA transformation for employee success

A lot has been said in the last few years about the transformative power of technology and the change it is bringing to how businesses operate.

Archaic IT systems and remote working: the cybersecurity threat and the solution

How businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Striking the right balance of automation and human values

Mike Callender explains how to strike the right balance of automation and human values.

Time to take advantage of those “Black holes”

Time traceability is critical for all computer-based transactions -if clocks on servers in data centres don't all agree then transactions can fall apart or even be lost as a result

New Mozilla CEO accused of homophobic beliefs

Mozilla's new CEO this week expressed "sorrow" for having caused pain by making a donation in support of California's Prop. 8, which sought to ban gay marriage.Read more:

The impact of mobile: Is your network ready for the wireless working revolution?

The fact that we can carry on working or playing, whether we are wired or not, has been a huge liberation for both business and entertainment. But are networks the weak link holding us back?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Amazon sends exclusive invites for 2 April video streaming launch

Amazon has sent out exclusive invites for a 2 April event that could include the launch of its long-awaited streaming device for the living room.Read more:

The sweetest baby face

The 2014 World Cup Jerseys, Ranked From Snazziest to Most 'Meh'

When the 2014 World Cup in Brazil kicks off on June 12, we'll be treated to one month of the world's best, most exciting soccer. But sports nerds of a certain stripe are also in for an added bonus: World Cup uniforms ("kits" in soccer parlance),

ICANN:中国新增根域名服务器镜像节点 将进一步提升互联网安全性稳定性

2014年7月25日,世纪互联公司与互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,以下简称ICANN)开展合作,在中国增设L根域名服务器镜像节点。

New research points to workers taking IT into their own hands

A survey from Ovum indicates that staff members are increasingly using the likes of freemium consumer cloud services in a business environment.Read more:


如果在产品设计领域套用一下马斯洛的金字塔,那么底层的就是基础功能,往上依次叠加美观、便利、趣味等附加值。什么是 […]

VS2013 好用的插件 - 每日懂一点


望使更多人輕鬆體驗 VR 的世界, Google 推出 Works with Cardboard 計畫

圖片來源: GoogleGoogle 為了降低 VR 硬體設備的門檻,故在去年 Google I/O 推出 Cardboard 計畫,這項開放平台計畫也獲得許多玩家的好評,紛紛按照參考設計使用不同的材料做出多種的 Cardboard ,從紙板、木材、塑膠、金屬等等,甚至也有人透過比薩盒廢物利用做出 Cardboard 。

《三体》电影正式定档 男一号将由冯绍峰担当


IE6 的兼容相关问题 - RedJoyy

因为在实习公司要求兼容IE6+,所以将IE6相关的样式兼容问题列出,及解决方案。1.让页面变丑的透明背景图片问题:HTML都为以下代码:一般情况下使用png格式图片作为背景图片CSS部分:1.img-png{2 width:64px;3 height:64px; 4 ...

Adidas Futurecraft 3D:利用 3D 打印技术量身打造的跑步鞋

3D 打印技术的应用可说是无穷无尽的,运动用品品牌阿迪达斯最新发布了 Futurecraft 3D 计划,利用这技术来为跑手打造量「脚」订做的跑步鞋中底,务求达到最佳的缓冲体验。

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