A woman gives birth 10 years after her ovarian tissue was removed and frozen

A 27-year-old woman in Belgium is now a mom after giving birth to a baby more than a decade after her ovarian tissue was removed and frozen, according to a new study.The woman had her ovarian tissue frozen in her early teens,

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A woman gives birth 10 years after her ovarian tissue was removed and frozen

A 27-year-old woman in Belgium is now a mom after giving birth to a baby more than a decade after her ovarian tissue was removed and frozen, according to a new study.The woman had her ovarian tissue frozen in her early teens,

These Are the First Puppies Ever Produced By In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization for humans has been around since the late 1970s, but the same can’t be said for our canine companions. But now, after decades of research, scientists have finally produced the first live, healthy puppies from frozen embryos.Read more...

‘Smart Menstrual Cup’ Looncup Deciphers Your Menstrual Flow

I like to think I’m not squeamish about menstruation. I track my symptoms every month and am rarely hesitant to talk about periods with close (and even not so close) friends. I was still taken aback, however, when I heard about Looncup,

Two-Thirds of Cancer Cases Are Simply Down to Bad Luck

A new study suggests that two-thirds of cancer cases can be put down to the bad luck of random DNA mutations rather than unhealthy lifestyles or inherited genes.Read more...

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' is a solid lesson in how to update a genre-defining classic

I have not played Final Fantasy VII.Up until recently, all I knew of the 1997 PlayStation game was that there’s a spikey-haired man named Cloud who carries a comically oversized sword and fights Sephiroth, a “one-winged angel” who loves leather and hates hair ties. Accompanying Cloud is Tifa,

The 9 best (and weirdest) Quibi series to catch on the service's launch day

My streaming brethren, the Quibissance is upon us! After months of unbelievable press releases and baffling marketing maneuvers, Quibi — the "quick bites" streaming service optimized for mobile content — has launched. Starting today,

John Oliver's deep dive into One America News Network is scary, scary stuff

If someone were to mention a right-wing, American news organisation that occasionally dabbles in coronavirus misinformation, your first thought might well be Fox News.But apparently, there's one growing outlet that's even more extreme.Introducing One America News Network (OAN),

Politician has BBC Dad moment in live TV interview and it's truly a sign of the times

It's a sign of the times we're living in. Whether it's your child toddling into the background of your video call, or your semi-clothed roommate sauntering through a Zoom meeting, BBC Dad moments are a dime-a-dozen while many of us are staying home.We are, of course,

Eliminate gross smells around your home with this portable air cleaner

TL;DR: Let the spring cleaning begin with this portable rechargeable ozone generator for $24.99, a 24% savings as of April 6.Whether you have a closet that smells weird for some unknown reason, an old fridge that could really use a cleaning,

Get lifetime access to this social media manager, on sale for 91% off

TL;DR: Get a lifetime subscription to the Socialii Social Media Manager pro plan for $49.99, a 91% savings as of April 6.Even if you've been suddenly blessed (or burdened) with more free time these days, managing your social media presence is difficult.

Upgrade your Netflix setup with this wallet-friendly projector

TL;DR: Snag the Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector for $279.99, a 64% savings as of April 6.If you've been hunched over your laptop for the past few weeks watching every Netflix original, you're probably starting to feel it in your shoulders, neck, and back. Now that you're confined to your home,

Senate rubber stamps plan to block piracy websites in Australia

Websites found to be helping Australians to illegally download content are one step closer to being blocked.After one public hearing on the topic and only five recommendations of amendments to the bill,

The underground world of drone racing in Australia

There is an underground scene of drone racers in Australia, who are meeting up in rundown warehouses in the fringe suburbs of cities.On June 6, a race was held in the old Bradmill Warehouse on the outskirts of Melbourne. The competitors — FinalGlideAus, Strepto, Daz,

These could be the earliest photos of icebergs ever captured

American painter William Bradford is known as one of the first American artists to see the Arctic firsthand.His romanticist paintings depicted sweeping,

BlaBlaCar Raises A Massive $100 Million Round To Create A Global Long Distance Ride-Sharing Network

In what is the largest VC round in a French startup of all time, BlaBlaCar just raised a $100 million round led by Index Ventures, with existing investors Accel Partners, ISAI and Lead Edge Capital also participating in the round. Previously,



SQL Server 2016:全程加密

SQL Server 2016将通过新的全程加密特性让加密工作变得更简单,这项特性提供了某种方式,以确保在数据库中不会看到敏感列中的未加密值,并且无需对应用进行重写。 By Jonathan Allen Translated by 邵思华

BeautifulSoup学习笔记 - SevenForever

本文使用的是BeautifulSoup 3,现在已经有BeautifulSoup4了,名字改为bs4(1)下载与安装12#BeautifulSoup的下载与安装pipinstallBeautifulSoup另外也可以下载安装包进行安装(2)快速开始1234#BeautifulSoup 快速开始htm...

The countries using Google Search to eat and live healthier

Of all the Google searches on health over the last year, one predominant theme emerged worldwide: healthy diets and eating well.How to eat healthy, healthy body mass index parameters, how to lose weight and how to eat healthy on a budget all ranked among the world's top 10 search queries,

3 firefighters killed battling Washington state wildfire

TWISP, Wash. — Three firefighters were killed and three to four others were injured Wednesday as raging wildfires advanced on towns in north-central Washington, authorities said.Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said the deaths, in a wildfire near Twisp, had been confirmed,

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Microsoft Is Being Sued for Sex Discrimination

Remember when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told women not to ask for raises, but to “have faith” that they’d get one eventually? According to a class action suit against Microsoft,

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