Amazon sends exclusive invites for 2 April video streaming launch

Amazon has sent out exclusive invites for a 2 April event that could include the launch of its long-awaited streaming device for the living room.Read more:

相关内容: Amazon that invite streaming with will which inclu

GDPR may actually be benefitting big business

Research finds smaller companies may be missing out.

Top tips for securing your financial institution

For financial business leaders it’s important to understand that cyber-security is now a key business enabler, rather than simply a part of the overall IT strategy.

US urges Canada to shun Huawei equipment

Lawmakers claim Huawei's security safeguards are 'inadequate' following government concerns.

UK public sector stuck in business process dark ages, report finds

Enterprise-level business process management systems can improve efficiency significantly, and other sectors such as financial services and insurance organisations have been big adopters of BPM technology.

Broadcom gets go-ahead on CA Technologies deal

$19 billion deal is now clear to go through.

Connect for growth: are you overlooking the importance of your network?

Here we outline seven ways your business can meet its connectivity challenges with secure scalable solutions.

Facebook gives update on user hack

Attack on users was not as big as initially thought, but millions have still been affected.

Media Logistics Platform market will reach £400m by 2018, traditional media outlets driving growth

Firms that offer media outlets complete management and production of media content will see a four-fold rise in the worth of the market as it hits £400 million by 2018.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Cisco, IBM and Intel aim for Industry Internet of Things adoption through new non-profit

The Industry Internet Consortium wants more companies to start using the Internet of Things in the industrial sector to foster integration between the physical and digital worlds.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Microsoft finally launches lucrative Office for iPad app that opens up potential $6.7b goldmine

Satya Nadella told a packed news conference that it’s part of the firm’s strategy to allow its users “to be productive across all devices” and could land on other devices in the future.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Amid Carl Icahn’s Attacks, eBay Chairman Pierre Omidyar Defends Board Members Cook And Andreessen

Activist investor Carl Icahn has been getting more aggressive with his proposal that eBay spin off PayPal as its own company, issuing open letters over the past few days attacking board members Scott Cook and Marc Andreessen, as well as CEO John Donahoe.

SQLSERVER数据库学习总结七(视图,索引) - 秋日的私语(菜鸟的奋斗人生)

--视图的主意点:不能和表的名称相同,如果某一列为函数,表达式,常量或者与来自多张表的列名相同,必须为列定义名称,不能在试图上创建索引if exists(select 1 from sys.sysobjects where [name]='view_recordInfo') drop view vi...

[图]微软成功找到Atari 2600《E.T.》游戏卡带

据外媒报道,微软寻找Atari 2600《E.T.》的活动圆满结束。该家公司成功在新墨西哥州阿拉莫戈多4276公路上的掩埋场中挖到了当年的游戏卡带。作为纪录片的一部分,微软还邀请了人们观看本次的出土过程。

Garmin推出全新GPS运动手表 售价1059元


Sony Pictures 被駭客看上,公司全球電腦被鎖死

Sony 一直也是駭客喜歡的攻擊目標,而每次當攻擊成功,後果都很嚴重。最近 Sony Pictures 的電腦系統就被完全鎖上,受影響的員工電腦遍及全球,經過幾天仍然無解。繼續閱讀了解更多。

Vidcoin Solves Buffering Issues For Mobile Video Ads

Vidcoin is an advertising technology startup focused on video ads for smartphones. The French startup makes watching video ads less painful by providing an SDK that will buffer videos before playing them so that they will instantly play.

国际汽联主席性丑闻官司再起 谷歌欲提前阻止

谷歌公司周三试图阻止国际汽联主席麦克斯·莫斯利(Max Mosley)在伦敦高等法院对自己提起的诉讼。后者要求谷歌禁止在其搜索引擎上获得其性爱派对的不雅照。莫斯利出身于英国名门望族,是国际汽车联合会(FIA)主席。

頂級規格齊備!Sony 正式發表全新 Xperia Z4 Tablet 平板

還記得早幾日前 Sony 意外洩漏了 Xperia Z4 Tablet 的資料嗎?一如所料這款 10. 1 吋新平板終於在今日的 MWC 2015 上發佈,而且正如之前的宣傳預告一樣,它將會具備特長電池續航力及相當輕薄的特性。


有钱任性的迪拜人民又发大招了。不过这次不是建摩天大楼,而是要造一栋充满未来感、科技感的未来博物馆(Museum of the Future),总造价约1亿3600万美元,于2017年竣工。


我们的何主编买的 Apple Watch 昨天刚到货,今天他就看到了一个不算劲爆但有点心疼的消息:Apple Watch 第二代可能在 2016 年开始发售。 用 1.65 吋屏来视频通话,这会是个好主意吗?

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