IFTTT rebrands with 3 new apps that make your life easier with one touch

IFTTT is taking its automating superpowers to a whole new level.The company expanded its automation platform in a big way on Thursday with three new standalone apps and a rebranded flagship app.See also: 5 helpful IFTTT LinkedIn recipes for job seekersIFTTT, which stands for "if this,

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IFTTT rebrands with 3 new apps that make your life easier with one touch

IFTTT is taking its automating superpowers to a whole new level.The company expanded its automation platform in a big way on Thursday with three new standalone apps and a rebranded flagship app.See also: 5 helpful IFTTT LinkedIn recipes for job seekersIFTTT, which stands for "if this,

IFTTT Launches 3 “Do” Apps To Automate Photo Sharing, Tasks, Notes; Rebrands Main App “IF”

IFTTT made its name in the tech world with a platform for “Recipes” that people could use to automate online and mobile actions in and between different apps and services — developer mechanics, simplified. Today, 

IFTTT Finally Comes to Google Play With Special Android Powers

IFTTT, the service that automates the apps and services you use every day, has finally rolled into Google Play, bringing new tools to the service's Android users.The Android app comes with six new channels for recipes specially optimized for Android devices.See also:

Microsoft adds Office 365 channel with 30 new recipes on IFTTT

IFTTT (an abbreviation for If This Then That) is a popular web-based service that helps users automate connections between other web services. It allows users to automate tasks between other web services by setting up customized conditional statements called recipes.

15 Clever Recipes to Try With IFTTT's New Do Apps

Good news! One of our favorite web services—IFTTT—has been updated with some extra features making it more useful than ever before. The new Do apps bring one-tap magic to your phone (or smartwatch) and can be used to quickly push out photos, trigger actions and create notes.

With A Series Of Upgrades, Dash Becomes A Viable Competitor Among Smart Driving Apps

Dash, a smart driving app that’s something of a “Fitbit for you car,” is now rolling out a series of updates, including integration with notifications platform IFTTT, as well as an API for third-party developers, and more. The company has also beaten competitors to an international launch,

IFTTT Rolls Out Powerful New Twitter Triggers For Searches, Mentions, Location Tracking And More

Just over a year ago, “internet glue” service IFTTT, which lets you define triggers to automate actions associated with your online accounts and services, rolled out a new set of Twitter triggers that complied with Twitter’s new rules for developers. Today,

Yahoo Sunsets Yahoo Pipes, An IFTT Precursor, Along With Yahoo Maps And More

Before there were tools like IFTTT, which lets you mash up data from web services along with other content in new ways, there was Yahoo Pipes,

Tray.io Raises $2.2M For An IFTTT-Style “Integration Marketplace” To Connect Enterprise Apps

Enterprises collectively spend $500 billion annually working with system integrators to link up the apps and services they use to run their businesses so that they can work together. Now, tapping into the growth of APIs for everything, a new company out of London, tray.io,

Pinterest Rolls Out Its First Development Platform Integrations

Pinterest’s first partners for its developer platform, which began opening up in May this year, are starting to roll out — with Polyvore and If This Then That (IFTTT) being among the first. Pinterest plans to slowly open up its developer platform,

Internet providers block sites that host Christchurch terror attack video

It's been a struggle for internet companies to contain a live streamed video of the Christchurch terror attack.In light of this, internet service providers are teaming up to block sites which refuse to take down the video, echoing calls by police and government for people to stop sharing it.

'Call of Duty: Mobile' is officially coming to Android and iOS devices

Get ready for head-to-head battles during your commute, as Activision and Tencent delivered details and a trailer for Call of Duty: Mobile on Monday.Call of Duty: Mobile will take the form of a standalone, free-to-play, first-person game brimming with maps like Nuketown and Crash,

'Dead Pixels' is a new comedy that lovingly pokes fun at gaming culture

In Dead Pixels, we follow a group of friends who pass the majority of their time together on the green pastures of the online game Kingdom Scroll — a fictional RPG that just happens to look a whole lot like World of Warcraft.

Lessons from 'Chopped' with Ted Allen: The 15 most rage-inducing mistakes in the TV kitchen

Food Network's Chopped invokes a certain kind of screaming-at-your-TV-screen carnal energy — the baskets! the knife injuries! the leaving an ingredient off the plate when it's sitting RIGHT THERE! After 10 years and 40 seasons on the air,

UFC pay-per-view fights will now only be available with an ESPN+ subscription

Mixed martial arts fans are going to need an ESPN+ subscription if they don’t already have one.UFC has expanded a deal with ESPN which will make all of its pay-per-view events exclusive to the Disney-owned sports network’s ESPN+ service. Starting with UFC 236 on April 13,

SpaceX tests starship's heat shield tiles

Elon Musk is determined to get to Mars and return home, but in order for a spacecraft to re-enter Earth's atmosphere, it needs to be able to withstand the heat. Yesterday, SpaceX tested the heat shield tiles that allow the company's Starship interplanetary spacecraft to do just that.

