For the first time in 40 years, you can take selfies inside the White House

Get ready for your presidential selfie.Starting Wednesday, people on guided tours of the White House are allowed to take photos while inside. The end of the 40-year ban paves the way for visitors to snap away while exploring the president's home.See also:

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For the first time in 40 years, you can take selfies inside the White House

Get ready for your presidential selfie.Starting Wednesday, people on guided tours of the White House are allowed to take photos while inside. The end of the 40-year ban paves the way for visitors to snap away while exploring the president's home.See also:

Get Ready To See Way More Humble-Braggy Photos From White House Guests

Well this is certainly the icing on the cake for the best week of the Obama presidency. For the first time in 40 years, visitors to the White House will be allowed to document their visit with the camera of their choice, and for the first time ever,

Arab States Reportedly Offer to Conduct Airstrikes in Battle Against ISIS

Several unnamed Arab countries are willing to conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State in conjunction with the United States, Britain and other countries, according to a report published Sunday.

Meet Your Three New National Monuments

President Obama just created three new National Monuments, protecting over 1 million acres of land in California, Nevada and Texas for the enjoyment of the American people. Where are they, why were they protected and how can you use them? Let’s take a detailed look at each. Read more...

86 Viral Images From 2014 That Were Totally Fake

We debunked a lot of fake viral photos this year. Eighty-six, to be exact. And that doesn't even include all those fake toilet photos from the Sochi Olympics , those fake Ebola cures , and all the lies that UberFacts helped spread . It was a busy year for fakes.Read more...

The 'pee after sex' meme is doing a better job at sex ed than some schools

Twitter is doing a better job at teaching sex ed than most schools in the United States. In case your high school education failed you, too, doctors recommend that people pee after sex to help prevent urinary tract infections.

WhatsApp tests a new anti-spam feature that detects shady links

WhatsApp may soon have a new weapon in the fight  against one of the most insidious forms of spam: shady links.The messaging app is testing a new feature that can detect suspicious links within messages and warns users before they click, a company rep confirmed to Mashable.SEE ALSO:

Starbucks announces first U.S. 'Signing Store' for deaf and hard of hearing customers

Get ready for an entirely new Starbucks experience in the U.S. The coffee company announced Thursday that it will open the first U.S. store to be run in American Sign Language (ASL). The store will begin welcoming customers in Washington, D.C.,in October.

The Season 4 trailer for 'Better Call Saul' goes darker than ever before

The minds behind Better Call Saul have said that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will not appear in Season 4 of the Breaking Bad spinoff — but by the look of this trailer, things are getting bad for Saul. As he tries to claw his way back to being a lawyer after the events of Season 3,

Have summer allergies? Save $10 on this air purifier.

Just because spring is over doesn't mean you're done with allergy season. If you've ever had a cold in the middle of a heat wave, you very well know summer allergies are a thing, and they suck. Plus, if you live in a bustlin' metropolis,

Top 10 products on Prime Day, according to Mashable readers

RIP, Prime Day 2018. You were so popular that your site quite literally broke for a good portion of the first day, but did that stop all of us from spending way more than the limit we promised ourselves? Hell no.

9 things you absolutely do not need to bring to college

Just before September rolls around, college students far and wide start prepping for the year ahead — typically with a massive shopping trip to Target.There are so many things one needs to live comfortably in a dorm including (to name just a few items): shower shoes, a million pens,

'Ginger Pride' event could soon be a thing

LONDON — A pizza delivery driver from Plymouth is organising a "Ginger Pride" event in the South West of England.See also: What your favorite celebrities would look like as redheadsStuart Parry, who sports a fine head of ginger hair himself,

Shia LaBeouf went super patriotic at Mount Rushmore

It's never a dull day where Shia LaBeouf is involved.Fresh off a head wound sustained while shooting the upcoming film American Honey in North Dakota, LaBeouf headed off to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota to show off his patriotic side."America! You know...

Even the air is better in first class on this airline

First class passengers need not rely on their air of superiority because they're breathing superior air — at least on German airline Lufthansa.The airline recently installed humidifiers in the first class of its Airbus A380s,

电商平台邮乐网获1.1亿美元融资 估值达8.3亿美元

中国邮政与香港 TOM 集团合资成立的电子商务平台邮乐网,正式宣布获得 1.1 亿美元融资。据悉,经过此轮融资,邮乐网的估值达到 8.3 亿美元。

14 Weird Al Covers Illustrated in One Amazing White Board Video

Whether you laughed or cringed your way through all eight of Weird Al Yankovic's music videos that he released over the course of eight days, the successful campaign sent him to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chartTo congratulate Yankovic on his first ever number one album,



You Can Finally Buy the Design Manual That Defined the NYC Subway

Earlier this year we wrote about the unlikely story of three graphic designers who discovered a copy of the book that dictates every aspect of the subway system, forgotten in the basement of the design studio Pentagram. Now,


最近快的遭微信封杀的消息被媒体广泛传播,马化腾前脚在世界互联网大会上传递出微信将连接人与服务的信号,快的打车随 […]

objective c 代码块blocks完整总结一 - 放逐之风



威锋网讯 12 月 8 日消息,国家互联网信息办公室主任鲁炜近日在前往美国硅谷进行考察时与苹果现任 CEO 蒂姆·库克进行了会谈。据了解,双方的会谈重点是苹果产品在中国地区的安全保障。

What the hell is this UFO ejecting an orb filmed in California today?

This unidentified flying object was captured on video over Southern California. The UFO—which is producing a corkscrew tail that seems to indicate rotational movement—ejects some round thing that flies into another direction at a faster speed than the object itself. What can it all be?Read more.

如果复刻 Macintosh,这样子算不算最性感?

2014 年是电脑史上值得纪念的一年,虽然这一年没有什么惊爆眼球的电脑产品出现,不过这一年是 Mac 电脑发布 30 周年纪念。


导读:在线教育的余热还未散去,互联网医疗这块香喷喷的蛋糕已被提出来。BAT三大巨头的争相布局,究竟互联网医疗的 […]

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