Utah monolith was apparently torn down by a group of dudes, not aliens

The weird monolith that appeared in the Utah desert quickly disappeared, making the whole ordeal even more mysterious. Of course, that led to online virality and speculation. 

20 of the best Tinder pickup lines we could find on Reddit

It’s difficult to say whether e-dating has weakened or boosted the pickup line game. It probably depends on who you ask.To get to the bottom of it, we ventured on over to Reddit to check out the general state of cheesy one-liners to be deployed in an online dating setting. And the results are,

Dwayne Johnson drops delightful first trailer for NBC's 'Young Rock'

Fans of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are in for a treat this February.On Saturday, the beloved wrestler-turned-actor gave his Twitter and Instagram followers a sneak peek at Young Rock, NBC's upcoming sitcom based on Johnson's life. Debuting a delightful teaser trailer for the series,

Tiny chihuahua looks more like a porcupine after a run-in with static electricity

What a week, huh? It doesn't particularly matter which week you're watching this, even — I'm sure it was a week. Thankfully, we have hilarious pet videos to distract from everything else going on in the world. Like this one, featuring a tiny pup with a big electric charge.

Facebook bars events close to the Biden inauguration, state capitols

Facebook is taking steps to avoid a repeat of what happened on Jan. 6.When Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. for a mass gathering that eventually ended in the sacking of the U.S. Capitol,

FAA approves first fully-automated commercial drone flights (with a catch)

You can officially claim autonomous commercial drones for your 2021 bingo card. On Friday,

Warning: Telegram is not end-to-end encrypted by default

After tech behemoths like Twitter moved to ban Trump and thousands of other far-right accounts, millions moved to apps like Signal and Telegram for their encrypted messaging services. There's one rub, though: Telegram, unlike Signal, doesn't have end-to-end encryption by default. 

HBO Max will now release 'Godzilla vs. Kong' two months early

Hollywood's wild ride through the global pandemic continues.First it was the Warner Bros. decision in late-2020 to shift all of its 2021 theatrical releases over to the HBO Max streaming service. Now, one of the studio's big blockbusters for the year, Godzilla vs. Kong,

A fashion designer made a dress powered by your brain — Future Blink

Fashion tech designer Anouk Wipprecht incorporates engineering, robotics, and interactive design into her futuristic projects. Read more...More about Google, Mashable Video, Intel, Cirque Du Soleil, and Fashion Technology

'Happiest Season' cast and creators talk LGBTQ holiday movie representation

The cast and creators of Happiest Season explain how they hope the film will change LGBTQ representation in holiday films.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Hulu, Lgbtq, Kristen Stewart, and Mackenzie Davis

These air fryers are still at Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices

Here are all the best air fryers that are still available at Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices as of Dec. 1:OUR TOP PICK: Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 pressure cooker and air fryer — save $50BEST BASKET AIR FRYER: COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 5.8-quart — save $34.01BEST BUDGET PICK:



前端自动化神器LiveReload配合浏览器和less/sass使用方法 - liu_l(刘龙)


Kevin Spacey on Call of Duty role: Technology enabling ‘incredible creativity’

The Oscar-winning actor believes that his motion-capture performance of military leader Jonathan Irons in the upcoming Call of Duty game shows the important convergence of technology and culture.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


包紅包的日子又快到了不管包多少都是心中的痛呀包錢的哲學很高深,這裡要教你如何將口袋的「禮輕」送成「情意重」。因為日幣的效果比較好,所以這裡以日本鈔票來示範。 首先,準備一張一萬元的日幣。閱讀全文


威锋网讯,在苹果官方宣布 Beats 成为其一员之后,苹果对 Beats 服务,功能和产品的整合就一直在进行。  

Windows 8.1 RT Update 3将于9月发布

此前微软已经宣布搭载Windows RT系统的Surface RT和Surface 2无法获得Windows 10系统更新,但会在未来某个时间发布系统更新。今天Windows Insider项目负责人Gabriel Aul在推文中将Windows 8.

E FUN推出两款支持4G连接的Nextbook Ares平板

宣称是全球第二大2合1平板或者叫可分离平板供应商的E FUN,准备推出两款采用Android系统的Nextbook Ares平板,这两款平板分别是Nextbook Ares 8L以及Nextbook Ares 10L,在屏幕尺寸上不同,但很多特性是差不多的,比如支持Verizon的4G LTE网络。

8点1氪:苹果公司在印度出售二手iPhone计划遭拒;华为女士专用智能手表在美国开售 起步价500美元

大公司华为女士专用智能手表在美国开售 起步价 500 美元华为两款分别名为 Elegant 和 Jewel 的产品,瞄准了女性智能手表用户。与标准的华为 Watch 相比,这两款产品的差异不大,只是在表带和美学设计上有所改变。Elegant 配备了玫瑰金机身,而 Jewel 的表盘上则镶嵌了许多施华洛世奇锆石水晶。华为表示:“这款产品能搭配任何场合的着装,无论是重要的商业会议,还是季节节日。目前,这些手表已通过亚马逊、百思买,以及其他零售渠道销售,并瞄准了母亲节礼品市场。

Baby raccoon struggling to swim is rescued with a little life preserver

This Fourth of July, while we were busy celebrating America, an adorable baby raccoon was struggling to stay afloat in a creek.Luckily, several hours after a crew heard a "yelping sound" while out on their boat, they discovered the young raccoon treading water nearby.

捷越联合携手算话征信 推进行业信息共享

北京2016年7月12日电 /美通社/ -- 近年来,互联网金融的快速发展催生了其对征信的迫切需求,而我国征信体系的不完善、信用文化的缺失成为互金行业发展的问题之一。日前,北京捷越联合信息咨询有限公司与算话征信服务(上海)有限公司签署了全面战略合作协议,双方在共建行业生态新格局方面达成共识。 合作协议中包括借款人全面征信信息共享和反信贷申请欺诈服务等内容,今后捷越联合将携手算话征信共建行业生态,在持续优化信贷风险管理能力的过程中获得算话征信提供的外部支持。

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