These Photos of Fake People Will Freak You Out

Read more...More about Artificial Intelligence, Ai, Mashabler Reels, Tech, and Other

Uber: Military drivers made $18 million in 6 months

Uber announced on Wednesday that over 10,000 members of the military community have signed up as drivers since last fall.The popular on-demand car service launched a program in September dubbed UberMILITARY to enlist 50,000 service members, veterans and military spouses as drivers by early 2016.

When super-soaps collide: Neighbours recreates Eastenders

LONDON — Welcome to East Erinsborough, half Eastenders, half Neighbours.Cast members from Australia's long-running soap made the short sketch for the much loved British soap,

Dove's Twitter Oscars program attempts to reverse damage of negative tweets

People turn to social media to discuss how celebrities look while walking the red carpet at the Oscars, but the comments, of course, aren't always positive.Not only do we often see critical tweets about actresses in their gowns,

德国新家庭自动化系统 老人摔倒尽早通知

先不谈老人在外头摔倒这种扫兴又难办的问题,体弱的老人上班时段在家里不慎跌倒确实需要大家去关注。还好,现在出现了一种被称为 safe@Home 的家庭自动化系统,或许能够阻止悲剧发生。  

5 Common Objects That Look 300x Cooler Under a Microscope

A microscope can reveal the fascinating world hiding in everyday objects.If you paid any attention in science class, you know that tiny cells and molecules form the building blocks of most things. Everyday things can look completely different — even otherworldly — when magnifiedSee also:

LG G3超高仿机模现身零售店 真机很快将销售

LG 推迟到夏季的 2014 年旗下首款旗舰 LG G3 也蓄意待发,LG 官方也确认了该机子将与下周发布,并做了很多预热广告,目前离正式发布也仅有不到三天的时间了,实际上 G3 的大多数详细细节都已经在网络上被曝光出来,不过泄露并没有停止。  


借此世界杯来临之际,特意奉上世界杯资深球迷速成装B指南,以供雄性动物们参考,望能够帮助他们在六月掳到一个女伪球迷。  时间有限,每个队只说 10 条,其他的需要个人自己发挥。  先说帅哥众多,女伪球迷 ... ...


威锋网讯,上周五,一家位于德州名为 Cedatech Holdings 的有限责任公司向苹果发起了专利侵权诉讼,他们在该诉讼中表示苹果在 2010 年的时候使用了一个属于他们的名为“整合音频或视频程序的应用”专利。

The Future For Artists And Celebrities (And YouTubers) Is Direct Intimacy

The most-watched Game of Thrones episode ever, this past season’s finale, had 8.11 million viewers. Meanwhile, Pentatonix, a musical a capella group on YouTube since 2012, gets 10 million views each week. My point isn’t that these personalities will eventually replace premium content,

Gabe Aul: Next Windows 10 Mobile build close, PC build facing “a challenging bug”

Microsoft’s promise to show up at all partners’ device events seems to not have deterred Gabe Aul from his usual emotion-manipulating Twitter postings. And today is a downer day, unfortunately. In response to a question...The post Gabe Aul: Next Windows 10 Mobile build close,

魅族苹果混合体 HTC One M10渲染图曝光

HTC药丸(要完)的梗已经在机友圈流传很久了,但其实单单2015年,HTC就推出了24款手机。能和三星比机海战略的,或许就只剩HTC了。但除了多下巴和坑爹性价比外,HTC机型并未让大家留下太多深刻的印象。上一年末推出的 ... ...

MBP用户注意 苹果已延长视频故障免费维修

威锋网 2 月 21 日消息  去年 2 月苹果曾宣布召回一部分 MacBook Pro,并承诺为出现视频故障的 MacBook Pro 提供免费维修服务,就在截止日期(本月 27 日)即将到来之时,官方将之延长到了今年年底。  如今前往苹果官网的“适用于视频问题的 MacBook Pro 维修扩展计划”页面会发现,数天前保修服务的截止期限已更新并延长至 2016 年 12 月 31 日,或自产品原始销售之日起 4 年内(以时间较长者为准)。  

运行时(runtime)的官方翻译。。 - 小董老师

OC_runtime运行时官方文档翻译 [摘要:Objective-C的运转时参考 配套指北 Objective-C的运转时编程指北 正在宣告 IONDRVLibraries.h NSObjCRuntime.h objc / message.h objc / objc-api.h objc / ob

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