Toyota designed robot hands made from soft bubble grippers — Strictly Robots

Toyota hopes the robotic hands offer a more accessible future. Read more...More about Tech, Robots, Mashable Video, Toyota, and Strictly Robots

Twitter already warning users about early election result claims

Twitter hopes you're all prepared to wait. And then wait some more. As we approach a U.S. presidential election marked by the coronavirus and a corresponding increase in mail-in ballots,

These wireless earbuds come with their own charging pad

TL;DR: Get high-quality sound and wireless charging with the Freedom+ True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case and Pad, on sale for $64.99 as of Oct. 26. Despite what the tech world wants you to believe, there's not just one place for high-quality earphones. You do have options.

Olivia Munn tells a spooky ghost story

Olivia Munn tells us a true ghost story that she experienced in her own home. Read more...More about Halloween, Mashable Video, Scary, Ghost, and Olivia Munn

Gift your beloved cat a cozy, ball-shaped cave on sale

TL;DR: Keep your cat cozy with a Dragon Ball Cat Cave for $32.99, a 23% savings as of Oct. 26. Cats like to sleep. They like to sleep a lot. And if your feline friend is like most cats, then you've probably noticed that they tend to sleep in weird places.

Save up to $30 on these all-new Amazon Echo devices when you buy two

Two-packs of select Amazon Echo devices are on sale for up to $30 off ahead of Black Friday:OUR TOP PICK: Amazon Echo (2-pack) — $169.98 with code ECHO2PK (normally $199.98)BEST BUDGET PICK: Amazon Echo Dot (2-pack) — $79.98 with code DOT2PACK (normally $99.98)BEST FOR SMALL SPACES:

Turn subject lines into sales with an email marketing bootcamp

TL;DR: Market your business with the Complete Email Marketing Bootcamp for $29.99, a 97% savings as of Oct. 26. To market your business yourself, it's essential to understand a few basic things — like copywriting, how to produce an email, and the fundamentals of email marketing systems.

This neon exhibition explores the vibrant evolution of video games from the 1960s to today

‘Game On’ is the largest international exhibition exploring the history of video games. Developed by Smart & Green design, the Madrid-based exhibition is filled with LED lights to replicate the feel of the 1980s and has 150 playable original games, including Space Invaders,

Explore Mars right from your home with this AR app — Future Blink

GeoXplorer aims to teach students about complex geological structures. Read more...More about Space, Science, Mashable Video, Ar App, and Future Blink

'Saturday Night Live' casts Jim Carrey as Joe Biden

Saturday Night Live will return to business as usual for its Oct. 3 premiere, with new episodes filmed in front of a limited New York audience and Jim Carrey joining as a guest star to portray presidential nominee Joe Biden.

BTS in VR: K-pop stars come to 'Beat Saber' on Oculus Quest 2

Deep breaths, VR gamers who are also K-pop stans.Facebook-owned Oculus announced Wednesday that the global phenomenon that is the South Korean pop group BTS is coming to the VR game "Beat Saber.

泛泰旗舰VEGA IRON 2曝光 首配骁龙805

泛泰手机在国内名声不算响亮,但也不乏口碑不错的机型。而现在,有关泛泰即将推出的新机VEGA IRON 2又有最新传闻流出。据称该机会有四大版本推出,配有5.



MIT's Robot Cheetah Now Runs Free Without Cables Or a Leash

A lot of robots in development are able to perform amazing feats in a laboratory setting when they've got plenty of tethers and cables keeping them perpetually powered and safe. The real test of their capabilities is when they're forced to explore and interact in a real-world environment,

8点1氪晚间版:你觉得Larry Page会知道二次元弹幕嘛?

Google和Larry Page的梦想:治愈人类的衰老、大公司的衰亡Google近年来在生命健康领域进行了非常积极的投资,最近的是在今年5月,Google Venture以1.3亿美元领投用大数据服务肿瘤医疗行业的Flatiron Health。

微软公布今年必应搜索趋势 iphone6居科技类榜首


5 can't-miss apps: 'DuckTales: Remastered,' Office Lens and more

With a bunch of April Fools' Day pranks still making the rounds online, you may have overlooked some of this week's best new apps.Luckily, each weekend, we round up our favorite new and updated apps, so you won't miss out.See also:

Netflix will become more expensive, again

"Netflix and chill" will cost a little bit moreNetflix has raised the prices of its standard service to $9.99, a one dollar increase from its previous rateThe move comes about a year and a half after a similar hike that increased the fee from $7.99 to $8.99.


上海2015年10月28日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,在上海的一家全季酒店内,以水墨绘画而独创一格的著名画家潘曦的画室,正式启用。250平米的挑高空间中间,单放一张7米长的大画桌,正在创作中的长卷《理想国》平铺在桌面上。

评测 | 国内常驻的四大邮轮,哪艘值得一试?(结尾增加数据对比)

由于市场起步较晚,目前霸占中国游客视野的的邮轮公司并不似国外邮轮市场般百花争艳,比较主流的为如下四家:1、 歌诗达邮轮公司(英文名为Costa,跟某咖啡品牌重名但是没有业务联系),代言人是宅男女神高圆圆。

维珍银河发布新版太空船二号 VSS Unity

周五,理查德·布兰森(Richard Branson)旗下的维珍银河公司(Virgin Galactic)发布了新版太空船二号(SpaceShipTwo)火箭飞机。在上一版太空船二号试飞遭遇致命事故之后,这是该公司首次发布新版飞机。 维珍银河在一则 推文 中透露,新版飞船的名字 VSS Unity 实为斯蒂芬·霍金(Stephen… Read More

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