E2E encrypted email providers also see sign-ups surge as chat app users flock to Signal and Telegram

Privacy concerns that have been driving app users to alternative chat apps like Signal and Telegram in recent weeks, since Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced a T&Cs change, appear to also be generating some uplift for end-to-end encrypted email providers.

What the NFT? VC David Pakman dumbs down the digital collectibles frenzy and why it’s taking off now

Non-fungible tokens have been around for two years, but these NFTs, one-of-one digital items on the Ethereum and other blockchains, are suddenly becoming a more popular way to collect visual art, primarily, whether it’s an animated cat or an NBA clip or virtual furniture.

Daily Crunch: Facebook launches rap app

Facebook unveils another experimental app, Atlassian acquires a data visualization startup and Newsela becomes a unicorn. This is your Daily Crunch for February 26, 2021. The big story: Facebook launches rap app The new BARS app was created by NPE Team (Facebook’s internal R&D group),

Astra awarded NASA launch contract for storm observation satellites

Astra, the Alameda-based space launch startup that recently announced its intent to go public via a SPAC merger, has secured a contract to deliver six cube satellites to space on behalf of NASA. Astra stands to be paid $7.95 million by the agency for fulfilment of the contract.

Salesforce delivers, Wall Street doubts as stock falls 6.3% post-earnings

Wall Street investors can be fickle beasts. Take Salesforce as an example. The CRM giant announced a $5.82 billion quarter when it reported earnings yesterday. Revenue was up 20% year over year. The company also reported $21.25 billion in total revenue for the just closed FY2021, up 24% YoY.

EC roundup: BNPL startups, growth marketing tips, solid state battery market map, more

When I needed a new sofa several months ago, I was pleased to find a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option during the checkout process. I had prepared myself to make a major financial outlay, but the service fees were well worth the convenience of deferring the entire payment. Coincidentally,

With $62.5M in debt financing, Road Runner Media puts digital ads behind commercial vehicles

If Southern California-based Road Runner Media succeeds, you’ll start seeing a lot more ads while you’re driving. That’s because the startup is placing digital screens on the backs technicians’ vans, delivery vehicles, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Yelp puts trust and safety in the spotlight

Yelp released its very first trust and safety report this week, with the goal of explaining the work that it does to crack down on fraudulent and otherwise inaccurate or unhelpful content. With focus on local business reviews and information,

Google’s Fitbit acquisition is official

Following regulatory scrutiny on both sides of the pond, Google this morning announced that it has completed its acquisition of wearables pioneer, Fitbit. Google’s use of the vast amount of user health data has long been the key sticking point of regulatory concern of the deal. After all,

Carbyne raises $25M for a next-generation platform to improve emergency 911 responses

Emergency services continue to be a major force when it comes to coping with the Covid-19 health pandemic, and today a company that is building technology to help them run better is announcing a round of funding to continue expanding its business.

X1 Card raises $12 million for its credit card with limits based on your income

X1 Card is raising a $12 million funding round. The company is building a credit card that sets limits based on your current and future income, not your credit score. Spark Capital is leading the round with Jared Leto, Aaron Levie, Jeremy Stoppelman, Max Levchin and Ali Rowghani also participating.


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2014年移动营销的三大支点 您可能也喜欢经典文章: eMarketer:汽车营销人员伴随移动和视频走入未来 CNNIC:网络营销亟需向移动端延展 移动营销立足本地转化

时代华纳拒绝被收购 旗下子公司裁员500人

据知情人士透露,时代华纳旗下特纳广播公司(Turner Broadcasting System)周二开始向员工提供自愿离职补偿,拟通过此举裁员500到600人。特纳广播公司目前在全球拥有雇员14000人,此次裁员占到了总员工数的4%。



Microsoft releases Windows 10 Deployment Application tool for developers

As the launch of Windows 10 to the general public comes closer and closer, Microsoft has begun releasing a number of tools in order to make the lives of developers working with Windows 10 a little easier.The most recent of these to be released is the Windows 10 Deployment Application tool.

华硕推出新路由器 造型迥异网速还杠杠的


MWC 2016开幕在即 哪些新机值得期待?

MWC(Mobile World Congress)世界移动通信大会是与CES、iFA齐名的展会之一。“移动通信大会”咋听之下好像是世界最新通信技术的一个展会,似乎跟普通消费品并没有什么关联,关注手机的小伙伴们应该都对这个大会有所了解,因为通常在MWC期间会有一大波新机来袭,如果说CES展会是消费科技产品的风向标,那么MWC大有成为手机产品风向标的势头,有很手机厂商会选择在这场大会期间或大会前夕发布自家新机。


作为人体细胞能量来源的三磷酸腺苷(ATP),也可以用来驱动下一代超级计算机。加拿大研究人员的这个新发现有望为研发只有书本大小的超级生物计算机打开大门。与动辄占地数百平方米的传统超级计算机相比,这样的 ... ...

: 碳纖維電動登山單車

這台曾榮獲義大利設計獎的電動腳踏車光看外型就不是針對一般使用者,超大車胎其實就是越野車來著,外觀有強烈的自我個性加上車身及前叉材料為碳纖維,不含電池重量約28.5公斤。充電時間約6-8小時,分有時速25 Km/h的250w版本與時速30 Km/h的 500w版本。閱讀全文


-- vivo是中国领先的移动终端供应商 -- 圣迭戈2016年8月8日电 /美通社/ -- Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) 今日宣布与维沃移动通信有限公司  (vivo) 达成了新的3G和4G中国专利许可协议。按照协议条款,Qualcomm授予vivo开发、制造和销售在中国使用的3G WCDMA及CDMA2000和4G LTE(包括 “三模” GSM、TD-SCDMA和LTE-TDD)完整设备的付费专利许可。

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