Microsoft set to unveil its wearable smartwatch "within weeks", will run on Android, iOS and Windows

相关内容: that Microsoft smartwatch platforms will more devi

Lean Hardware: Breeding Hardware Unicorns

About a year ago, Aileen Lee from Cowboy Ventures wrote her seminal piece on billion-dollar startups, now widely called “unicorns.” At the time, she found 39 U.S.-based software companies fewer than 10 years old in that category. As early-stage investors and hopeful hardware unicorn breeders,

Last build for Edge Dev version 89 arrives, will be ready for Beta next week — here’s what you need

The last build for Microsoft Edge version 89 has just landed in the Dev channel and will soon be ready for shipping to Beta next week. As expected, there’s not anything major this week in this release, but just the usual bug fixes and reliability improvements.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets a new patch on Xbox and PC to mark the release of Season 5

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is getting its first update of the year today to celebrate the launch of Season 5, titled “Anvil.” With the new season comes timed nameplates to unlock, timed seasonal challenges, and new Battle Pass content.

Surface Duo January update brings touch stability and audio improvements

Microsoft is now rolling out the January Update for the Surface Duo. For those sporting the device, the latest firmware version should improve touch stability and bring some audio improvements, too (via Windows Central.) Weighing in at roughly 570MB,

Windows 10 build 21301 improves the touch keyboard for Dev Channel Insiders

Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 preview build 21301 for Insiders in the Dev channel, which brings improvements to the touch keyboard design inspired by Insider feedback. Today’s build brings pretty minor changes overall,

Check out this custom-made stream deck for managing Microsoft Teams meetings

Looking for an easier way to manage your Microsoft Team calls? João Ferreira, a Microsoft MVP, has managed to build a custom Stream Deck for Microsoft Teams and shared some tips to help you design your own, too.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo may come to more markets in February, with a potential 8GB RAM variant

Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo may start shipping in Canada, France, Germany, and the UK in February, and a model with 8GB of RAM has also been spotted on the website of a French retailer.

Surface Pro 7+ gets new firmware updates to fix display issues and improve performance

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7+ has been on the market for less than a month, but it’s already getting its first firmware update. The update started rolling out last week, and it packs performance improvements. Apart from this, the company has also addressed several display-related issues in this batch.

Blu Win HD vs Lumia 830: Which mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 device is right for you?

Weekend Recap: Windows 10 preview off to a good start, Build 2015 and Ignite revealed, and more

Come on down to SouthPark Mall in Charlotte for a new Microsoft Store and have yourself a time


高德软件正式与阿里巴巴集团达成并购协议高德控股有限公司昨日宣布正式与阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司达成确定性的收购协议,阿里将收购剩余的 72%的高德公司股份。2013年5月10日,阿里巴巴集团以 2.

Jellyfish Use Supercomputing Strategy to Search for Food

The barrel jellyfish isn't just the largest jelly found in the waters around the United Kingdom; it's also one of the animal kingdom's most strategic searchers, according to a new study.To locate the best possible meal in the vast waters of its marine habitat,




涉及行业:IT产业 事件属性:兼并收购 13000万 人民币 2014年10月15日,河北汇金机电股份有限公司拟受让上海棠棣信息科技有限公司51.00%股权,作价1.30亿元人民币。2014年11月3日,交易完成。 欢迎加入 ... ...


很明显,英特尔希望拥有自己的面部计算设备。有消息称,该公司将为下一代谷歌眼镜提供芯片。目前,该公司正式宣布与Luxottica Group合作。后者为全球多家知名眼镜品牌,包括Oakley、Persol、阿玛尼和蔻驰等代工产品。


前不久,苹果首席设计师乔纳森·艾维针对摩托罗拉2013年推出Moto X定制服务提出了批评。

Pebble Time 半天内筹得 650 万美元

昨天早上,我们发现 Pebble 的新款彩屏智能手表 Pebble Time 仅花了 17 分钟就完成了他们 50 万美元的众筹目标。 一般来说我们不会特别追踪 Kickstarter 上的众筹项目,但是这次 Pebble 的筹款疯狂到让人无法忽视。

家电影资金办:2015年7月全国电影票房为54.9亿元 观影人次达到1.59亿


【VR 2015】 从2B 到B2B2C再到“2VC”,一个VR内容创业者的2015年

这是我今年第N次在北京见到曾子辕。这次他从厦门来京是为了见投资人, 他们正准备开启新一轮融资,做类似“Oculus Story Studio”的项目。曾子辕也不确定,这个故事是否能打动投资人。

Twitter正式推出新版时间轴 暂时还不是默认设置

据科技网站The Verge报道,经过了多年的讨论和数月的用户测试后,Twitter终于正式推出了新版时间轴。新版时间轴不再只重视推文的及时性,而是会基于算法为你推荐一些较为热门的推文和话题,此外,平时与你互动较多的用户也会成为时间轴上的常客。如果你不是24小时保持在线的狂人,下线后Twitter就会开启“while you were away”(意为当你离开)功能,重新上线后Twitter就会按逆时针顺序为你展示热门推文,刷完这些推文后就会变回传统的时间轴了。

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