Minna Technologies, a subscription management tool for banking customers, raises $18.8M

With the proliferation of subscription services, combined with our lives becoming almost 100% digital, there’s a rising need to be able to manage these services. But most banks don’t have much of an answer. Step in Minna Technologies,

Hyzon Motors’ hydrogen fuel ambitions include two US factories

Hyzon Motors plans to produce fuel cells, including a critical component required to power hydrogen vehicles, at two U.S. factories in a move aimed at kickstarting domestic production at a commercial scale. The hydrogen-powered truck and bus manufacturer has already leased a 28,

Square’s bank arm launches as fintech aims ‘to operate more nimbly’

Known for its innovations in the payments sector, Square is now officially a bank. Nearly one year after receiving conditional approval, Square said Monday afternoon that its industrial bank, Square Financial Services, has begun operations. 

Kaltura files to go public on the back of accelerating revenue growth, rising losses

It's unicorn melting season, with gobs of investors hoping for liquidity while public markets are hot. Expect more Kalturas.

Apple alum’s jobs app for India’s workers raises $12.5 million

A startup by an Apple alum that has become home to millions of low-skilled workers in India said on Tuesday it has raised an additional $12.5 million, just five months after securing $8 million from high-profile investors.

Daily Crunch: Klarna valued at $31B

A challenger bank raises funding at a massive valuation, Instagram adds Live Rooms and Google updates Workspace. This is your Daily Crunch for March 1, 2021. The big story:

Google restarts updates for some iOS apps after long pause triggered by lack of privacy labels

Google over the weekend began to update many of its flagship iOS apps after a lengthy delay caused by the company’s failure to add Apple’s newly required privacy labels in a timely fashion.

Corporate sustainability initiatives may open doors for carbon offset startups

“You’re seeing a lot of large companies … are now investing significant amounts into really trying to understand their emissions profile and prioritize emission reductions in a data-driven way."

Google cracks down on personal loan apps in India following abuse and outcry

Google said on Thursday it has pulled some personal loan apps from Play Store in India and was implementing stronger measures to prevent abuse following reports that said several firms were targeting vulnerable borrowers in the country and then going to extreme lengths to recover their money.

Germany’s Xentral nabs $20M led by Sequoia to help online-facing SMBs run back offices better

Small enterprises remain one of the most underserved segments of the business market, but the growth of cloud-based services — easier to buy, easier to provision — has helped that change in recent years. Today,

YC-backed Blabla raises $1.5M to teach English through short videos

Short, snappy, entertaining videos have become an increasingly common way for young people to receive information. Why not learn English through TikTok-like videos too? That was what prompted Angelo Huang to launch Blabla. Originally from Taiwan,

Scientists Use Graphene to Make Bionic, Super-Powered Plants

A team of chemical engineers and biochemists has managed to change how plants work. Well, to be exact, they've made plants work better by embedding carbon nanotubes into the plants' leaves so that they absorb more light. Put simply, they've created bionic plants.Read more...    

Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

cartechboy (2660665) writes The Toyota Prius is pretty darn popular, especially in California. One might think that hybrid sales are on the rise as gas prices continue to fluctuate, but it seems hybrid sales in the U.S. might be peaking. Researchers at IHS Automotive found that U.S.



亚马逊 Fire Phone:很酷,但你可能不会买的手机

今年 6 月 19 日,亚马逊发布了旗下首款智能手机 Fire Phone。动态 3D 显示、头部交互、图像识别、万货商店……诸多因素赋予了这款手机独特而神秘的气质。

Amazon重蹈Facebook覆辙,Fire Phone合约价降至1美元

三个月前发布的Amazon Fire Phone降价了接近200美元。这部只能AT&T网络上使用的旗舰手机合约价被下调到象征性的99美分。而在亚马逊官网上,这部手机的裸机价也从649美元下调到449美元。

冰川优雅白 索尼PS4专用耳机惊艳发布

索尼不久前在官方的博客上发布了次世代主机 PS4 的下一款配件,PS4 冰川白游戏耳机 Silver。它会成为主机玩家们的新宠吗?  



Chinese hackers can bypass popular security measures

Chinese hackers have reportedly found a way around widely used security standards on the Internet, putting millions of user accounts from top websites at risk. According to a The New York Times report,

消息称1号店大量员工离职 多是中层以下经理或主管




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