Public cloud: "Not somewhere to leave your crown jewels"

Many more people now realise that public, and in some cases even private clouds don't afford all the sort of security measures that you may think would be applied automatically. Read more:

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Public cloud: "Not somewhere to leave your crown jewels"

Many more people now realise that public, and in some cases even private clouds don't afford all the sort of security measures that you may think would be applied automatically. Read more:

G-Cloud’s new security classification scheme blasted by major supplier

A roundtable event in London heard that a new data classification scale is inadequate compared to what was in place before and end users must be educated as a result.Read more:

How cloud security is being delivered

This HP whitepaper explores what the the cloud industry is doing to alleviate cloud security fears and what organisations can do for themselves to protect their valuable data. Read more:

Why The Cloud Isn’t Going Anywhere

So goes the seemingly endless parade of headlines that present the ways in which cloud and online computing has betrayed us:

How to choose a cloud vendor that's right for you

There is little doubt that cloud will play an increasingly important role as more and more organisations adopt cloud based strategies to underpin their IT infrastructures. Read more:

Local government is overly cautious when it comes to the CloudStore

The lion’s share of CloudStore activity is down to central government, and more needs to be done to communicate its cloudy benefits to local authorities.Read more:

Coding In The Cloud Era Demands A Structural Rethink To Bake In Security And Privacy

Protecting privacy in an age of big data, cloud processing and increasingly interconnected digital services demands a structural shift in how software is developed. Read More

Amazon Gets More Enterprise-Friendly With Launch Of AWS Directory Service

Amazon has been moving into the enterprise world with the launch of corporate I.T.-friendly Fire HD and HDX tablets, its own secure storage service Zocalo, its virtual desktop computing platform WorkSpaces, and not to mention the cloud computing behemoth that is Amazon Web Services. Today,

9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew

Every day, you hear about security flaws, viruses, and evil hacker gangs that could leave you destitute — or, worse, bring your country to its knees. But what's the truth about these digital dangers? We asked computer security experts to separate the myths from the facts. Here's what they said.

It’s The Security, Stupid!

It’s 2014. Do you know where your security is? On Tuesday, Google published a full account of the current state of encryption in email, revealing that some leading providers like Comcast and France’s Orange encrypted nearly none of the email that approached its servers.

Majority of decision makers plan to harness quantum computing in near future

Interest in quantum computing is tied to driving a tangible, financial return.

Working from home is changing digital transformation budgets for good

Despite budget cuts across the board, enterprises are still spending more on IT solutions.

IT teams are finally getting the credit they deserve

Senior management appreciates the work CIOs and IT leaders are doing.

Security budgets expected to expand significantly over next three years

Despite coronavirus budget cuts, most IT pros expect security spending to rise.

Cyberthreats are getting more intense

Microsoft says hacking groups are getting harder to spot.

A decade long software revolution – how the UK has become a global tech hub

Let's explore the software revolution and identify how the UK can stay ahead.

More productivity, less monitoring: How to improve remote productivity without resorting to surveil

In our new remote working era, business productivity has never been more important.

Hold agile meetings, minimise strangling: What Star Wars teaches us about business agility

A huge, sprawling high-tech organisation paralysed by bureaucracy, finally defeated by what are basically a bunch of teenagers using agile practices. Sound familiar to anyone?Read more:

Microsoft’s RoomAlive turns your home into an augmented reality video game

The software company’s research division has demonstrated a prototype of the system, which allows players to interact with objects displayed across an entire room.Read more:

Bitcoin drops to a long-time low of less than £200

Miners of the crypto currency flooding the market with new coins are thought to be partly to blame for the decrease of 18 per cent over the past weekend.Read more:

Gnome 插画


手机摄像头这个传感器结合强大的算法产生产生的识别能力可做的事情太多了,最近为iPhone Siri提供技术支持的SRI实验室推出了一个叫Ceres的项目,拍张照片、解析食物构成、份量就能大致估算出你消耗了多少卡路里。

初识JavaScript Promises - 币须网



TalkingData:2014年上半年移动旅行应用行业报告 您可能也喜欢的文章: TalkingData:2014年上半年移动游戏行业报告 Cheetah Mobile:2014上半年全球移动安全报告 病毒数量为2013全年2.

Sustainable Development Goes Massively Online As EdCast Launches With Sustainability Expert Jeffrey

In the spring of 2015 thousands of students from universities around the world will participate in online negotiations under the tutelage of Jeffrey Sachs to draft a comprehensive treaty on climate change,

How Long Will I Be Stuck in This Airport? A Thanksgiving Travel Forecast

If you're one of the tens of thousands of people who are trapped in one of the United States' many fine airports on this Thanksgiving Eve, you may find yourself wondering when the hell you're going to get out of here and on to your destination. Here's a quick forecast for your (eventual) departure.

龜太老唔想郁? LEGO 輪椅令牠重獲新生

很多時年老或是意外等都會造成行動不便。人就可以坐輪椅,但龜又如何呢? 無錯,龜都是坐輪椅。The post 龜太老唔想郁? LEGO 輪椅令牠重獲新生 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

All The Fun Of Disposable Cameras, Without A Trip To the Drugstore

Back before the days of selfie-sticks, or selfies or even the concept of front-facing cameras, humanity had plastic disposable cameras. You'd shoot your 20 photos, take it to the drugstore, rewind the film — yes, film — and walk out with 20 blurry holiday snaps of your own.

World Gold Council:2014年全球黄金需求下滑4% 因中国缺席

世界黄金协会(World Gold Council)的数据显示,由于中国未能再现2013年的创纪录购买潮,去年全球黄金需求下滑4%,跌至2010年以来的最低水平。



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