X1 Card raises $12 million for its credit card with limits based on your income

X1 Card is raising a $12 million funding round. The company is building a credit card that sets limits based on your current and future income, not your credit score. Spark Capital is leading the round with Jared Leto, Aaron Levie, Jeremy Stoppelman, Max Levchin and Ali Rowghani also participating.

What the NFT? VC David Pakman dumbs down the digital collectibles frenzy and why it’s taking off now

Non-fungible tokens have been around for two years, but these NFTs, one-of-one digital items on the Ethereum and other blockchains, are suddenly becoming a more popular way to collect visual art, primarily, whether it’s an animated cat or an NBA clip or virtual furniture.

Daily Crunch: Facebook launches rap app

Facebook unveils another experimental app, Atlassian acquires a data visualization startup and Newsela becomes a unicorn. This is your Daily Crunch for February 26, 2021. The big story: Facebook launches rap app The new BARS app was created by NPE Team (Facebook’s internal R&D group),

Astra awarded NASA launch contract for storm observation satellites

Astra, the Alameda-based space launch startup that recently announced its intent to go public via a SPAC merger, has secured a contract to deliver six cube satellites to space on behalf of NASA. Astra stands to be paid $7.95 million by the agency for fulfilment of the contract.

Salesforce delivers, Wall Street doubts as stock falls 6.3% post-earnings

Wall Street investors can be fickle beasts. Take Salesforce as an example. The CRM giant announced a $5.82 billion quarter when it reported earnings yesterday. Revenue was up 20% year over year. The company also reported $21.25 billion in total revenue for the just closed FY2021, up 24% YoY.

EC roundup: BNPL startups, growth marketing tips, solid state battery market map, more

When I needed a new sofa several months ago, I was pleased to find a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option during the checkout process. I had prepared myself to make a major financial outlay, but the service fees were well worth the convenience of deferring the entire payment. Coincidentally,

With $62.5M in debt financing, Road Runner Media puts digital ads behind commercial vehicles

If Southern California-based Road Runner Media succeeds, you’ll start seeing a lot more ads while you’re driving. That’s because the startup is placing digital screens on the backs technicians’ vans, delivery vehicles, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Yelp puts trust and safety in the spotlight

Yelp released its very first trust and safety report this week, with the goal of explaining the work that it does to crack down on fraudulent and otherwise inaccurate or unhelpful content. With focus on local business reviews and information,

Watch Blue Origin launch a rocket with an upgraded crew capsule live

Blue Origin is launching its New Shepard suborbital rocket for the first time in 2021, with a liftoff planned for 9:45 AM CST (10:45 AM EST/7:45 AM PST) from its launch facility in West Texas. This is the 14th flight of New Shepard,

Lumiata raises $14 million for its service to predict healthcare outcomes

Healthcare systems are always looking out for ways to save money and a startup called Lumiata has just raised $14 million to continue building out its service that aims to help them do it.  The company, already backed by Khosla Ventures and Blue Venture Fund raised its latest round from Defy.

Gemini is launching a credit card with bitcoin rewards

Cryptocurrency exchange company Gemini is acquiring Blockrize and announcing a new product today based on Blockrize’s work. Later this year, the company is launching a credit card that works like a regular credit card — but you earn bitcoin rewards based on your purchases.



Google may have been rejected by Snapchat and WhatsApp, but it's not always in the friend zone.

Google may have been rejected by Snapchat and WhatsApp, but it's not always in the friend zone. When the SEC inquired about spending overseas profits, Google said it passed on a deal to buy an unnamed foreign company for up to $5 billion. Sure you did. Read more...

Apple iPhone 6 phablet delayed: so what?

Apple Insider, which we respect for its insight, obtained a note from noted KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, saying that Apple in unlikely to ship a "rumoured" 5.5 inch iPhone 6.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/15/apple039s-iphone-6-quotphabletquot-delayed-so-what/


威锋网 8 月 16 日消息,市场研究公司 IDC 日前发布了一组非常有趣的数据,他们以价格为基础来划分智能手机市场份额。

Affiliate Linking Service Skimlinks Raises $16M More

Skimlinks, which helps online publishers make money through affiliate links, is announcing that it has raised $16 million in Series C funding. Affiliate programs allow publishers to get a cut of the revenue when their link drives a purchase on an e-commerce site. Skimlinks (and competitor VigLink,

Rihanna debuts 'BBHMM' song on Dubsmash app, inciting mixed reactions

LOS ANGELES — Rihanna commanded her legion of fans late Wednesday night to download video-messaging app Dubsmash in order to hear her new single.Head to Dubsmash for my new single #BBHMM!! http://t.co/epMtBf34Rh— Rihanna (@rihanna) March 26, 2015See also: Like a Snapchat virgin,

eMarketer:预计2015年全球搜索广告支出达815.9亿美元 Google占54.5%


年至半百 摩尔定律的神话还能持续多久?

就在上周日,摩尔定律(Moore’s Law)迎来了它的50岁生日,人们为它祝福,在美国加利福尼亚州山景城计算机历史博物馆为此举办了一场纪念活动,Intel也特意为其制作了摩尔定律50周年专题。




加利福尼亚州聚集了全球最有影响力的科技公司。可惜即便这些科技公司深深扎根在这里,加州的立法机构也在考虑,禁售带有无法攻破的加密技术的设备。  加州州下院议员 Jim Cooper 提出了一项立法议案——法案 1681——要求任何自 2017 年 1 月 1 日起制造并在加州销售的智能手机,制造商或者操作系统供应商必须能够对它进行解密或者解锁。卖家如果销售无法根据要求进行解密的智能手机,那么其将受到2500美元的罚款。  如果这项立法议案最终被写进法律之中,那就意味着几乎所有 iPhone 和某些 Android 设备在加州都被禁了。  

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