Kleiner casts itself as victim as Ellen Pao case is turned over to the jury

SAN FRANCISCO — After four and a half weeks of courtroom drama, Ellen Pao's high-profile gender bias suit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers was turned over to the jury for deliberations on Wednesday morning. As soon as closing arguments were finished,

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This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight sale offers Mortal Kombat X, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordo

This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale has commenced and offers a number of popular titles at discounted prices, which are not only available for Xbox Live Gold members, but other subscribers as...The post This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight sale offers Mortal Kombat X,

This week’s Deals with Gold offers Devil May Cry, Batman Arkham Knight and lots more

This week’s Deals with Gold are in and offer a plethora of games and add-ons for Xbox One and Xbox 360 at attractive discounts (via Major Nelson). Some of the games include Devil May...The post This week’s Deals with Gold offers Devil May Cry,

This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale offers The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed IV

Every week, Microsoft offers popular Xbox titles at attractive discounts for users with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, as well as silver for a few games. This weeks Deals with Gold are in...The post This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale offers The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,

This week’s Deals with Gold offers Grand Theft Auto 5, The Elder Scrolls and more

It’s that time of the week when we look at what Microsoft has to offer to its Xbox Live Gold subscribers. As with every week, the latest deals offer a number of popular titles...The post This week’s Deals with Gold offers Grand Theft Auto 5, The Elder Scrolls and more appeared first on WinBeta.

This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight sale offers Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR, Worms Battleground and

This week’s Deals with Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360 are here and features a number of popular gaming titles for both consoles with discounts as high as 67 percent (via Major Nelson)....The post This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight sale offers Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR,

Kylo Ren — er, Adam Driver — to host 'Saturday Night Live'

It's a good time to be Adam Driver. His new movie — maybe you've heard of it? — is on track to earn $250 million this weekend alone; the fifth season of his critically acclaimed HBO series, Girls, is premiering in February; and just moments ago,

14 fabulously festive highlights from Christmas Jumper Day

LONDON — One Friday in December is a very, very important day in the UK calendar — it's a day that divides some people while bringing others closer together; a day that sees both humans and animals displaying their festive cheer like a bauble-covered badge of honour.See also:


Some Pizza Hut staffers rang in 2016 with — what else — bong hits at Pizza Hut

Everyone celebrates the New Year differently. Some people go out for drinks while others spend a quiet evening home with board games.Still others ring it in by smoking it out.A group of Pizza Hut employees in Cypress, California, celebrate by taking enormous bong rips at work — and then filming it,

'The Revenant' mauled the Golden Globes — but can 'Spotlight' crawl back?

LOS ANGELES — In a breathtaking ambush, The Revenant thoroughly dominated the Golden Globes on Sunday, picking up Best Picture — Drama, Best Director for Alejandro Iñárritu and Best Actor — Drama for Leonardo DiCaprioIn this otherwise wide-open awards season,

Reddit's r/WallStreetBets took on Wall Street, and the memes are priceless

Because memes, unlike gains, are forever.As members of the r/wallstreetbets subreddit continued their ongoing battle with short selling hedge funds Wednesday, driving the price of GameStop (and theater chain AMC) even higher in the process, the rest of the internet did what it does best:

Electric cars and e-bikes have officially merged into one vehicle — Future Blink

LEF is a three-wheeled electric car and e-bike combination with a 220V socket so you can truly take it anywhere.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Electric Vehicles, Electric Car, Electric Bike, and Charging Station

You can actually protect your noggin with this bike helmet made of fungus and hay — Future Bli

The "Grow It Yourself" helmet is supposedly the first bio-fabricated bike helmet ever.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Fungus, Biking, Bike Helmet, and Compost

Reddit’s r/WallstreetBets breaks all-time traffic record as hedge fund bleeds

GameStop's stock isn't the only thing being driven to the moon.Reddit's WallstreetBets broke all-time traffic records this week as tens of millions of visitors flocked to the subreddit. Driving the surge is an unlikely face-off between David-like retail investors vs.

