IFTTT rebrands with 3 new apps that make your life easier with one touch

IFTTT is taking its automating superpowers to a whole new level.The company expanded its automation platform in a big way on Thursday with three new standalone apps and a rebranded flagship app.See also: 5 helpful IFTTT LinkedIn recipes for job seekersIFTTT, which stands for "if this,

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IFTTT rebrands with 3 new apps that make your life easier with one touch

IFTTT is taking its automating superpowers to a whole new level.The company expanded its automation platform in a big way on Thursday with three new standalone apps and a rebranded flagship app.See also: 5 helpful IFTTT LinkedIn recipes for job seekersIFTTT, which stands for "if this,

IFTTT Launches 3 “Do” Apps To Automate Photo Sharing, Tasks, Notes; Rebrands Main App “IF”

IFTTT made its name in the tech world with a platform for “Recipes” that people could use to automate online and mobile actions in and between different apps and services — developer mechanics, simplified. Today, 

IFTTT Finally Comes to Google Play With Special Android Powers

IFTTT, the service that automates the apps and services you use every day, has finally rolled into Google Play, bringing new tools to the service's Android users.The Android app comes with six new channels for recipes specially optimized for Android devices.See also:

Microsoft adds Office 365 channel with 30 new recipes on IFTTT

IFTTT (an abbreviation for If This Then That) is a popular web-based service that helps users automate connections between other web services. It allows users to automate tasks between other web services by setting up customized conditional statements called recipes.

15 Clever Recipes to Try With IFTTT's New Do Apps

Good news! One of our favorite web services—IFTTT—has been updated with some extra features making it more useful than ever before. The new Do apps bring one-tap magic to your phone (or smartwatch) and can be used to quickly push out photos, trigger actions and create notes.

With A Series Of Upgrades, Dash Becomes A Viable Competitor Among Smart Driving Apps

Dash, a smart driving app that’s something of a “Fitbit for you car,” is now rolling out a series of updates, including integration with notifications platform IFTTT, as well as an API for third-party developers, and more. The company has also beaten competitors to an international launch,

IFTTT Rolls Out Powerful New Twitter Triggers For Searches, Mentions, Location Tracking And More

Just over a year ago, “internet glue” service IFTTT, which lets you define triggers to automate actions associated with your online accounts and services, rolled out a new set of Twitter triggers that complied with Twitter’s new rules for developers. Today,

Yahoo Sunsets Yahoo Pipes, An IFTT Precursor, Along With Yahoo Maps And More

Before there were tools like IFTTT, which lets you mash up data from web services along with other content in new ways, there was Yahoo Pipes,

Tray.io Raises $2.2M For An IFTTT-Style “Integration Marketplace” To Connect Enterprise Apps

Enterprises collectively spend $500 billion annually working with system integrators to link up the apps and services they use to run their businesses so that they can work together. Now, tapping into the growth of APIs for everything, a new company out of London, tray.io,

Pinterest Rolls Out Its First Development Platform Integrations

Pinterest’s first partners for its developer platform, which began opening up in May this year, are starting to roll out — with Polyvore and If This Then That (IFTTT) being among the first. Pinterest plans to slowly open up its developer platform,

Charge your smartphones on the go with these portable power banks

Do you find yourself always running out of battery when you need it the most? If so, it may be worth investing in a portable power bank so you can charge your phone whenever and wherever you are. SEE ALSO: New breakthrough could make batteries safer—without compromising power, chargeToday,

Gwen Stefani gets destroyed by Gwen Stefani superfan while playing Gwen Stefani quiz

Imagine having a fan who loves you so much they know more about you than you do.Well Gwen Stefani doesn't have to imagine. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, she went up against a superfan for a rapid-fire game of "Who knows Gwen Stefani?"SEE ALSO:

Plastic straws, cotton buds, and drinks stirrers could be banned in the UK

The UK government has announced plans to ban the sale of plastic straws, drink stirrers, and plastic-stemmed cotton buds in an effort to cut down on single-use plastics waste. SEE ALSO: These people are giving up plastic for Lent and it's all because of 'Blue Planet II'In an official statement,

Secure your data with this password manager that's on sale

If you’re still using the same password you used in college, then you don’t have the right to mock babyboomers for not understanding technology. In this age of ransomware and leakage, there’s no excuse for playing it fast and loose with your precious data.

