Can’t figure out how to end your Amazon Prime sub? These complaints could help…

Amazon’s use of dark patterns that add friction to the process of terminating a Prime subscription is being targeted by 16 consumer rights groups in Europe and the US which are taking coordinated action to urge regulatory action.

Penguin Hatches A Cloud Reader For Pelican Books

Penguin Books has launched a cloud reader for its resurrected Pelican educational imprint — to experiment with delivering e-books in the browser. It likely hasn’t passed you by that traditional book publishers aren’t having the best of times these days. Indeed,

Hyzon Motors’ hydrogen fuel ambitions include two US factories

Hyzon Motors plans to produce fuel cells, including a critical component required to power hydrogen vehicles, at two U.S. factories in a move aimed at kickstarting domestic production at a commercial scale. The hydrogen-powered truck and bus manufacturer has already leased a 28,

Square’s bank arm launches as fintech aims ‘to operate more nimbly’

Known for its innovations in the payments sector, Square is now officially a bank. Nearly one year after receiving conditional approval, Square said Monday afternoon that its industrial bank, Square Financial Services, has begun operations. 

Kaltura files to go public on the back of accelerating revenue growth, rising losses

It's unicorn melting season, with gobs of investors hoping for liquidity while public markets are hot. Expect more Kalturas.

Apple alum’s jobs app for India’s workers raises $12.5 million

A startup by an Apple alum that has become home to millions of low-skilled workers in India said on Tuesday it has raised an additional $12.5 million, just five months after securing $8 million from high-profile investors.

Daily Crunch: Klarna valued at $31B

A challenger bank raises funding at a massive valuation, Instagram adds Live Rooms and Google updates Workspace. This is your Daily Crunch for March 1, 2021. The big story:

Google restarts updates for some iOS apps after long pause triggered by lack of privacy labels

Google over the weekend began to update many of its flagship iOS apps after a lengthy delay caused by the company’s failure to add Apple’s newly required privacy labels in a timely fashion.

Corporate sustainability initiatives may open doors for carbon offset startups

“You’re seeing a lot of large companies … are now investing significant amounts into really trying to understand their emissions profile and prioritize emission reductions in a data-driven way."

Upgrade launches checking accounts and debit cards

Fintech startup Upgrade has been positioning itself as a neobank. And yet, the company has mostly been focused on personal loans and more recently credit cards. You couldn’t just replace your bank account with Upgrade.

Tresl’s Segments Analytics gives small online stores the same data analytics as large sellers

Tresl’s flagship product, e-commerce intelligence platform Segment Analytics, is designed to give small brands on Shopify access to the same kind of analytics larger online retailers have. Founded by former LinkedIn data scientists, Tresl is currently exhibiting at CES’ Taiwan Tech Arena.

3Drens helps fleet operators use their vehicles more efficiently

3Drens’ IoT mobility management platform not only lets fleet operators track where their vehicles are, but also produces data that helps them make business decisions. The company began operating in Taiwan, where it is based, before expanding into Southeast Asia.




昨天,微软CEO萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)在旧金山的一场发布会上向到场的客户和记者宣布将发布几款新的数据库工具,其中Azure智能系统服务(Azure Intelligent Systems Service)和分析平台系统(Analytics Platform System)非常值得关注。



苹果内部文件介绍Apple SIM卡:一卡多号

苹果公司内部文件详细介绍 Apple SIM 卡特点  10 月 27 日上午消息,在 10 月的新 iPad 发布会之后,苹果公司悄然在 4G 版 iPad 中内置了一张Apple SIM 卡,但之后却并没有高调对外宣布这一细节。近日,来自国外科 ... ...


前面答案说得herman miller等椅子,好是好但是太贵了,我想多数人还是舍不得花一万块去买的。


上海2015年3月10日电 /美通社/ -- 2015酒店制服秀将于2015年3月30日-4月2日在第二十四届上海国际酒店用品博览会上同期举办,除了沪上多家酒店参赛之外每年的酒店时装发布秀也同样吸引眼球。


到底要怎么做才能知道自己学到了多少知识呢?一般情况下,除了考试之外,我们别无选择。而现在,一个新的算法能够提高人们的知识水平,并且完全远离考试,我们来看看到底怎么回事儿。  据了解,这个算法是由来自斯坦福大学和加州谷歌分部的研究人员共同开发的,它能够对学生们的表现进行分析,并根据过去的一些实践问题来确定他们是否在哪些方面走错了路,然后对他们的整体知识水平做出评估。  事实上,使用软件来追踪学生的成绩并不是一个新的想法。但迄今为止,很少有人尝试着在软件中加入深度学习算法(这是一个通过消化大量的数据来让机器学习的尖端学科)。  


渲染不了动画算什么?咱们 N 卡现在可以带的动无人驾驶汽车!

谈互联网文化投资: “这是开始的结束,不是结束的开始”

编者按:过去的一年,文娱创业如火如荼。新技术、新生代受众给这块市场不断注入活力,内容的价值越来越凸显。这篇文章从投资机构的角度梳理了文娱领域的投资逻辑。本文来自复星昆仲资本(kinzoncapital)的投稿,作者梁驰,关注文娱领域,欢迎投放 BP到 [email protected]。2015年作为新文化娱乐、IP、二次元的各种大年,互联网文娱创业项目层出不穷。市场在狂热之余也出现了一丝丝隐忧:“口红经济”是否能够逆周期长行,90后、95后是否能够支撑足够的市场空间,文化项目是应该深挖井还是广积粮,投资人如何积极布局,本文会以我们的方式一一道来。首先,我要说,文化一直就是很贵的事。

快法务宣布完成千万美金B轮融资 顺为资本领投

快法务宣布完成千万美金B轮融资 顺为资本领投新浪科技讯 2月29日下午消息,一站式创业法律服务平台快法务,宣布获得顺为资本的千万美金B轮投资,A轮策源创投本轮继续跟投。据了解,快法务于2014年6月网站上线,目 ... ...

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