Vivid images show the powerful cyclone deluging California

A potent, comma-shaped storm has moved over a large swath of California, promising to deluge regions in hazardous rains and thick snow.It's a mid-latitude cyclone, which is generally a counterclockwise spinning mass of air in this part (latitude) of the world. And it's an impressively wet storm:

Google Maps adds EV route planning feature that’ll be familiar to Tesla drivers

When planning a long trip with an electric car, finding charging stations can be cumbersome. Unless you have a Tesla, that is. They calculate your stops based on where you're going and how much juice you'll have left in the battery. From Wednesday, electric cars using Google software,

Upgrading your TV for an Xbox Series X or PS5? This 8K Samsung display is on sale.

SAVE $802, GET A $200 CREDIT: Amazon has the 65-inch Samsung Q800T series TV on sale on for just $2,697.99 (normally $3,499.99) as of Jan. 27 — a 23% savings. Through Feb. 7,

Starbucks celebrates 20 years of icy beverages with Birthday Cake Frappuccino

Just when you thought you shoved enough Starbucks down your throat, the company introduces a limited edition flavor for you to love and watch disappearTo celebrate the frappuccino's 20th anniversary, Starbucks is rolling out a "Birthday Cake Frappuccino" for just five days of caffeinated-goodness,

Steven Spielberg straps in for 'Ready Player One' movie at Warner Bros.

LOS ANGELES — Among working directors today, Steven Spielberg is still the No. 1 player — and he's ready to tackle a huge cinematic challenge.Spielberg has committed to direct an adaptation of Ready Player One, Ernest Cline's '80s pop-culture laced sci-fi novel set in a virtual reality world,

Introducing the StarTrack Online Retailers Industry Awards

Hold the phone, there’s a new awards night in town. They’re called the StarTrack Online Retailer Industry Awards (ORIAS) and they celebrate the best in the business.The StarTrack ORIAS are the largest and most prestigious awards in Australasia.



When 'Game of Thrones' Fans Saw That Red Viper Scene...

This post contains spoilers from Sunday's Game of Thrones episode "The Mountain and the Viper." Read at your own discretion. How are you holding up? It's been two days since Game of Thrones threw us another mind-blowing curveball during Sunday's episode, "The Mountain and the Viper,

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英国今年晚些时候将推新应用程序 可跟踪孩子手机使用情况


來會會你的「小粉絲」吧~FaceBook 建立粉絲團超簡單!(二)詳細設定你的粉絲團

上個月寫了篇教你怎麼成立粉絲團的文章:來會會你的「小粉絲」吧~FaceBook 建立粉絲團超簡單!


这是一个挺有意思的问题,涉及到药代动力学(Pharmacokinetics)和药效学(Pharmacodynamics)(感谢 @王小二 指正)。现有的回答都说得不错,我就做一点补充吧。


在软件发展的整体框架中,信息应用的革新步伐无疑最为迅猛。不错,在手机上打字着实是一个令人讨厌的体验:你所能接触到的键盘仅仅占据着屏幕的其中一部分,你只能通过大拇指不断地敲击键盘以表达自己的意思。尽管用手机打字的体验如此糟糕,但我们还是无止境地敲击着手机的屏幕。我们会全天候地发送和接收各种各样的信息,不论是喜怒哀乐我们都会通过信息表达出来。我们会向身边的所有人发送信息,信息功能无疑已经成为了我们手机的首要功能。 我们为什么会使用手机发送信息? 尽管手机的打字体验确实存在一定的缺陷,但得益于手机这个介质的固有优势,手机输入得到了广泛应用。


上周英国著名的主题公园奥尔顿塔推出了一个特色的虚拟现实过山车项目, 游客头戴VR设备即能体验太空深处“遨游”,包括熔覆的行星和虫洞。而日前英国另一个大型主题公园——索普公园(Thorpe Park)日前宣布,将联合英国著名魔术师和心理学家达伦•布朗(Derren Brown)推出一个全新的虚拟现实项目——“为21世纪重新创造的幽灵列车”。

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