Men Are Now Pinterest’s Fastest-Growing Demographic

The men are coming to Pinterest. The site, still known best as a collection of craft ideas, recipes, and cute outfits, has traditionally attracted a largely female audience – as high as 70% or 80% female, depending on whose metrics you cite.

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Men Are Now Pinterest’s Fastest-Growing Demographic

The men are coming to Pinterest. The site, still known best as a collection of craft ideas, recipes, and cute outfits, has traditionally attracted a largely female audience – as high as 70% or 80% female, depending on whose metrics you cite. Is A Place Where Women Can Engage In Real Talk Online — No Men Allowed

From middle school girls’ sleepovers to more codified groups like the “Ladies’ Four O’Clock Club,” women have known for ages that there’s something special about the conversational dynamic that happens when a group of females get together.

How To Hire Female Engineers

“I’m worried about my company becoming too dude-ish,” the founder said. “How do I hire more women engineers?” I gladly took that call. A leader’s job is to build the team with as few blind spots as possible (“diverse by construction”), then guide them to their potential.

Asana up 39% and Palantir still holding as both direct listings hit the public markets

Two direct listings in one day. Lots to talk about. Asana started trading just a bit after noon Eastern today, quickly zooming to roughly $29 a share in early trading this afternoon. We are still waiting for the first trades of Palantir to hit the market.

Twilio launches an app for frontline workers, a free 1:1 video toolkit and a new IoT platform

Twilio is hosting its annual Signal conference today and as usual, the company is using the event to launch a host of new products and features. For the most part, especially if you’re a web or mobile developer, these are not groundbreaking new features. The core Twilio services, after all,

Dear Sophie: Will October 2020 Visa Bulletin changes expedite my immigration case?

I’ve been waiting for years for my green card. Is there any way to expedite my case? What does the October shift in Visa Bulletin priority dates mean for me?

Online garden shop Bloomscape raises $15M Series B, acquires plant care app Vera

If you thought to invest in more plants or started growing a small garden during 2020’s coronavirus lockdowns, you weren’t alone. According to Bloomscape, a company that ships live plants straight from greenhouses to customers’ homes, a number of people become interested in plants this year,

Dfinity’s valuation soars to $9.5Bn after revealing its governance system and token economics

We’ve been tracking one of the few genuinely interesting stories to come out of the blockchain world, ever since Dfinity raised $102M from Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital for a decentralised ‘Internet Computer’ to rival AWS in August last year. It later revealed more this past January,

Twitch launches a rights-cleared music catalog for streamers, Soundtrack by Twitch

Twitch today is introducing a new tool, Soundtrack by Twitch, that will allows it creators to add licensed music within their streams. The feature, which has been in development over the past year, is meant to not only make it easier to find rights-cleared music,

Applicants say a DC Bar website bug exposed their personal data and background checks

Lawyers applying for a license to practice law in Washington, D.C.,say a security lapse by the bar association exposed their application files, including their government-issued IDs and background checks. Applicants said the District of Columbia Bar,

Microsoft Buys Israeli Hybrid Cloud Security Startup Aorato In $200M Deal

Microsoft today confirmed that it has acquired Aorato, an Israel-based maker of security solutions, co-founded by veterans of the Israeli defense forces, which only exited from stealth earlier this year.

SXSW Starts A VC Fund To Give Its Official App Maker Eventbase $2 Million

The creator of SXSW’s official mobile event guide app, Eventbase, has raised $2 million in Series A funding from the coffers of the music, film and interactive festival. “This is the first of its kind. We formed this LLC specifically for Eventbase,” relayed SXSW’s CTO Scott Wilcox.

Facebook Debuts ‘Privacy Basics’ And Updates Policies To Reflect More Personalized Ads

Facebook has a new update to its privacy policies, as well as its terms and conditions for users. This time around,

Teens Are Literally Crawling on the Floor For the New Snapchat

The level of interest app-makers can command for adding new features is usually limited to a dutiful parroting of the press release on tech blogs. Maybe a mass privacy freakout, if you're lucky. (Sucks, but at least you know they care!) The bros at Snapchat, however,


在经过 10 个月的协商后,苹果终于获得了旧金山当地相关机构的允许来新建一家 Apple Store。现在苹果正在试图说服当地城市来允许他们移除位于新店一侧的 7 株鹅掌揪(tulip trees),以便他们能够正式开展建筑工作。

People Might Actually Care Who You Are Thanks To This DIY LED Nametag

The next time you're at a conference and forced to wear a humiliating nametag, swap that sharpied sticker for this LED badge you build yourself. The soft glow of its 50 red LEDs is sure to have your fellow attendees actually caring what your name is, what you do,

Spotify's music map shows UK fans are obsessed with local artists

LONDON — Music fans in the UK have pretty geographically tribal listening habits, a new interactive map from Spotify has revealed.Their Musical Map: Cities of the World project has mapped the unique tunes played in nearly 1,000 cities across the world, from Vancouver to Auckland.



LG将发可弯曲的电视 用磁铁就能粘墙上

可卷起来的电子设备,虽然它们还没有正式来到我们面前,但它已经在半路了。君不见,最近市场上那么多曲面电视机和曲面屏幕手机,比如 Galaxy Note 5 和 S6 Edge+,还有 LG G Flex 两代手机?  

视频网站Hulu将为三星Gear VR推出虚拟现实应用



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2015年百度投资之路 您可能也喜欢的文章: 百度大数据等:2015中国自由行市场研究报告 BAT分化:百度“割肉”赌未来?


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