You need fast-drying bath towels and here's why

You might've gone through life without putting too much thought into your bath towels, but that's all about to change. Truth is, the type of towels you buy matters. Sure, it's important that your super plush towels feel soft against your skin and absorb all the excess water from your hair and body,

This app can help determine the risk of diabetes for people in rural India

A new healthcare app could help people in India determine their risk of developing diabetes.Launched in New Delhi on Wednesday, the Australian-developed app forms part of the SMARThealth program created by Sydney-based The George Institute for Global Health,

Victoria Beckham and Shaq star in the weirdest 'Sharknado' parody ever

We have a feeling this whole concept was probably borne from someone on The Late Late Show really, really wanting to make the "Shaqnado" pun.SEE ALSO: Victoria Beckham and James Corden spice it up for 'Carpool Karaoke' in this spoof trailerAs a concept it's a tad thin,

Uber: Military drivers made $18 million in 6 months

Uber announced on Wednesday that over 10,000 members of the military community have signed up as drivers since last fall.The popular on-demand car service launched a program in September dubbed UberMILITARY to enlist 50,000 service members, veterans and military spouses as drivers by early 2016.

When super-soaps collide: Neighbours recreates Eastenders

LONDON — Welcome to East Erinsborough, half Eastenders, half Neighbours.Cast members from Australia's long-running soap made the short sketch for the much loved British soap,

Dove's Twitter Oscars program attempts to reverse damage of negative tweets

People turn to social media to discuss how celebrities look while walking the red carpet at the Oscars, but the comments, of course, aren't always positive.Not only do we often see critical tweets about actresses in their gowns,

Windows Phone app highlights: Dot Defense, myMoney, and myTrekData

In today's Windows Phone app highlight post, we are going to showcase three apps, sent to us by their respective app developers. If you are an app developer and wish to have your app showcased on our site, simply contact us and give us the details! Lets begin.

eBay Now Allows Virtual Currency Sales

eBay, owners of payment service PayPal, has quietly added a new Virtual Currency category to their sales site, allowing users to sell virtual currency like bitcoin, as well as miners, and mining contracts. Read More

苹果和Android 设备用户间确实有经济差距

上图来自风险投资公司安德森·霍洛维茨基金(Andreessen Horowitz)分析师本·伊万斯(Ben Evans)。通过该图表,分析师反应了 Facebook 活跃iOS 和 Android 用户在地域上的分布情况。

[图]考验玩家知识面:谷歌推出Smarty Pins​网页游戏

近日谷歌基于Google Maps应用研发名为“Smarty Pins”网页版游戏,结合地理位置信息考察玩家所涉猎的信息量和知识面。


evleaks刚刚在推特上放出的爆料信息量略大了些:微软将推出基于Android开发的Lumia手机,来自No […]

Eaze 大麻速递服务上线,立志成为「大麻界的 Uber」

McCarty 在 Eaze 的办公室里分配大麻,每份大麻 8 盎司(加州个人合法携带大麻的最大重量),每个司机一份。大部分订单为 1/8 盎司,售价 50 美元。也即每个司机一班跑 64 位客人。目前,司机每运送一单,抽成 10 美元。

升级5英寸800万像素 新一代廉价Moto G规格曝光

Moto G2 是摩托罗拉针对中低端市场的主打机型,虽然该机子 1 月份的时候才刚刚发布,但由于其硬件性价比和良好的用户体验,在世界各地赢得了很多新的用户和收益。

中国移动寻找收购机会 网络升级开支翻番


【Python⑤】python序列---list和tuple - 网络爬虫_小正

sequence 序列sequence(序列)是一组有顺序的对象的集合。序列可以包含一个或多个元素,也可以没有任何元素。我们之前所说的基本数据类型,都可以作为序列的对象。对象还可以是另一个序列。


“Garrett盖瑞特”具有原厂品质的售后配件保证优良的性能、可靠性和产品价值 法兰克福2014年9月22日电 /美通社/ -- 在正在举办的2014法兰克福汽车零配件展上,全球领先的汽车涡轮增压器技术供应商霍尼韦尔(纽约证券交易所代码:HON)力促售后市场“坚持买正品”,并在展会上集中展示了凝聚现代制造技术精华和业界首创技术、面向整车企业以及通过“Garrett 盖瑞特”品牌为售后市场提供的系列产品。

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