Lumiata raises $14 million for its service to predict healthcare outcomes

Healthcare systems are always looking out for ways to save money and a startup called Lumiata has just raised $14 million to continue building out its service that aims to help them do it.  The company, already backed by Khosla Ventures and Blue Venture Fund raised its latest round from Defy.

How China’s synthetic media startup Surreal nabs funding in 3 months

What if we no longer needed cameras to make videos and can instead generate them through a few lines of coding? Advances in machine learning are turning the idea into a reality. We’ve seen how deepfakes swap faces in family photos and turn one’s selfies into famous video clips.

Hyzon Motors’ hydrogen fuel ambitions include two US factories

Hyzon Motors plans to produce fuel cells, including a critical component required to power hydrogen vehicles, at two U.S. factories in a move aimed at kickstarting domestic production at a commercial scale. The hydrogen-powered truck and bus manufacturer has already leased a 28,

Square’s bank arm launches as fintech aims ‘to operate more nimbly’

Known for its innovations in the payments sector, Square is now officially a bank. Nearly one year after receiving conditional approval, Square said Monday afternoon that its industrial bank, Square Financial Services, has begun operations. 

Kaltura files to go public on the back of accelerating revenue growth, rising losses

It's unicorn melting season, with gobs of investors hoping for liquidity while public markets are hot. Expect more Kalturas.

Apple alum’s jobs app for India’s workers raises $12.5 million

A startup by an Apple alum that has become home to millions of low-skilled workers in India said on Tuesday it has raised an additional $12.5 million, just five months after securing $8 million from high-profile investors.

Daily Crunch: Klarna valued at $31B

A challenger bank raises funding at a massive valuation, Instagram adds Live Rooms and Google updates Workspace. This is your Daily Crunch for March 1, 2021. The big story:

Google restarts updates for some iOS apps after long pause triggered by lack of privacy labels

Google over the weekend began to update many of its flagship iOS apps after a lengthy delay caused by the company’s failure to add Apple’s newly required privacy labels in a timely fashion.

Gemini is launching a credit card with bitcoin rewards

Cryptocurrency exchange company Gemini is acquiring Blockrize and announcing a new product today based on Blockrize’s work. Later this year, the company is launching a credit card that works like a regular credit card — but you earn bitcoin rewards based on your purchases.

Accel Partners heads down to Georgia to invest in DecisionLink, leading an $18.5 million round

DecisionLink, an Atlanta-based company that provides software for cost-benefit analyses of business services from a customer’s perspective, has managed to woo one of Silicon Valley’s top venture firms to invest in its latest $18.5 million round of funding.

Can’t figure out how to end your Amazon Prime sub? These complaints could help…

Amazon’s use of dark patterns that add friction to the process of terminating a Prime subscription is being targeted by 16 consumer rights groups in Europe and the US which are taking coordinated action to urge regulatory action.



最新发布的iOS游戏有1/3模仿Flappy Bird

也许正是因为激流勇退,在人气达到顶峰的时候下架 App Store,像素休闲小游戏 Flappy Bird 才会对 iOS 生态圈造成如此大的影响。

苹果iOS 8正式发布 四大改变全体验

导语:iOS 8有许多赶超Android操作系统的地方,同时有许多功能只有通过苹果紧密结合的生态系统才能体验,下面让我们来挖掘下。   

10 Pinterest trends coming for your boards in 2015

Your 2015 New Year's resolution: Start pinning early and often.A new year means a head start on all those projects, whether it's a recipe you've been dying to try, finally planting that garden, or making the time to sit down for a fun DIY activity.See also:



Chromebook在美国教育市场攻城略地 销量超iPad


苹果1月26号发布2016财年Q1财报 iPhone 6s销量将揭晓

北京时间1月5日消息,据科技网站AppleInsider报道,苹果周一在投资者关系网站发布声明宣布,将于1月26号发布2016财年第一季度财务报告。该季度财报非常重要,因为它将披露苹果最新智能手机机型iPhone 6s上市以来的销量,以及苹果在购物季的表现。苹果称,将在财报公布后按照惯例举行电话会议,CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)和CFO卢卡·马埃斯特里(Luca Maestri)将出席该会议。

CES 2016:扫地很重要 三星带来扫地机器人

我们在 CES 2016 上看不到三星旗舰手机的亮相,那么除了电视机,除了洗衣机,或者说那些智能家居,我们还能在 CES 2016 上看到三星什么产品呢?答案就是扫地机器人。  说到扫地机器人,我们第一时间肯定会想起集全球千万用户宠爱于一身的 iRobot ,而当我们每天回到家,看到地板上那一堆灰尘污物,感觉很头痛有没有?关键是下班回家想休息一下,懒得动了,这时候如果还要扫地,那是不是要了你的老命!扫地机器人的出现就是要来解决我们这些烦恼。  

特斯拉Model X一季度国内交付2400台

今天下午,特斯拉邀请数百位Model X的中国用户在北京见证了特斯拉Model X在中国市场的首次亮相。据介绍,Model X在2016年第一季度总计交付了2400台。Model X现提供两款车型供消费者选择。高性能版P90D仅用3.4秒即可从静止加速到100公里/小时,最高时速250公里/小时,续航里程高达467公里。90D车型的0-100公里/小时加速也仅需要5秒,最高时速同样可达250公里/小时,续航里程则更长一些,达489公里。



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