You Can Now Study Miley Cyrus for College Credit

Let's call this a Bachelor's degree in the (pop) arts.Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. plans to offer a summer course on Miley Cyrus, entitled "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media." See also:

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You Can Now Study Miley Cyrus for College Credit

Let's call this a Bachelor's degree in the (pop) arts.Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. plans to offer a summer course on Miley Cyrus, entitled "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media." See also:

Poorly attended blockchain conference offers much-needed reality check

It's 8:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning at the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco, and the emcee is stoked. 

The 'pee after sex' meme is doing a better job at sex ed than some schools

Twitter is doing a better job at teaching sex ed than most schools in the United States. In case your high school education failed you, too, doctors recommend that people pee after sex to help prevent urinary tract infections.

WhatsApp tests a new anti-spam feature that detects shady links

WhatsApp may soon have a new weapon in the fight  against one of the most insidious forms of spam: shady links.The messaging app is testing a new feature that can detect suspicious links within messages and warns users before they click, a company rep confirmed to Mashable.SEE ALSO:

Starbucks announces first U.S. 'Signing Store' for deaf and hard of hearing customers

Get ready for an entirely new Starbucks experience in the U.S. The coffee company announced Thursday that it will open the first U.S. store to be run in American Sign Language (ASL). The store will begin welcoming customers in Washington, D.C.,in October.

The Season 4 trailer for 'Better Call Saul' goes darker than ever before

The minds behind Better Call Saul have said that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will not appear in Season 4 of the Breaking Bad spinoff — but by the look of this trailer, things are getting bad for Saul. As he tries to claw his way back to being a lawyer after the events of Season 3,

Have summer allergies? Save $10 on this air purifier.

Just because spring is over doesn't mean you're done with allergy season. If you've ever had a cold in the middle of a heat wave, you very well know summer allergies are a thing, and they suck. Plus, if you live in a bustlin' metropolis,

Top 10 products on Prime Day, according to Mashable readers

RIP, Prime Day 2018. You were so popular that your site quite literally broke for a good portion of the first day, but did that stop all of us from spending way more than the limit we promised ourselves? Hell no.

Facebook Will Use Drones and Lasers to 'Beam' Internet to the World

Facebook plans to use drones, satellites and lasers to deliver Internet to the world.After announcing last year, an initiative to improve Internet access across the globe, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Connectivity Lab,

Ukraine's 'Gas Princess' Joins 'Dr. Iron Fist' and 'Chocolate King' in Presidential Race

KIEV, Ukraine — In case she didn’t make it clear when she returned from medical treatment in Germany last week when she tweeted, “Good day. I’m back. In every way,” Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Ukrainian prime minister with the trademark blonde braid,

The Uniform That Makes Soldiers' Body Heat Invisible to Enemies

American soldiers may soon be able to hide their body heat from any enemy who uses a thermal imaging device to find them.

Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"

StartsWithABang writes "From physics to biology, from health and medicine to environmental and climate science, you'll frequently hear claims that the science is settled. Meanwhile, those who disagree with the conclusions will clamor that science can never be 'settled,


其实,你真想让学员对在线教学能有沉浸式体验还是不难的,教育内容、时长控制、语音组织、互动……搞定这个,体验就不 […]


Surface Pro系列已经升级到第三代,微软通过各种营销手段来促进Pro 3预订的同时也希望尽快清理掉积压在库存中的老款Surface型号,除了传统的降价促销之外微软已经找到了Surface的最佳的释放渠道——教育领域。

This Meteor Missile Can Fly Farther Than the Eye Can See

Sweden doesn't readily spring to mind when discussing global military powerhouses, but the European nation is far from being a pushover. In fact,

C#4.0语法糖之第四篇: 扩展方法 - 腰苏图的学习之路


方型机身重现江湖,Canon PowerShot N2 发表

Canon 在去年 CES 上拿出了一只方方正正、左右对称的 PowerShot N 相机,主打左右手拿都方便使用,自拍也容易。实际上用起来 PowerShot N 有些微妙,所以后来推出"正常"形状的 N100...

Job site Glassdoor raises $70 million from Google Capital and others

Glassdoor, a job site perhaps best known for its anonymous employee reviews, has raised $70 million in funding to continue building out job search and recruiting tools for employees and employers in the U.S.

Korean Air 'nut rage' exec could spend 3 years in prison over plane incident

South Korean prosecutors recommended 3 years in prison on Monday for the former Korean Air executive charged with endangering flight safety after an in-flight tantrum over how she was served macadamia nuts.Cho, the daughter of Korean Air's chairman, has pleaded not guilty to four charges.

39 power-hungry songs for the Frank Underwood in you

If you've been binge-watching House of Cards, you know there's only one thing Frank Underwood cares about: powerThe show's protagonist has repeatedly shown he'll stop at nothing to get ahead, and Season 3 has proven no differentSee also:

Tim Cook说,医疗是Apple再一次改变世界的着力点

昨天,在接受全球著名财经媒体CNBC电话采访时,Apple CEO Tim Cook提到,汽车和住宅都将成为Apple未来重点探索的领域,而医疗则是重中之重。

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