Egad! Scrabble, from UbiSoft, is now on the Xbox One

Are you a word smith? Do you revel in the opportunity to use your ‘word of the day’ in everyday life? Maybe you’re a regular reader of the official Scrabble dictionary that for some reason includes words like ‘za,’ ‘caziques,’ and ‘muzjiks' as listed by HowStuffWorks. 

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Playing Scrabble Changes the Way You Use Your Brain

Experienced Scrabble players know there’s more to the game than an expansive vocabulary. An effective player should also be able to quickly find words in a jumble of letters. Developing this skill, reports a team of Canadian researchers, will not only improve your game,

Egad! Scrabble, from UbiSoft, is now on the Xbox One

Are you a word smith? Do you revel in the opportunity to use your ‘word of the day’ in everyday life? Maybe you’re a regular reader of the official Scrabble dictionary that for some reason includes words like ‘za,’ ‘caziques,’ and ‘muzjiks' as listed by HowStuffWorks. 

Use multi-touch Windows 8.1 devices to play your favorite board games like RISK and Scrabble

Some classic board games never go out of style. Before the age of PCs and tablets, board games were all the rage. Hasbro envisioned a new take on two classic board games for multi-touch Windows PCs and tablets: “Scrabble – The Classic Word Game” and “RISK – The Game of Global Domination.

Scrabble Twist Ditches the Tiles So It's Easier To Play On the Go

If you're hoping to quench your spelling lust while away from home, there are countless app versions of Scrabble you can download for smartphones and tablets. But Hasbro knows that part of the fun of board games is playing with others in the same room,

Scrabble's New Electronic Score Tracker Will Save Competitive Families

Realizing the toll that Scrabble has taken on families when it comes to accurately keeping track of the score, Hasbro is introducing an updated version of the game that among other improvements, now includes an electronic score tracker.

A Gift Guide For The Young At Heart

Some people never grow up. They might age, go into debt and get mortgages, but they don’t get older in spirit. And that’s great! What follows is a gift guide for a person still holding onto their inner child. They’re gifts for the young at heart and the person not afraid to let loose.

2015 Scripps Spelling Bee crowns two winners, again

Your 2015 Scripps Spelling Bee C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N is Vanya Shivashankar ...and Gokul Venkatachalam. Yes, for the second year in a row, two smart kids took home the top prizeIn the final round of competition, Shivashankar, 13, and Venkatachalam, 14,

Furbacca is the most epic 'Star Wars' Furby in the galaxy

Like so many Star Wars cosplay fans before it, Furby is dressing up like everyone's favorite wookiee.Hasbro brought its next-generation Furby to Mashable for a visit, and he's an adorable, furry creature that speaks wookiee just like Chewbacca and even hums the Star Wars theme song.See also:

Chromecast Is Getting a Bunch of Smartphone-Controlled Games

Your Chromecast is about to be a little more like Amazon Fire TV. The streaming dongle is getting a whole slew of family-friendly games. Read more...

The Best Stuff At Toy Fair 2015

Once a year, toy companies from all over the world converge on New York to reveal what everyone will be fighting to buy their kids—or themselves—when the holidays roll around again. And once again we grabbed our cameras, put ourselves in the mind of a child (that was the easy part),

Microsoft, Google eye India telecom investments

Both Google and Facebook appear to be going after the low-end connectivity markets of India with Microsoft already having established a foothold

How to install a PWA on Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge

A Progressive Web App, also known as PWA for short, is a type of application software built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. PWAs work on any platform and have much of the same capabilities as normal apps, including push notifications, the ability to work offline, and device hardware access.

Final Microsoft Edge v84 build lands in the Dev channel, could become the next Beta soon

This release is expected to be the final for version 84 of the browser, and it will also move to Beta channel soon.

Windows 10 Insider build 19635 brings more fixes to Fast Ring Insiders

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Insider build 19635 for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. As this has been the case in the past couple of months, this is another minor update that fixes a couple of issues related to LTE connectivity, the Settings app, and cameras.

Microsoft Edge now supports an improved spellcheck experience

Starting with Microsoft Edge 85, Microsoft has introduced a new Windows Spellcheck powered spellcheck experience for Windows users.

HP announces high-end Reverb G2 headset for Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR

HP announced this morning the Reverb G2, a new high-end Mixed Reality headset designed in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve.

How to manage your data/storage and clean up Microsoft Teams on iOS, Android

Did you know you could manage your data and storage on the Teams app on iOS and Android? Here's how.

Former Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn calls Microsoft AOL news a good deal, and wanted to do it three year

Merely a couple of days after CEO Sataya Nadella emailed his employees saying the company would have to "make some tough choices in areas where things are not working," Microsoft announced it  would be shutting down its own ad display business and forming a new partnership with AOL.

Microsoft puts more than a dozen AC/DC albums on sale through Music Deals

AC/DC, the veteran rockers from down under, have consistently toured over the last thirty years, keeping the dream alive. In doing so, they have inspired legions of fans, who now (thanks to Microsoft) can get their eager hands on rather a good deal.Currently,

Surface Hub is now available for pre-order

When it was originally debuted by Microsoft, one thing was apparent about the Surface Hub, it was unlike almost anything before it. With an enormous screen and a theoretically limited appeal, it certainly hasn't managed to ignite the popular consciousness quite to the same degree at HoloLens.Yet,

San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

An anonymous reader writes "We've heard a few brief accounts recently of the housing situation in San Francisco, and how it's leading to protests, gentrification, and bad blood between long-time residents and the newer tech crowd. It's a complicated issue,












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Nvidia updates GeForce WHQL drivers for Windows 10, now Version 361.91

Today, Nvidia launched the latest official WHQL drivers for Windows 10 (and previous versions), 361.91.The post Nvidia updates GeForce WHQL drivers for Windows 10, now Version 361.91 appeared first on WinBeta.

古都添翼 首都航空来宁建基地开航线

北京2016年3月12日电 /美通社/ -- 3月12日首都航空新开南京=海口、南京=贵阳、南京=桂林、南京=重庆、南京=石家庄=呼和浩特5条南京出港航线,并投入3-5架飞机,建设首都航空公司南京基地。 首都航空全称北京首都航空有限公司,由北京市人民政府和海航集团有限公司共同出资组建,公司共运营飞机130余架,目前已经发展成为年收入近百亿、旅客运输量突破1000万人次的中型航空公司。其战略定位专注旅行服务,以航空为龙头整合旅游产业链的优势资源,致力于打造成一站式航空旅游服务供应商。

Sad Michael Bublé is not sure how to eat corn on the cob

Michael Bublé's favorite snack is Vertical Corn.The singer was spotted strolling around Disneyland in Hollywood this week looking a bit forlorn. In his hand? An ear of corn — a delicious theme park treat.In his mouth? The whole cob.SEE ALSO:

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