Today’s Tech: iPhone 6 Plus owners get bent, iOS 8 runs into problems, and Great Britain in Minecraf

The best of ITProPortal news including: iPhone 6 Plus owners appear to be secretly jealous of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and have been unofficially added curved screens to their device.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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Apple haters are making hay while iOS 8 and iPhone 6 flaws shine under media spotlight

Those who loathe Cupertino have had plenty to chuckle about since the launch of iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 models.Read more:

AirSnap Helps You Take Beautiful Group Selfies By Pairing Two iOS Devices

How many times have you stepped out of the group to click pictures, feeling left out as others posed? Or have there been instances when you’re jostling to get back for a group picture after setting the timer of a camera shutter? While there is Samsung NX Mini,

Five things to dislike about Apple’s iPhone 6 handsets

Yesterday we looked at five positive points regarding Apple’s new smartphones, and here we’re discussing five opposing negatives.Read more:

Apple’s ‘Shot On iPhone 6′ Campaign Expands With New User Films

Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone” campaign is probably something you’re already familiar with, given the ubiquitous presence of billboards, print and transit ads created using iPhone 6 user photos. But what you haven’t seen that much of, until today’s expansion of the iPhone World Gallery,

Our first impressions of the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch

Are Apple's latest flagship devices the best things since sliced bread, or have they gone down like lead balloons? Team ITPP is at loggerheads. Read more:

How Android smartphones leave Apple’s iPhone 6 handsets in the dust

The simple truth of the matter is that Android smartphones are too far ahead of the iPhone for Apple to ever catch up.Read more:

FileThis 2.0 Will Organize Your Statements And Bills, Remind You When To Pay

As more consumers shift to using online services for managing their banking, bills, payments, and more, some of our most important personal and financial documents are scattered across a number of websites – sites which don’t always maintain thorough archives of our past statements.

Launch Center Pro Now Lets You Launch Apps From The iPhone’s Notification Center

When Apple first introduced its widgets platform in iOS 8, the company blocked developers from releasing apps that launched other apps via widgets added to the “Today View” in the Notification Center on the iPhone or iPad. However, Apple later relaxed the rules, allowing apps like Launcher,

Zendo Is My New Favorite Secure Messaging App

How does a new secure messaging app stand out in such a crowded space? By making something that’s super easy to use. And also by using a type of encryption that technically cannot be cracked. Yet which has been overlooked by cryptographers for decades… Read More

First impressions of iOS 8 from a Windows Phone user

iOS 8 beta 1 has been out for a little under two weeks now, and I’ve been playing with it since it was launched at WWDC 2014. As a Windows Phone user, I love to check out iOS, especially with every new update. I was originally an iPhone user years ago,

Majority of decision makers plan to harness quantum computing in near future

Interest in quantum computing is tied to driving a tangible, financial return.

Working from home is changing digital transformation budgets for good

Despite budget cuts across the board, enterprises are still spending more on IT solutions.

IT teams are finally getting the credit they deserve

Senior management appreciates the work CIOs and IT leaders are doing.

Security budgets expected to expand significantly over next three years

Despite coronavirus budget cuts, most IT pros expect security spending to rise.

Cyberthreats are getting more intense

Microsoft says hacking groups are getting harder to spot.

A decade long software revolution – how the UK has become a global tech hub

Let's explore the software revolution and identify how the UK can stay ahead.

More productivity, less monitoring: How to improve remote productivity without resorting to surveil

In our new remote working era, business productivity has never been more important.

MIT scientists develop UI that fuses smartphone and desktop screens (video)

THAW is an innovation that works by using technology to allow a smartphones screen to show the part of the desktop screen that it is hovering over.Read more:

IBM Watson vs Food: Supercomputer takes to the food truck for its latest cognitive computing challng

IBM is using the power of its cloud combined with the Watson supercomputer to produce surprising recipes from a range of ingredients that are entered into the system.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Panoramio founders ask Google not to close photo-sharing site

The search engine giant announced last week that it would be phasing out the site, which it acquired in 2007, in favour of its own geotagging service, Google Maps Views.Read more:



Man With the Most Teslas Says Cold Weather's No Problem

Although the Tesla has won its fair share of fans in both the automotive and tech communities, there still remains a bit of skepticism around its ability to truly replace gas carsSome of that skepticism is focused on the car's reliability in cold weather conditions,

三星电子拟扩大自由上下班制 允许下午6点上班



在去年《光环:士官长合集》即将发售的时候,为了给该作造势,开发商343 Industry曾宣布他们将举办名为“ […]







谷歌设计副总裁: iOS方格布局令人感到失望

威锋网讯,初代 iPhone 不仅仅带来了硬件上的设计领先,其装载的软件或许也让谷歌的安卓平台计划受到了阻碍。不过随着时间的推移,两个平台之间的差距也正在缩小,甚至有 iOS 安卓化,安卓 iOS 化的趋势出现。  每个人对于 iOS 都有着不同的看法,而近日谷歌的设计副总裁 Matias Duarte 表示,由应用图标组成的 iOS 方格布局是一种令人失望的停滞不前。  Duarte 在接受 Wired 采访时表示,iPhone 的很多东西都有着类似的问题,例如一排排的图标不能够很好的等比缩放,使用的时候往往会感到沉重和繁琐。  

新招聘信息表明未来Apple Watch将有更多表盘

据科技网站AppleInsider报道,苹果新发布的招聘信息表明,未来版本的watchOS将包含更多表盘。当前版本watchOS包含有12款表盘。招聘信息显示,苹果将招聘一名软件工程师,负责开发Apple Watch专用表盘。新招聘的软件工程师将与多个其他团队合作,不仅仅开发新表盘,还将开发能用于部分表盘设计的数据显示。


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