Gemini is launching a credit card with bitcoin rewards

Cryptocurrency exchange company Gemini is acquiring Blockrize and announcing a new product today based on Blockrize’s work. Later this year, the company is launching a credit card that works like a regular credit card — but you earn bitcoin rewards based on your purchases.

What the NFT? VC David Pakman dumbs down the digital collectibles frenzy and why it’s taking off now

Non-fungible tokens have been around for two years, but these NFTs, one-of-one digital items on the Ethereum and other blockchains, are suddenly becoming a more popular way to collect visual art, primarily, whether it’s an animated cat or an NBA clip or virtual furniture.

Daily Crunch: Facebook launches rap app

Facebook unveils another experimental app, Atlassian acquires a data visualization startup and Newsela becomes a unicorn. This is your Daily Crunch for February 26, 2021. The big story: Facebook launches rap app The new BARS app was created by NPE Team (Facebook’s internal R&D group),

Astra awarded NASA launch contract for storm observation satellites

Astra, the Alameda-based space launch startup that recently announced its intent to go public via a SPAC merger, has secured a contract to deliver six cube satellites to space on behalf of NASA. Astra stands to be paid $7.95 million by the agency for fulfilment of the contract.

Salesforce delivers, Wall Street doubts as stock falls 6.3% post-earnings

Wall Street investors can be fickle beasts. Take Salesforce as an example. The CRM giant announced a $5.82 billion quarter when it reported earnings yesterday. Revenue was up 20% year over year. The company also reported $21.25 billion in total revenue for the just closed FY2021, up 24% YoY.

EC roundup: BNPL startups, growth marketing tips, solid state battery market map, more

When I needed a new sofa several months ago, I was pleased to find a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option during the checkout process. I had prepared myself to make a major financial outlay, but the service fees were well worth the convenience of deferring the entire payment. Coincidentally,

With $62.5M in debt financing, Road Runner Media puts digital ads behind commercial vehicles

If Southern California-based Road Runner Media succeeds, you’ll start seeing a lot more ads while you’re driving. That’s because the startup is placing digital screens on the backs technicians’ vans, delivery vehicles, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Yelp puts trust and safety in the spotlight

Yelp released its very first trust and safety report this week, with the goal of explaining the work that it does to crack down on fraudulent and otherwise inaccurate or unhelpful content. With focus on local business reviews and information,

Accel Partners heads down to Georgia to invest in DecisionLink, leading an $18.5 million round

DecisionLink, an Atlanta-based company that provides software for cost-benefit analyses of business services from a customer’s perspective, has managed to woo one of Silicon Valley’s top venture firms to invest in its latest $18.5 million round of funding.

Can’t figure out how to end your Amazon Prime sub? These complaints could help…

Amazon’s use of dark patterns that add friction to the process of terminating a Prime subscription is being targeted by 16 consumer rights groups in Europe and the US which are taking coordinated action to urge regulatory action.

Upgrade launches checking accounts and debit cards

Fintech startup Upgrade has been positioning itself as a neobank. And yet, the company has mostly been focused on personal loans and more recently credit cards. You couldn’t just replace your bank account with Upgrade.

GTC 2014 :以 GPU 運算引領的機器視覺運算,可能會產生真正的天網嗎?




On The Set Of HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

Thanks to an unlikely series of events, I, a civil/environmental-engineer-turned-tech-media type, found myself on the set of HBO’s Silicon Valley last fall, serving as a consultant to HBO, which was trying to recreate a TechCrunch Disrupt in a Hollywood (well Culver City) studio.

全球最薄 7mm 外置 500GB 硬碟登場 – Seagate’s Seven

雖然新的 USB 手指容量普遍,但價錢非常昂貴而且容量有限,很多時我們仍要外置硬碟作高容量的儲存。 考慮到移動用家的需要,Seagate 推出了一顆全球最薄的 USB 3.0 硬碟 - Seagate's Seven (不太適合譯做中文。

Noocity Growbed:助你在自家阳台上科学种菜

为了吃上健康安全的有机蔬菜水果,也许你曾经尝试在阳台上进行种植,结果浇水施肥都耗费时间,工作一忙就彻底忘到脑后。现在 Noocity 为你提供了省时省力的科学种植新方式。

三星公布移动支付方案Samsung Pay 支持传统磁性终端

在今日三星发布新旗舰Galaxy S6与S6 Edge时,三星公布了自家移动支付方案Samsung Pay,将于夏季发售Galaxy S6/S6 Edge时一同推出市场。


南京2015年7月31日电 /美通社/ -- 近期,两部国产片让暑期票房温度飙升。截止7月30日,《捉妖记》票房突破15亿元,《大圣归来》突破7亿,让业界大呼中国文化消费市场潜力之大。

港版iPhone 6S大悲剧:确认不支持电信

在iPhone 6S和iPhone 6S Plus发布之后,笔者欣喜的发现除了国行版是全网通之外,美版、日版以及港版也均有全网通版存在。


@洪涵滴滴 :本文将从设计的角度出发,概述如何制作一份美观、具有设计感的 PPT。文章的主要内容会涉及基础的平面和动效设计。但本文不会具体谈论过多设计...

Binge-watch Hulu in virtual reality thanks to new Oculus Rift support

Watching Hulu in virtual reality got a lot easier on Wednesday after the company announced its VR app would support the Oculus Rift. SEE ALSO: Who will win the VR console war?After a delayed 2015 launch, Hulu's VR app for the Samsung Gear VR finally arrived in March.

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